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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 31 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Santaquin, UT

Tom Holmoe needs to read up on General Sherman:

"[We] will not accept if nominated and will not [play] if [s]elected."

Orem, UT

Wise choice by BYU to remain silent on all of the speculation until there's something concrete to report.

BYU is in a very strong position to sit back and wait until an attractive opportunity presents itself.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

BYU should look at this as a major opportunity to get future games scheduled AS AN INDEPENDENT with the remaining members of the Big12 as they all may be having a spot to fill on their schedule soon. I am excited about the game we had against Oklahoma, and the upcoming series with Texas. I would love to see BYU play more of the B12 teams in the future.

I hope BYU stays the course as an independent, and was grateful that for the time being it is what they are doing. They have all the bargaining chips at the moment and are able to decide what course and schedule best suits them. I love that!

Spanish Fork, UT

I for one think this is dumb. Why issue a statement. Just sit back and see what happens and let others speculate. BYU's loyalty to the WCC may look like a disinterest in the BIG 12. Stop trying not to offend 8 WCC institutions and start worrying about the 64000+ supporters who support you week in and week out and who ultimately pay your salaries. We are the ones who will have to sit through a dreadful home schedule, and watch San Fransisco come to town in Basketball. We have been her for years. The WCC has been in our life for 1 year. If the Big 12 offers and BYU declines I will be dissappointed more than I can say. I think making these disinterested statements only hurts our chances. Shut up and take notes from Chris Hill and put BYU out there. Don't play hard to get. This was a stupid statement to make in my opinion.

Salt Lake City, UT

As a Ute fan I think it would be great to have two BCS schools in the state. Although I feel the Big 12 is far better than independence, that assumes the big 12 stays in tact and that is where the rub is.

Herriman, UT

I agree that BYU should not beg like SMU, but I hope they are showing interest behind the scenes. It would be a great opportunity, and if it passes by because BYU refuses to politic, Holmoe will go down in history as the guy who let BYU miss out on a major conference re-alignment right before the whole landscape changes. There will be no room for independents if the super-conferences happen.

Palmdale, CA

Funny how local media is turning this into a circus act??? When rumor swirled Utah may be gingo to the Pac-10, you heard it on ESPN.com and on ESPN TV, CNNSI,com, MSNBC.com, and USA Today, to name a few national media outlets. I haven't seen or heard anything about BYU going to the Big 12 from any national media outlet.

Scott Hall

I think the statement was to ease the influx of media inquiries. And I wouldn't worry about offending the Big 12 -- I'm sure if BYU is in conversations with the Big 12, they have talked with them about how they will proceed (including releasing these types of vanilla statements). We just have to be patient and sit back and wait. That's the tough part.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't think it has been in the long term plans for BYU to remain as an independent. I think it is a carefully crafted "vanilla" statement since BYU is different than SMU and isn't crawling out of the still smoldering nuclear crater of the NCAA death penalty imposed back in 1987-88. SMU has without question crossed some of their C-USA partners, and BYU will do what they can to not do similar to their WCC partners even though this is all happening much earlier than Tom Holmoe or anyone in the BYU administration thought a year ago. All assumptions in the press in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri is that BYU is the likely replacement. Even the beat reporters at ESPN, David Ubben and Andrea Adelson are now projecting BYU to become part of the Big 12. Despite what some BYU disliking naysayers try to say, it will probably be a done deal by next week.

Logan, UT

There is no reason to not go to the Big 12. What's the worst that could happen? The conference dissolves and they go independent again? No question Big 12 is better than independence.

New Bern, NC

Reading between the lines the statement says this:

Dear fans, we don't have an invitation yet from the Big 12. Hey Big 12 we will consider joining but can we get the show on the road so we can concentrate on the season? Hey WCC, we respect you but can you blame us if we take an offer this good? We'll let you know when we join.

Murray, UT

ESPN just reported on sportscenter that BYU is the leading candidate to replace Texas A&M. They also stated that its unlikely that the Big 12 will look at in-state teams such SMU or TCU because they want to expand to another Market. They also mentioned Pittsburgh and Louisville as candidates but they dont see either Arkansas or Notre Dame being interested. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out, I personally hope that BYU accepts the invite if and when it officially comes provided the Big 12 is stable and allows BYU to keep its current tv deal.

bountiful, ut

In saying what was said, BYU said nothing. They neither confirmed nor denied. That is a great stand and anyone who takes offense to such a statement of nothing should go back to the drawing board to see where they are going wrong in the world chest deep in petty.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: CougarOnTheProwl

The Big 12 has a long term deal with Fox Sports. There is no way to keep both BYUs tv deal and the Big 12 tv deal.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

I wonder if the Big12 is going to have the decency to give Weber State a courtesy call and inform them they are not going to be invited to join the Big12 at this time.

Frisco, TX

BYU will need some assurance that the conference will stay intact before they will consider a move. However, all indications are that Texas and Oklahoma are not moving. With Texas and Oklahoma together, the conference will remain intact.

Texas just launched their network and Oklahoma just sunk $5 million into developing the Sooner network. BYUtv will fit right in. No other conference will allow them to have their own TV network.

There is more speculation in Texas that the Big 12 will pick up 3 teams and go back to 12. The conference championship in Cowboy Stadium is worth megabucks. The addition of three teams will give some confidence to the Cougars that the conference will stay together.

I think you'll see some type of concession, like BYU will play in the WCC for the next two years and football will move next year. I hope we can keep the Notre Dame games on the schedule.

Salt Lake City, UT


the Longhorn Network is affiliated with ESPN. BYU's network is independent (there's that word) of ESPN. Their games are on ESPN, but the reruns are on BYUtv. Trust me, the ESPN contract has a clause dealing with the Cougars becoming part of a BCS conference.

Antelope Valley, you must've used all of your internet time reading and posting here, because national outlets and outlets in other states have been covering the possibility of BYU to the Big-12 every since A&M was first rumored to be leaving. Whether than invitation comes or is accepted are different matters.

Sugar City, ID

Bronco has said that being independent is more in line with the mission of the Church. I agree. If BYU joins any BCS conference then it will lose at least one fan. So its me or the $billions - take your choice. I wore blue during the week of the game with UGA while teaching classes for UGA and never offended anyone. One of the UGA players told me that he visited BYU with his teammates- the Oats boys. Of course they all felt pity for me before the game. Things changed as the game progressed however. Two ladies were sitting behind me and close to the end of the game, she said to her friend "that just can't be those little boys who ride around on bicycles out there". BYU earned nothing but respect from the UGA fans. It was a very positive experience. Stay independent and hold to the standards.

Federal Way, WA

I wonder how quickly the tune will change if BYU gets into the BIG 12 and ends up in the lower end of the conference in both FB and BB every year. Some fans just seem to think that BYU will continue to win as they have in the past. It wont happen.

South Jordan, UT

Watch everyone squirm.

Wait! Independence is better!

Wait! Big 12 is bigger than Oprah!

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