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Published: Saturday, Sept. 3 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Milford, CT

looks like utah will be sitting pretty in the pac 16 with the likes of texas and oklahoma in addition to the regular pac 12 teams. not bad. not bad at all.

have to say as a cougar i am definitely jealous of that lineup. independence is nice and honestly the best we could hope for at this point. but a pac 16 with that roster is awesome.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

why would they want to join the pac 10 plus 2? oregon looked great and so did usc and ucla. real tough conference, i think not.

Park City, UT

As a Ute fan, I am happy to have Texas and Oklahoma in the Pac 12. Great adds if and when it happens!

South Jordan, UT

Bringing in two more football powers like Texas and Oklahoma is exciting but where would my Utes end up? I imagine we would end up playing a game in Oklahoma and one in Texas each year. Los Angeles or Norman? Dang.

Utesville, CA


...looks like utah will be sitting pretty in the pac 16 with the likes of texas and oklahoma in addition to the regular pac 12 teams. not bad. not bad at all...

Texas, OU, OSU and Texas Tech will move to Pac-12

BYU may be added into Big-12:


Big-12 will be downgraded to Big mid-major.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

SUU in the Big 12???

With Texas A&M leaving the Big 12, that drops that conference to 9. But, why would the SEC go to 13? Is there a 14th team? or three more to make 16?

I could see BYU, Houston, and SMU joining the Big 12.

Orem, Utah

The Dominoes are falling!

From what different Big XII officials are saying, that conference is dead. They don't seem to have any hope of saving it.

If they can't get Notre Dame to join, along with the likes of Pitt, BYU, et al, to get to 12 or 14 teams, it's a gonner. The key is Notre Dame.

But, Texas' TLN, BYU's BYUtv, Oklahoma's network, and Notre Dame's ubiquitous TV arrangements, probably wouldn't sit well with the rest of the Big XII members, so that might not happen, either.

16-team superconferences, here we come!

Saint George, UT

Where would the u wind up, somewhere in the 10th to 16th place in a puc16 if it happens. Running with the big dogs, getting crumbs from the table, pride and success doesn't matter. Money only.

As I have said, bcs will not exist in two years.

Orem, Utah


Your rose-colored glasses are obstructing your view. BYU would NEVER give up independence for another mid-major conference, which is exactly what you described. Such a conference would not retain its BCS status.

Besides, if 16-team superconferences occur (and if the Pac-12 goes to one, it'll happen nationally), there wouldn't be any other BCS teams left in the Big XII to make the membership you described---the BCS leftovers would be engulfed in the superconference expansions.

It's very possible BYU will be stuck in independence for a long time, unless one of the superconferences wants it. The Big XII membership won't happen for BYU if that conference loses Oklahoma and Texas. Independence is much better than mid-major conference membership. Been there, done that.

BTW, just how do you think the Utes will fare over time against the likes a Pac-16 conference with Oklahoma and Texas added? I think middle of the "Pac."

Salt Lake City, UT

What people might not realize there is an ongoing effort to reclassify NCAA Division 1 into THREE instead of the present TWO sub-classifications; BCS (the 64-80 institutions that will likely make up super-conferences), FBS (the mid majors; MWC, C-USA, MAC, Sun-Belt, WAC), and the FCS (1-AA) as presently constituted. The divisions between the financial "haves" and have nots" is a growing issue.

BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall makes VERY clear "the next 2-3 years will be critical for BYU." Sadly there are a small minority within the LDS Church hierarchy that wish to at the very least drop football and scale back athletics to the WCC scope and participation. There are even those that want to scuttle athletics completely as was done 11 years ago up at Rick's as it became BYU-Idaho, feeling as though LDS student athletes better serve their church in a missionary capacity by going to other institutions. I disagree with these ideas but if the Big 12 folds, it sadly could come down to this for BYU since the likely super-conference doesn't want a church owned/operated institution.

Unbiased Viewpoint
Draper, UT

Pac 16 is not good for Utah or BYU. Utah would be a doormat and BYU would be left out. This is a lose, lose.

Frisco, TX

University of Texas will forever be known as the school who killed the goose with the golden egg. Big 12 was positioned perfectly to be one of the four super conferences. First, they chased off Nebraska and now TAMU. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are forced to look for greener pastures because of the instability. But will they leave for the PAC12 or Big10? They might fit better in the Big10. I'm still not sure if Texas will land in the PAC12. Their ego is way too big. I think there's just as much chance they go indy which could leave Texas Tech alone. Missouri is probably headed to the SEC.

