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Also says controversy over Obama speech 'nonsense'

Published: Thursday, Sept. 1 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

Yes WE voters do want politicians on extreme ends. Look at the president, he was the most liberal senator and now he's the man.
We want some extreme measures to stop the out of control spending that will surely ruin our country. Thats the kind of radicals we need in high office.

Fender Bender
Saint George, UT

Huntsman is right. The vast majority of Americans look at the bickering over something as trivial as the scheduling of the President's speech, and we think, "Why all the Drama? Why can't you politicians just do your jobs, make necessary comprimises, and get the work done?"

Rick A

I would like to think that the rise and election of Barack Obama was a aberration in the course of American politics. How else can we explain the ascendancy of an American President with a socialist agenda of centralized government that only Leonid Brezhnev would like? Now Jon Huntsman enters the political fray anew cast as a moderate. From where I view it, Huntsman seems to be running for the vice presidency as a compromise candidate for Rick Perry. Of course, TEA partiers Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul will not get nominated by the GOP but the angry message of fiscal conservatism they carry will resonate and shape the upcoming political campaign for 2012. I fear that if nothing drastically changes, the aberration will continue Obama will get re-elected and the power balance in Congress will remain the same, bringing a continued stormy, rudderless period that would be unprecedented in American history. I pray that I am dead wrong!


Asking questions is all right. It opens up dialogue and gives an opportunity to learn what each candidate is about. But if these questions are going to be asked then they need to be asked of all candidates no matter their belief system and not just those who are religious minded. All people have a belief system, though not all belief systems are identified as a religion.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

I generally like Huntsman, but lately, he appears to be shifting right, with his latest energy plan that is squarely centered on oil from Canada and expanding fossil fuel development. This will play to the GOP right, but the reality is that this is a short-term, feel good "solution" at best.

It will take 10 years to develop the Canadian tar sands and permit/build the pipeline to the United States, and by 2021, battery technology advances and plug-in cars will be well established in the market, with people appreciating the convenience of plugging in at night (like cell phones) in their garages than fighting traffic to get to a gas station to pay $8 a gallon for gas every week.

My biggest concern with the GOP in general is its lack of faith in science, technology and innovation. They talk as if oil is the only game in town, protect oil subsidies, and tout "drill, baby, drill." It is really a cop out position to believe that America can't innovate itself out of a paper bag. China and Europe are way ahead on renewables, and oil shocks don't impact Europe that way they do America... sad.

Bountiful, UT

...And then he woke up.


If only the GOP would elect a moderate to run against Obama. Don't think it can happen.


The ONLY way you can make a difference -- Mr. Huntsman -- is to run as an Independent. If you TRULY are who you say you are, then the 2 parties need a wake up call and you CAN make history. You have the money, a track record of sanity, and success in your personal and professional lives. Now, pick consultants OUTSIDE the Beltway (yes, I'm offering) and pick a VP that will lock-in your success.

Murray, UT

Go Huntsman! Obama vs. Huntsman in the general election would be good for American political culture. Two moderates debating (hopefully) substantive issues in a substantive way. It's probably not Huntsman's time though as the GOP primaries are controlled by the crazies.

Brigham City, UT

Rich A-----when Mr. Obama took the oath of office, we were losing 700k jobs a month. Today we are gaining jobs (albeit very few). Big difference.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Huntsman may know something the rest of us do not. Much of that sort of thing takes place in our government now.

gramma b
Orem, UT

I wonder if these delusions come from a lifetime of riding on Daddy's coattails and receiving things he did not earn?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

He's totally safe making that prediction, because if he doesn't win NH then he is out of the race.

However, it is a short-sighted comment. I thought his goal was to run in 2016. Making ridiculous comments like this will come back to hurt him in 4 years.

Elmo, UT

To call obama moderate is laughable. However, Huntsman is moderate and must do well in a state like New Hampshire, which is a moderate Republican state, to stay relevant and in the race. If he doesn't at least take second in New Hampshire; he will have to drop out of the race.

Joey D

Joey D predicts he won't.

KC Mormon
Edgerton, KS

Baron Scarpia
"It will take 10 years to develop the Canadian tar sands and permit/build the pipeline to the United States"
This is the same thing that was said 10 years ago about drilling for more oil in Alaska, "it will take 10 years to get the oil and by then ....". Ten years later we could sure use that oil now. While I hope that the day comes we can get off oil the few all electric cars right now will not do it. They do not go far enough on a single charge. From were I live we could not even make it to Kansas City (of which we are a suburb) and back in a single charge. So we would have to go to KC and then recharge over night then back home a drive that now takes just two hours round trip with stopping for what ever reason we want.

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