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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 30 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Heber City, UT

This will indeed be an interesting season. Possibilities of great success.

Logan, UT

Riiiight. And every boy would rather go to the dance by himself. And he is not excited at all by the rumor that one of the 'hot girls' in school might ask him to go with her.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

We are not interested in any BCS conferences. We will win the Independant conference.

Go Cougars.

Cedar Hills, UT

If an invite to the Big 12 ever does come the Y would be crazy not to jump at the chance.To be in the same league as Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas , Texas Tech .... BYU would be a net gain for the conference after they lost Colorado.

Salt Lake City, UT

My thoughts are that people who think BYU is going to turn this opportunity down and stay independent are grossly misinformed. Bronco Mendenhall clarified a point from the start that if any talk is going on, it is strictly involving AD Tom Holmoe and President Cecil Samuelson at this point in the process. Mendenhall merely realizes that this ultimately will be a Board of Trustees decision involving the senior leaders of the LDS Church more than anything, and it will be an interesting debate amongst them. Politically this will be likely far from an amicable decision with them as I can best tell since there will be no doubt some who will want this for BYU and a few that will be very reluctant if not completely resistant to this idea, given they feel BYU should be there for the "have not" programs like Utah State as well as the "have" programs like Utah, and this independence gig was a compromise between the two. To turn this down in my opinion would be as bad if not worse than Utah State last year blowing off the MWC.

New Bern, NC

My predictions:

TAMU will leave the Big 12 for the SEC.

BYU will get an invitation to the Big 12.

BYU will accept the invitation after some bandying about, and will be allowed to keep portions of it's tv package including BYUtv.

BYU fans will then declare that being a member of the Big 12 is infinitely better than being a member of the Pac-12.

Utah fans will point out the hypocrisy of that stance given BYU's long desire to join the Pac-12 and the fact that the Pac-12 rakes in more cash than the Big 12.

Utah fans will also ridicule BYU fans for all the chest pounding previously done by BYU fans in regards to independence.

BYU fans and Utah fans will argue about the superiority of their separate conferences and teams for years to come. The more things change...

Gold Canyon, az

I am grateful for the University of Utah's move to the Pac X which has pushed this independence forward. Were it not for Utah's departure, BYU would be back to the same old schedule (except for the BSU addition).

Sugar City, ID

Stay the current course. The coach understands.


I hope for the sake of the BYU program, the Big 12 invite does come true. If not, all the hype about going Independent by BYU fans will be exposed as a complete sham. Going independent was simply BYU throwing a foolish temper tantrum over the Utes entry into the PAC 12. Even if BYU joins the Big 12, they are likely joining a sinking ship. While the grass is certainly greener in the Pac 12, I cant say the same is true for BYU's departure of the MWC for independence. The mess is only beginning.

Moab, UT

JJ Di Luigi:
"...our quest for an undefeated season."

1984 - quest achieved.

It is extremely difficult to go undefeated. Just focus on one game and try to win that. That should be your "quest." The problem is you all are focusing on the large goal while nearly ignoring the steps that it takes to get there. No wonder 1984 was the last time you all went undefeated. The best thing about being 0-0 is that you have the opportunity to become 1-0, not 12-0.

Alexandria, VA

"My job now is to help our team play in a manner that's worthy of that partnership" with ESPN. Great quote, coach. That's exactly right. Exposure is only a great thing if you win. Being on national tv losing 6 games isn't good. Losing 6 games in a BCS conference - not a terrible thing. You can still go to a bowl game and you will still get a part of a BCS payday.
There's a lot of interest right now in how BYU will do this year - they've got to bring their A game to every game.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Yes, you have it nailed. BYU's independence declaration was nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to Utah leaving. BYU's "temper tantrum" landed them a major TV contract, all their games on national TV, games all over the country with some excellent teams from all major conferences, 1,000 times the exposure and 10 times the money. What a sham.
The grass is greener on the PAC side of the fence but there are also 11 great big bulls in that pasture that are going to stomp the snot out of you every time you take a bite of that green grass.
Truth is that BYU had been looking for a way out of the MWC and the MTN for years. Little bro left so they did not need to babysit any longer. That gave them free reign to do what they wanted. Turned out pretty darn good. Will get even better.

