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Published: Sunday, Sept. 4 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Old Navy
Provo, UT

That's a generous grade. A "D" is more accurate.

David R.
SLC, Utah

I wish Doman would sit in the press box and be able to see the whole field. I'd also love to see more slants and crossing patterns. Play calling at Ole' Miss was still too conservative for the amount of talent on the field. Let Heaps throw, let him make mistakes. Detmer would throw for 400-500 yards, but he'd throw 2 or 3 picks per game. Didn't matter because BYU was scoring 40 plus per game back then. BYU should have put plus 30 on the board against Miss, and yet they had 0 in the fourth quarter. I thought we hired Doman to bring the offense back? Time to throw, throw, throw.


To be exceptional as an offense, you should force an advantage against your opponent. Some examples of teams that exploit this are Oregon, Air Force, Boise State. If you watched the Boise State vs Georgia game, when BState saw Georgia doing mass substitutions as their players tired, they immediately went to a hurry up offense. Oregon changed the game when they went to a constant hurry up offense. Many teams now call the plays after they are lined up and have seen the defensive alignment. What is BYU's advantage they exploit? Nothing, from what I can tell. They run an offense that is fairly common place. No exceptional preparation required. Teams that play Oregon have to change their entire mindset and prepare completely differently then they would anyone else. If you play AirForce, you spend a lot of time teaching kids how to beat chop blocks, and how to defense the option.
BYU has exceptional young men who are disciplined in life, and therefore should be able to out execute in ways that could give them an edge. Coach Doman, if youre reading this... find BYUs advantages, make them unique, and incorporate and revolutionize to press the advantage.

Orem, UT

Don't be so hard on yourself coach. At this point a W is a W.

Our first visit as an independent was a good one. From what I hear the fans at Ole Miss were very classy. Very respectful and good to be around. It is so great to be able to go out and play some of the big time teams.

I was a bit worried in the first half but then I remembered that Chris B had predicted a Cougar loss so I knew we were going to win.

Coach Doman will learn and improve and so will the rest of the team. Take the W and get ready for Texas!

Great time to be a Cougar!

Rise Up!

Alexandria, VA

I too would like to see Doman in the box. It's not the same view from the sideline.

It's sound like BYU was very lucky to get out of Oxford with a win. Reads like Doman wasn't up to the task. Hopefully something will change between last Saturday and next.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Doman just needs to come up with his own signature offense. One that dares go and do what Robert Anae's didn't. He need's to start opening up the middle more and getting some crossing plays in there on the passing game and start doing more to confuse the coverage. the pass game is still too predictable of where the ball is going to be thrown What we saw on Saturday looked way too much like what we have seen for the past six years...in fact what every team BYU has played in the country has seen for the past six years. The short and outs and the down unders. Need to work on the posts and the long down the sides. He's got five eligible receivers out there, two great back ups to run a few option plays with... and an entire field to use. When they put Heaps in the shotgun The Center really struggled getting the ball to Heaps and Heaps timing really suffered. It also didn't look like he was checking off his reciever coverage either to find the open man. And throw in a few trick plays once in a whle...if he has any?

Iowa City, IA

Nice first game for Doman. He had to call plays in a hostile environment against some serious speed. He continued to call the plays that moved the ball. I was very surprised how many times we took 5,6 -10 yard right up the middle of the OM defense. He figured out what was working and stuck with it.

For his first game, that was very impressive.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

I still think Robbie Boscoe is worth 3 times what BYU is paying him to coach the women's golf team. He needs to be doing something working with Heaps either on the sidelines or in the box. That's too much football coaching experience and talent going to waste when it's already in house.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Old Navy

Not very generous. You are grading him against expectations that are a an average of the best OC's on their good days. In that case I agree. He did not measure up very well against whathe COULD be.

However, grading himself against where he is currently at, a C is fairly accurate. No experience. only theories, against a lower tier BCS team on the road?

This game is a mirror of the entire last season. Barely above 50/50, went from bad to good, really didn't answer any questions about what comes next. But this we know, regardless of any ankle biters: the defensive seven played well against what was undeniably the biggest, and subjectively one of the top five offensive lines in all of NCAA dom. Bigger better faster more athletic running backs? Hitting them hard appears to be an equalizer.

