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Published: Thursday, Sept. 1 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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sacramento, ca

nooooo, really? hahaha

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

"We've got to play better. I've got to play better," Wynn said,"We'll watch the tape and learn from it."

Jordan, there is only so much you can learn from watching film. What you really need to do is practice and get in sync with your WR's. It certainly didn't look like the passing game spread the field. It was a good victory. But it looks like there is plenty of room for improvement.

Go Utes!

BYU, Always #1
Saratoga Springs, UT

I'm not buying it, I could see the utes not putting there offense out there for USC to see, I think They will be a different team next week.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

how do you spell rose bowl? wow. pac 10 plus two here we come.

Frisco, TX

U have nothing to worry about against the Trojans. After this performance, it's very obvious that the offense is right where it needs to be with a commanding 30+ yard advantage in total offense over this FCS team. It's very apparent that Wynn is already executing Chow's new pro style offense to perfection easily eclipsing the 100 yard mark in passing. Wow! If U can put up numbers like this against Montana State, I can only imagine what you will do to USC. Good luck next week!

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

I am a BYU supporter but I think this article is probably a bit critical. At this point of the season, a win is a win. The Utes will most certainly play better against USC.

Bluffdale, UT

I just kept thinking....did the Utes pull out their second team? ...um no.

Omaha, NE


Denver, CO

Well, a Wynn is a win, some would say - good luck the rest of the year . . .

sacramento, ca

hahaha, you had all your starters in the whole game and it was only montana state....hahahahaha spin it any which way utes...it stops at the same spot after ever spin.

runaway utes 3
USC 65

Lehi, UT

Lets be honest, Utes looked Hooooorrrraaaabbblllleee against a not to good team. This is not your BCS buster of the past. Utes better get their game on or SoCal will totally run them.

Salt Lake City, UT

That was a sweet 'Wynn'. I know it was just a FCS team, but a win is a win. We looked awesome. Jordan throwing for over 100 yards is great. I always look on the bright side, if there was not a defense at all, I think he could have thrown for 150-180 yards easy.


Richmond, VA

Coach, you need to play #22 on your roster! The kid's got SKILLS!

Eagle Mountain, UT

It did appear that the Utes had an un-remarkable game. The offense was mostly lethargic and the defense looked out of sync. I thought they would have half a dozen sacks. Maybe they just played down to their competition and maybe MSU was just a very good team. Wynn diddn't look good. White did but who knows how much the competition level affected that.
On the bright side, they got the butterflies worked out and they have 2 extra days to prepare for USC. Whittingham has been very good at preparing for big games.
Hope they get things figured out.

American Fork, UT

All I can say is, the Utes were really lucky to be able to start the season with a practice scrimmage. Had they started with a PAC-12 season opener...wow.

Highland, UT

Hey, it's all good. You guys got what you came for, a win. The improvements will come over time. I am excited though for the 17th, that's going to be a fun game. You guys will do great the rest of the season.

Morgan, UT

Coach Whittingham has been considered by most as a top twenty coach in the nation...well now we shall see if he can resurrect this team from a performance at a mid FCS level.

Coach Whitt inherited a great team with the stables full of horses...now lets see if he can turn these average ponies into horses...however, his running back is a stud.

Good luck, but there are clouds on the horizon.

Rearden Steel

Preferably, opening games make a statement for the rest of the season. The statement for this game was...bleh. It doesn't do much to inspire, nor does it consign the Utes to an awful season.
This is why playing an FCS school in Week 1 is so dangerous: you under-perform against an inferior opponent, you're in trouble; you perform well, you did it against a FCS school - is there another acceptable outcome?
Bottom line is that we still don't know anything about the Utes.

Spanish Fork, UT

I am a BYU fan, and have been all of my life, and I think we better not spout off before our season even begins. We have proven absolutely nothing yet this year. While I believe that we will have a great year, and will beat the Utes, we haven't even played our first game. Besides, do we really want the Utes to fail in the Pac 12? Do we want everyone around the country to be proven right about the "weakness" of the Mountain West? Whether you like it or not, if the Utes succeed, it only helps our cause.

Magna, UT

As a true BYU fan, I would like to think Utah is much better than they showed last night. I would like to think that Utah deliberately cloaked much of what they are capable of because it was an FCS team. I couldn't tell if coach Whitt rolled his eyes out of real concern or if it was a poker face when David Locke wished him luck next week.

The running game was solid with White but he is small and can he sustain himself through the PAC 12? The O line looked suspect and the defense was, as Whitt said adequate, but that is a relative term in relation to Montana State and USC. The kicking game was perfectly awesome.

I fear the worst but truly hope for the best for Utah.

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