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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 31 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Clearfield, UT

Great, now BYU, Air Force and Louisville can join the Big 12.

Layton, UT

Great, now BYU, Air Force and Louisville can join the Big 12.

Syracuse, UT

BYU, stay independent!

Watch the fall of the mighty BCS start.

North Salt Lake, UT

Good, now hopefully BYU can finally get an invite to a BCS conference. I would love to see BYU play Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas in football and basketball every year.

Omaha, NE

the Big 12 is done, if it remains BYU will not be invited...Trust me I live in what was once Big 12 country. BYU is better served staying away from Texas and remaining independent.


BYU, come on down! Look forward to seeing you in the XII in 2012!

Eagle Mountain, UT

I don't think that this will set off another major round of conference re-alignment. The BIG 12 will likely look for a 10th team for next year but I don't think they will add more until 2013 or 14. I also believe that the only way the superconference scenario will come to pass is if a couple of the top conferences can raid another one like the big 12 or the Big East and each take some of their teams.
Some big hurdles are 1. Money: Conference TV deals and revenue sharing will have to go through major overhauls, probably in more than one conference at the same time. Or the conference teams will have to realize that their share will be smaller until a current contract expires.
2. Each current BcS conference currently has a couple of members who do not deserve to be there. There are also several teams who are not there but deserve to be.
3. The BCS will have to either go through a major overhaul or disband in favor of some other governing body. A playoff is inevitable. I think the NCAA should step in, blow up the BcS, and take over.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU in the Big 12? Watch all the Ute fans squirm with denial and disbeleif! :-)

Mesa, AZ

Mizzou, your move.

Arlington, VA

BYU will demand a guarantee that Texas and Oklahoma will remain in the Big 12 for at least the next five years, before BYU will accept an invitation to join the Big 12. The Cougars will also expect to retain rights to rebroadcast BYU games on BYUtv and no Sunday play. It's possible BYU could move football to the Big 12 in 2012, and then gradually move some, but not necessarily all, of their other sports from the WCC to the Big 12.

BYU could keep its contract with ESPN until a new Big 12 contract is negotiated. BYU will join the Big 12 as full member from day one.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA

The panic meter on the hill just hit "CRITICAL"!


anti BCS.

Utah joined a stable conference. The Big 12-2 is not.

Moab, UT

BYU, please join the Big12! Most UTE fans want BYU to join the Big12.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Snooze. Enough with the hype over BYU joining a conference, it's not going to happen, at least not for the next 5 years or more.


There is no question now that A&M is leaving. There is no question that BYU is the "most likely" candidate (and not just in Utah-that is what everyone is saying).
The question remains-does BYU want to accept a possible invitation?? If not, I doubt we will ever hear about it. A&M didn't announce they were leaving without full knowledge that the SEC would take them. The Big 12 will never announce an invitation without knowing full well what the result of that invitation will be. If it doesn't work out for whatever reason (BYU just says no, there is no good way to leave the WCC, TV contracts are not negotiable, Sunday play, many other possible reasons) we will hear only about an invite to somebody else and the Ute trolls will start mocking...

Park City, UT

BYU joining bcs conference would be awesome provided it would be stable. Utah vs BYU would be great for both teams. Utah joining Pac 12 was incredible and so would BYU joining big 12! Both teams have deserved this for some time my only regret is they are not in the same conference. Good luck BYU hope things work out for you guys. Go Utes!!

Serenity Now
Highland, UT

It's a pipedream, but if I were BYU I wouldn't join the Big 12 except under the following scenario:

1-Notre Dame, BYU and a third school (Louisville, AFA, Houston?) join the B12 in football only...ND keeps its other sports in the Big East and BYU's other sports stay in the WCC, avoiding Sunday conflict issues with the Big 12 and honoring BYU's recently made WCC commitments...if B12 implodes, BYU can quickly/easily resume the life of a football independent;
2-Big 12 cleans up its bylaws/contractual mess, and adopts even revenue distribution among its members (UT and OU gradually give up their higher percentages over 3 years). Unsure how this works with 2 extra football members but I'm sure the members can find a fair solution;
3-BYU retains BYUtv broadcast rights, and ESPN rights where not in conflict with any Big 12 network.
4-Pigs learn to fly...

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Before you Cougar fans start buying BIG 12 tee shirts...there is still the fact of the matter of not playing on Sundays...or RELIGIOUS limitations!!!

Second, is the WCC going to allow you leave the conference without penalty?

Third, and it has been said, will BYU and ESPN be able to re-broadcast games on their own network....Or should I say, will TEXAS allow you the same viewing rights you have as an independent!

I personally hope this brings wide-spread change to college football. Sad to say, all of this is happening, beacause the BCS doesn't want to include the MWC, WAC, or C-USA...

Tualatin, OR

TheSportsAuthority has it right. Assuming the Big 12 can't get ND or Arkansas, then they need BYU more than BYU needs them. I would be shocked if they are not already talking (in fact, I'm pretty sure they are.) If BYU doesn't join the Big 12, it won't be because the Big 12 didn't ask. It will be because BYU isn't going to fold like a chair like Utah did for the PAC1.

Henderson, NV

What happens if BYU joins the Big XII and then more teams leave? What happens if BYU doesn't join and then everything moves to super conferences and BYU is left out? I think the best possible course of action is to make sure that if and when they join the Big XII, other teams join as well, and they get assurances from every team in the Big XII that they aren't leaving, with big penalties in place if they do, so they don't get burned by some Big XII teams like they did by Boise State, Fresno State, and Nevada.

I wish the NCAA would step in and just make brand new conferences, with all the big and small programs spread out evenly and a playoff system. What happens when we have four big super conferences, and two of them think they are better than everybody else? Will they start raiding the other two for their best teams so they can make two super-duper conferences? Will this eventually lead to one giant super-dupity-duper conference? Where's the end of all of this?

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