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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 30 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Frisco, TX

I hope for U're sake this does not turn into a Ute loss. The media would have a hay day with the new AQ team getting beat by an FCS team.

Omaha, NE

This team dominated most of the WSU game, but let it go in the 4th. They passed for almost 300 yards vs. WSU, which is dang good for a lower division team. This QB loves to play and from everything I've read, this team seems to think like they can go undefeated. Their QB is the real deal, and their team looks much better than last year. Whittingham is smart to not look ahead to USC. This is going to be one of the tougher games between divisions this week. The App State/VT game will be good too.

sacramento, ca

montana state walk on 45
last in the pac 10.2 utes 3

Fort Worth, Texas

Doubt the media will have a "hay day" if Utah loses since last year it was worse:

James Madison 21
#13 Virgina Tech 16

@Lane Stadium

Anything could happen but if Utah comes out and plays then we should be able to win. I'm really looking forward to the defense this year. Hopefully, they're as good as the 2008 defense.

Woods Cross, UT

@ Nunya - Nonsense.

U has too much speed, size, skill, & coaching, and especially speed. This will be a great opportunity for the U to test their various combinations, as Coach Whitt has basically stated.

Best to be certain you're checking your rear view mirror for Ole Miss.

U point spread on line = -28-1/2.
BYU point spread = -3.


I am glad someone decieded to carry the U games locally. This is really good for the fans.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah 45
Montana 10

Ole Miss 30
byu 17

Salt Lake City, UT

All the talk and hot air goes to the back seat. We finally have actual games, I can not wait!

South Weber, UT

@ CougFaninTX
A keen eye for the obvious.

Fallon, NV

At least I have the ESPN sports-ticker. Listening to the streaming version of what Utah has for calling the game on the radio is just to painful to bear. They are soooo bland, you would think they were commenting on how the grass is growing.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Re: DrUte:

The point spread you quoted:
U point spread on line = -28-1/2.
BYU point spread = -3.

But if Utah and BYU swapped opponents Ole Miss would be favored to win by at least 30 and BYUa would be favored to win by over 48.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Utah's first season in the "Conference of Quarterbacks" is getting off to an early start."

Quarterback U > "Conference of Quarterbacks" affiliate

cya on the 17th

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I think our defense is ready for this guy. There have been reports that our defensive line is even better than last year and they were pretty darn good. We also have a great group of linebackers and our defensive backs have come together nicely. I'm confident our team can handle Montana State's offense.

Glenwood, UT

I wouldnt be surprised to see Montana State win this. I think the Utes will be looking towards USC, and I say they get beat 27-24.......

Highland, UT

If utah really is everything the utah fans on here claim to be, national team, bcs quality, budding pac10 power, blah, blah, blah, then they should pound Montana St. It shouldn't even be close.

We'll find out tomorrow night. Of course I won't be wathcing but I'll catch the "highlites" on the news.


Big Coug-
If they did switch opponents, and Utah was a bigger underdog vs. Ole Miss, wouldn't that mean that most of the polls would have to rank BYU higher than Utah in the preseason?

Remember, not everyone thinks that BYU is going to have another quest for perfection that they accomplish this year. They did accomplish that quest for perfection a few years back right?

Chandler, AZ

Would be nice to actually see this game. KJZZ? C'mon, is that the best the mightly Pac-12 can come up with? I guess that's what you get when you are the kid sitting in the high chair at the big table.

I see the game on Saturday will be carried by ESPN and ESPN3.com, which I guess that is what you get when you are man enough to stand up and make your own way.


Big Coug
BYU willl get to play the worst team in the big sky soon
that's more up byu's alley.


ol miss won 4 games last year
ya, they're real great...
and BYu's only favored by 3
that's sad

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


Haven't Utah fans been beating their chest for years anytime they've beaten ANY BCS team? Bottom tier Ole Miss would be an upper tier team in the PAC 10.2.

Worst/best Big Sky team, what difference does it make? MSU and ID St are both 1-AA teams.

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