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Published: Thursday, Sept. 1 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

I want to watch the game, what Direct TV channel is it on? Good luck Utes!

U 90
Corona, CA

Floyd, you can go to the U of U athletics website and pick up the game there

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Got it! Thanks.

Salt Lake City, UT

KJAZZ - terrible quality broadcast, but at least the Utes are getting through the opener as expected! Really will need to have that proverbial huge improvement though between games 1 and 2 to be ready for USC. Defense so far - looks really good . . . with the exception of Conroy Black. He is playing like he did last year vs. TCU (deer in the headlights look - which is shocking vs. this level of talent). Coach Scalley will need to adjust for the Trojan greyhounds next week or it will be ugly in L.A. I was also concerned to see Jordan only go 5 for 10 in 1st quarter, and the incomplete passes looked really really bad, but Coach Chow will run more so he won't be forced to go high into the pitch count this week. Kicking game has shown real consistency over previous weeks of fall camp . . go Utes!


Very impressed with Utah's offense.

3 points in 2nd half against Big Sky Powerhouse Montana State.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Wynn reminded me of Ty Detmer.

Bountiful, UT

Underwhelming performance.

Cedar Hills, UT

WOW utes are gonna get slaughtered in LA and Provo the next 2 weeks. Their offense is sorry against a high school team. while the defense is making enough plays to keep the game out of reach.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jordan Wynn is NO Ty Detmer. John White though is a player! The man can run! Next week we will see what the utes are really all about.

Logan, UT

I don't think any questions were really answered tonight. It IS the first game of the season for Utah, but then, it IS the first game for Montana State too. It's only one game, but Utah didn't impress tonight.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wish Wynn would have seemed more confident, but I think we have a plan for USC. I think we needed to win by more but Montana looked pretty good! I think they could be a challange for most teams. Good luck to BYU in their opener also, I think you guys can get it done.



>Wynn reminded me of Ty Detmer.

Yeah, I kind of think that Detmer would have thrown for more than 101 yards against Montana State...

Salt Lake City, UT

John White looked great, Jordan Wynn did not, I don't think he completed a single pass over 10 yards. The O line also needs to improve their pass protection if Utah is going to have a chance against USC. Utah's receivers were also non existent in the game.

The D looked good but the D line didn't dominate like I thought they should have. I realize that Utah was playing close to the vest, but the offense looked drab and out of rhythm. The Utah coaches are definitely going to have a lot of ammunition against the players during film, hopefully they'll respond and play better against USC.

pittsburgh Ute
West Jordan, Utah

It was clear that the Utes played very conservatively. The coaches didnt want to tip their hand at all. We had our best O-lineman on the bench and we just played eat the clock in the whole 2nd half. There are concerns for sure, but dont read too much into this game, this was like a preseason game. White looked great, Wynn, not so much and the D bit on the play action alot. But the big players made big plays. The tough part is we dont have any more 'tune up' games.

Lees Summit, MO

@cougar_independence: Montana State IS a FBS powerhouse!

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Jordan Wynn was unimpressive to say the least. So was Vakapuna.

Salt Lake, Utah

the defense allowed 258 yards from a "high school team". 183 of these were pass yards. There is a big gap there that will be exploited over the next couple games. If Montana can do that, I am nervous for the rest of the season.

I did really enjoy Whites performance. Hopefully that will carry on through the season.

Also, McGhee was really good tonight at QB for MT. I was really impressed with how well he played.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

I will say that Utah's defense seems to have much more team speed than last year's team. However, it may just look that way against a less-caliber team. Their team speed may turn out to be average in the Pac-12.

What was good? No turnovers. Typically, Utah has several in their opening game.

Draper, UT

A lot of questions still. 100 yrds passing is not going to get it done. Big plays on special teams and defense won the game. Without them, could have easily been a close game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Montana State is ranked 5th in the FCS or whatever it's called. So... I'm not too distraught over the margin though I feel like I'd have preferred that Utah got to a slow start and figured things out rather than started off good and proceed to fall apart. Wynn has a lot of completions for such a small yardage total, either they played rediculously conservatively (is it really wise to hold cards tight to the chest?) or there's just no deep passing game.

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