Read the box score, as well as the write up, on Texas vs the Owls. My take? We'll contain the run, we better take risks against the qb. We should be able to run and short pass with success. Airing it out?

I'll guess Heaps continues to improve.


I don't know if it was Doman's calls that were suspect, as much as it was Offensive execution. The pick 6 wasn't Doman's fault. The receiver was open, but Jake threw the ball a little too late. Also, mishandled snap and missed blocking coverage can't be blamed on a poor play call. That's flat out mental and execution mistakes.

With 318 yards of total offense on a very good SEC defense, I am very pleased with the overall movement of te ball, just need to fix 3 things: 1) Mental errors; 2) Execution; 3) Finishing drives.

If BYU can fix those 3 things, they have a chance to win. Texas's offense didn't look good against Rice. They only scored 13 points through the 3rd quarter. BYU has a very good opportunity to pull out a win in Austin this weekend.

Go Cougars!

Morgan, UT

Wow, if Bronco or Doman decide to go to greener pastures, BYU will be ok...listening to the comments, we have a gluten of very smart and knowledgeable coaches standing in the curtians waiting for their time to come onto the stage.

Get real people...there is a reason they are where they are and you are in your quarterback rocking chair.

Sandy, UT

I'm grateful Brandon, that you are so grateful.

However, we would all be much more gratefull if you could put together a crisp game plan that acutally produced.

Let's hope we don't have to have an entire season of your "learning experiences".

You guys are paid six figures to win 12 games, you've been in this system long enough to get 10 offensive returning starters on track.

No more excuses, nor more declarations of gratitude, just "get 'r done"!


Ogden, UT

Way to go Doman. Accept resposibility. To bad we do not have the same thing from the Great Pretender

Salt Lake City, UT

Only one suggestion, , more crossing routes!

Sandy, UT

also: Coach Doman

Where were your tight ends, slant routes, playing without fear?
Anae is in Arizona now for good reasons. We saw alot of Anae out there Saturday.

Why is the number one Elite 11 QB staring down his primary receiver and telegraphing for a pick-6?

That's coaching, c'mon now.
Fundamentals.....play action, and always check off the receivers.

And Jake, I know you are the "Franchise", but you stood there and let that DB run right by you, you had a clear shot at him.

You are inexpendable, to be sure, but you're not yet too Elite at this level to make a play, Tackle him!

We believe in you guys, and the defense was terrific, but the Offense must produce. Clean it up, clean it up.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH


Hope you don't mind my laughing at your comment...while having read tons of your rocking chair meanderings. It's a blog...what do you expect???

St. George, Utah

Doman needs to be in the press box. It was evident that he could not walk and chew gum at the same time in that game. Meaning that he couldn't manage the players and really think a call or two ahead at the same time. He may get there, but he isn't there yet. Let Cahoon manage the players and get Doman in the press box where he can concentrate on the calls

Loomis, CA

"Quite honestly, our quarterback called (the play) to the wrong side," Doman said.

Way to publicly throw down your QB. That is one more thing you need to learn. When it goes well, give the players credit. When it doesn't, you take the blame. That's Leadership 101.

Orem, Utah

Doman's play calling was acceptable but not great. Moved the ball consistently. Player execution was suspect until the 2nd half. Doman didn't make poor snaps, missed blocks, etc. A win is a win. Good to see the team come back from a 13 point deficit. Offense will improve, small errors corrected and more points scored. Congrats to a steller defense. Good first win as Independent

Federal Way, WA

I feel better with Doman openly laying much of the problem with the QB. Treat Heaps like he has to improve rather than he is already arrived and a star.

On the 4th and 1, I thought the same thing. I thought the right side looked much more open and was sure that was the side they were going. Good to learn that was the plan before Heaps made an incorrect call.

Heaps also already recognized that his interception through was poor. It needed more air under it and thrown to the back of the end zone or a full count earlier before the reciever made his break.

Lastly, I hope Heaps doesnt forget about Hoffman. Apo is his friend but he better throw to the guy who is open rather than try to make Apo a star. The TV commentators said Fel--- (sp) was wide open on a seam route on their first drive that surely would have gottent he first down if not gone all the way as Diluigi did on WA last year.

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