Troll Hunter
Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Foolish temper tantrum" ?

This was more than likely going to happen anyway, with Utah going to the PAC12 BYU just made the decision quicker. BYU has been gearing up for this for 2 to 3 years now with all the building and buying equipment for BYU TV. Anyone who says otherwise is foolish, BYU was the one's with forsight for the Independant leap so don't toot your Troll horn to much.

west jordan, ut

Still makes me laugh. Utah was a second hand choice becuase others turned down the PAC 10. BYU goes independent and they still cry how BYU is going nowhere. I guess if an 8 year deal with ESPN is called going nowhere, I need to go there more often. Get real ute cry babies, BYU took the better road. You keep saying we should have stayed in the MWC, give me one good reason why that makes sense over what they have now, just one please. I mean, Utah was the first to jump ship.....oh yeah, it was for the money and the exposure....hmmm sounds just like BYU. Whatever!!!!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

B | 12:30 p.m. Aug. 30, 2011
Logan, UT

Riiiight. And every boy would rather go to the dance by himself. And he is not excited at all by the rumor that one of the 'hot girls' in school might ask him to go yip, yip, yip... Yip, yip. (Sorry, tuned you out again)

Like an anklebiting chihuahua.

Utah Fans, everyone knows that you are there.

Yep, we know that Utah is the sexy boy on campus. And Utah was invited not because they needed an extra body for the PAC XII championship, but for your award winning athletic program that garnered so very many WAC, and MWC championships across the board.

That's why the PAC picked them up so very fast and they are the showpiece of the PAC, with all those games on TV.

(Old or new contract, if they thought Utah would sell advertising, Larry Scott would have them on National TV every week.)

So bark, little doggies, bark, and scare the big, bad shadows away.

Salt Lake City, UT

More than anything this is just Mendnehall covering political bases, and the Big 12 has yet to make any firm offers. The only firm "No" to any potential offers has come from Notre Dame. Holmoe has thrown enough politicl bones (accomodating Utah State) in his own house to get this through the LDS Church senior leadership, but the only unknown is the reaction since this is happening at least 2 years earlier than I think the administrators at BYU felt it could happen. Exit strategy in a highly amicable way from the WCC will be paramount to getting this league detination approved. But if the Big 12 is turned down by BYU's governing board, this will not give much hope to the future of that league, despite the best efforts of Texas and Oklahoma.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA


Begging for a little attention? Sorry to disappoint you, but you're already had your moment in the spotlight. Now it's time move on.

Enjoy middle of the PAC mediocrity -- 6th or 7th was it?

I'd say, enjoy your own game this week, but KJZZ doesn't broadcast in Washington, does it?

Oh well, at least you have one game on ESPN, courtesy of your big brother.

Utesville, CA

@Mildred in Fillmore

...We are not interested in any BCS conferences...

And no BCS conference is interested in Cougars so far...
So I guess the feeling is mutual...hahaha

"This move to independence was well thought out..."


Lavell Edwards said. Im still pretty close to the people involved there. This just came out of the blue.

(should be out of the Red as in the Red is moving up and Blue should move somewhere too)

Chris B's psychiatrist
Iowa City, IA

I checked out the TV schedule here in the Midwest for this weekend's games: BYU on national TV. Utah nowhere to be found. Enough said.

Farmington, UT

@ RedUte

You utes are just lucky that Texas and the other teams that were invited to make a PAC 16 turned it down, after Colorado accepted, becauase that created a need for Team # 12---the Utes. I think that while Utah has some great potential in the PAC, so did Arizona and Arizona State when it went from the PAC 8 to the PAC 10. How well have they fared in the PAC 10 over the years?

Face it, your current rival is now (laughable) Colorado. You need to play BYU.....more than they need to play U.

It will take Utah 3 seasons to win a grand total of 10 PAC 12 Conference Games.
Mark it down. You probably will defeat Montana State in SLC on Thursday Sept 1st. I'll give you that victory before the game kicks. But no others. At midnight Sept 17th you'll likely be 1 - 2.

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