BYU will not leave indy for the Big12 described by socalutefan. If the Big12 is able to attract some teams from the MWC, there's a chance BYU could be lured. A Big12 that included the following might be attractive to BYU:

Texas Tech
SMU or Tulsa
Air Force
Colorado State
Boise State
Hawaii or San Diego State

But if Big12 in no longer an AQ type conference, my guess is that BYU stays independent, hoping to earn the same BCS deal as Notre Dame.

Milford, CT

no way byu joins the BIG 12 left overs. we're better off independent. the big question is how do we survive the super conferences? its going to be tough for both byu and utah.

can't see the church dropping football and all other sports. too much tradition and name value that gets the church valuable media exposure.

Salt Lake City, UT


Thankfully they are a minority, but they are there. These powerful people however don't like the idea of church owned schools competing with state run schools (Utah State University most notably) or BYU usurping their missions academically in attracting post-graduatresearchch or big time athletics.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

What is with all the byu homers claiming Utah will be doormats in the new Pac-16? Utah will adapt to the new conference. They will increase their recruiting to compete week in and week out with the conference. The Utes have the great and proven coaching staff that will take on this new challenge. Utah is definitely in a great position with the the BCS as a member of one of the future super conferences.

byu on the other hand is on the outside looking in. They will become permanently irrelevant to college football and their catholic counter parts in Notre Dame will jump ship and join the Big 10 when the super conferences emerge, because they know the future of college football will be 4 sixteen team super conferences.

Remember, this comment is referring to when super conferences emerge.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Bleed Crimson:

If BYU is forced to drop their football program for the political, academic or logistical reasons I've mentioned, Utah will have no real in-state competition and will lose their incentive and will start to look more like the Utah program that we all became familiar with during the 1970s and 1980s. BYU emerging as they did during the 1970s and 1980s is what gave Utah more incentive to become competative.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Utah will be just fine. We were already the winningest team vs. schools from AQ conferences from among the non-AQs, so there's no reason to believe we'll suddenly drop down to average. As a member of the Pac-12, whether or not conferences evolve into superconferences will matter not to us as we are already in.

The cougars on the other hand.... Since you're on the outside looking in, and nobody wants to invite you too the table, you'll soon see how exponentially irrelevant you'll become. You're already a no-BCS-bowling mid-major with a sub-.500 record vs. BCS schools [and Utah for that matter], but now you're circling the drain even faster.

But at least you'll still have your rivalries in the WAC. Good luck with that.

Orem, Utah

@ SLC BYU Fan,

Interesting thoughts on the future of college football. Sad to think I'd no longer have BYU sports to root for. Guess I'd have to get a life. Heh.

Hope it doesn't come to that. It's been fun to watch this independent thing unfold.

Olympus Cove, Utah

Utah fans who think the Utes have nothing to worry about with Oklahoma and Texas joining the PAC X are delusional.

With three traditional Top 10 powerhouses, USC, Oklahama and Texas all in the PAC 16, Utah's chances of ever winning a PAC X football championship would go from slim to NONE.

Even in a great year, Utah would be lucky to finish in the top three of the PAC X. In good year, the Utes would finish about 7-5, and in average years, 3-, 4-, and 5-win seasons would be commonplace.

Enjoy being on the inside looking up at sub-500 seasons.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


As I had mentioned before, Utah will be just fine in a conference with USC, Texas, and Oklahoma. Unlike cougar fans, Ute fans WANT to see top notch football, and we WANT to see how well we'll measure up against them. Our 2008 could have played with ANY team in the country, and our 2004 team was even better. But we never had the chance to prove it, and THAT was our biggest contention with the BCS. As members of the Pac-12 or Pac-16, we will finally have the opportunity to show what we can do. And if that means occasionally finishing up in the middle or the bottom of our conference, so be it. But having the chance to prove our worth is an immeasurable bonus.

Cougar fans can keep playing their bush-league WAC schedules with or with out the super conferences, so I'm sure you'll all be happy with your wins against all your Little Sisters of the Poor institutions. Cougar already know they'll have no chance to win on the big stage, so they'll just keep cleaning up on the small one.

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