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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 31 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris. B

I am first comment again! GO Cougars! gonna be an awesome season!

Orem, Utah

Gettin' to be antacid time!

I'm feeling as nervous as Doman.

Glad I'm not in his shoes, but will enjoy watching him wearing them on Saturday.

What a kick-off for BYU's independence to start on the road against two BCS teams.

Then come home to pummel a hapless BCS team.

Could be THE YEAR!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Two more days to BYU football.
Go Cougars!

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Step 1 in undefeated season starts Saturday.


BYU fans Doman is the right man for the job. Do't bail on him if the first three weeks go awry. This is a huge schedule to tackle with a new offensive scheme. It could be a rocky start. The defense had the upper hand in fall practice and I think that they will face tougher defenses in the first three games. They very well could be 0 and 3. Then everyone will be bailing on Doman. It is going to take time and I still think that exxpectations should be lower this year, but higher next year. So many new coaches, that it will take time. I see a year comparable to last year slow start fast finish.

Just Thinking II
Roseville, CA

we (about 6 BYU families)will be watching in Brasilia, Brazil. go Y. thank you ESPN

Sandy, UT

Go cougars - from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Strange how BYU having a new offensive coordinator and new offensive scheme is somehow a plus, but for the Utes the same scenario is being pushed as a negative by the Dnews and BYU fans. I would expect it from BYU fans, but the Dnews ought to be a little more independent about it.

Good luck, Cougars. See you on the 17th!

Syracuse, UT

@Mormon Ute,
The reason it is a negative for the Utes, is because your quarterback only practices half the time and also Wynn isn't that good.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


That has nothing to do with it. I'm talking about just the offensive schemes and how well the team is adjusting to them. The Dnews has published articles about this for both teams, but for BYU it's always couched in a positive light about Doman's new schemes bringing energy to the offense and being embraced by the players. While for Utah it's always couched in the context of can players recruited to play the spread adjust to Chows West Coast scheme? I just think it indicates a bias.

Ever since Bonneville Media merged the Dnews staff with KSL staff it seems to be more prevelant. I expect it from KSL. They are after all the 'voice of the Cougars'. But the Dnews is supposed to be unbiased. I guess not anymore.

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

When Doman suggests that the Cougars get down there and "hit a home run," does anybody else worry that the team is preparing to play the wrong sport?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone else think Doman looks like he just barely old enough to drive?

Ole miss athletes 30
byu 17

Heaps 3 picks

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"Anyone else think Doman looks like he just barely old enough to drive?"

So Chris B, what are you going to say when your "BCS caliber" team loses to a football team coached by a 16-year-old?

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Mormon Ute,

There's the factor that BYU's offense was on the upswing to end last season while Utah's was going downhill. Also, Doman's "new" offensive scheme isn't incredibly different from what they have done these last few years (although there will be changes), while Utah's new scheme is a turn in a different direction. That is why people are more confident in BYU's new offense than in Utah's.

However, you are entitled to your own opinion, as am I. We will see which is more effective within the next few months.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Riverton Cougar,

Don't be so sure Doman's new scheme isn't that different. Doman himself said he spent 9 months researching other successfull coaches schemes to come up with what he wanted to do. He was still adding plays going into fall camp. So in my mind the change in coordinator negates whatever positive momentum you had from last season. Also, compare you last several oponents you were beating to get that momentum with the opponents we lost to. They were different caliber teams. So are these first few opponents you face this year. I sincerely hope all goes well for Doman and BYU, but I expect them to have to work out some kinks.

Provo, UT

Mormon Ute, you are correct, the Deseret News is heavily biased toward BYU over Utah. I would much rather read the Tribune coverage, but then I am tempted to read the the comments, meaning I feel like I have to shower to get the mean-spirited slime off. You cannot have a logical discussion over there on a topic that to any degree involves the Church without getting flamed.I don't mind discussing issues, including opinions I don't agree with, but I don't care for the level of nastiness and negativity. Thus I accept the DN's slant.

North Summit 05
Coalville, UT

Ute fans talk about the D news heavily favoring the Y but nobody ever says anything when several news stations in Salt Lake heavily favor Utah the new cougar offense sounds like it will be awesome Doman is a smart guy and he will do a great job as OC I really like how Coach Whitt has already set up a fall guy if the offense fails this year and that would be Chow the U is lucky to have him and Wynn really isnt that great of a Qb he is alot like Brian Johnson he had a couple of good years but nothing to great

New York, NY

So pumped for football. Watching from Thailand - - good riddance the MTN!

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

Doman has proven time and time again that he is an offensive genius. Watch for Doman to get offers from BCS Conferences and the NFL after this season.

Yes folks, Doman is just that good.

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