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Published: Sunday, Aug. 28 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't know how Utah will finish in the PAC 12, but I know that BYU would be in the championship game. Easily.

Utesville, CA

...As for talk of carrying the banner for all the non-automatic qualifiers,...

I think this is ridiculous.

Utah, TCU and BSU have all proven they belong with the big-BCS teams--all have played and won BCS bowl games. They are BCS-caliber teams. They should not have to represent that have-nots like BYU and other mid-majors.

Go Utes!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

When I moved here 15 years ago, I remember sitting on splintered wooden benches for the Utah v Oregon game. The stadium and team have come a long way! I look forward to watching both grow in the Pac 12.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"They should not have to represent that have-nots like BYU and other mid-majors."

SoCalUtahFan: After SC and BYU take care of business, you will be singing a different tune.

Oh, and don't overlook Montana State - if you know what I'm saying. Just ask Dan Hawkins.

South Jordan, UT

Mildred in Fillmore continues to play fantasy football.


I think the article meant to say the utes offense "hasn't" utilized tight ends but now are going to.


Wow, Ute article, but the first two posts by U "fans" reference BYU. OBSESSION! I was hoping that the trolls would leave all that on the BYU articles so I could come here and discuss Utah, but they can't seem to leave it alone. I'm a fan of Utah when they're not playing BYU. I wish ya'll well this season. Kill the PAC!


KamUte, Mildred might not be one of you Utes, but he/she definitely is NOT one of us either. It's like that scene at the beginning of the third pirates movie where the ugly Singapore pirate threatens to kill the spy in his bath house, and Barbosa says, "Kill him, he's not our man."

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Big time!

Sandy, UT

re: kamute

How long will it take you to realize mildred is a ute fan pretending to be an over-the-top BYU fan ? It's pathetic really.

As far as the article goes, the non-AQ teams are hoping the rest of the nation is NOT watching the utes as they will absolutely not represent them well this year. It's a good thing the utes are rarely on tv this season.


Here we go! Like most Utah fans carry themselves......hoping for the best as we are in the big time now, humbly anticipating, it's extremely exciting and we love our Utes and the fabulous school. Who cares what BYU and their fans say folks? All they can do is talk and print bogus promotional items. Their football and basketball teams can't win big games in the 21st century, time has passed them by and they were dissed. Now, it is time to enjoy the unreal opportunity that we now have and I believe the Utes will bring us tremendously competitive entertainment and who knows..........just maybe, if we're lucky, we'll get a shot at the big game one day and win? Go Utes!!!!

Eagle Mountain, UT

yes the Utes were fortunate enough to be invited to the big boys club. I really hope your nose in the air attitude is not shared by the majority of Ute fans. The truth is, that of all the BcS busters over the past several years, none of them, with the exception of TCU one year, would have had a snowballs chance in heck of even getting 10 wins if they hadn't had a weak schedule. None of them would have gone undefeated with a BIG 10, SEC, BIG 12 or SEC schedule. They all used the recipe of a couple of good teams, a few solid teams and a half dozen weak teams. Utah is there now and kudos to them if they make the most of it and have success. They likely won't have an easier schedule in the PAC for the next 10 years so this is probably their best chance. Good luck to the Utes but don't look down your nose at BYU. They stuck by you for many, many years as a good friend.

Huntsville, Alabama

Hey folks, UW fan here. This was a good article. Coach Whit nailed when he said "I'm not sure anybody out there is hoping we fail. Everyone is just hoping that they win. That's the bottom line,". Generally, PAC-12 fans root for PAC-12 teams for out of conference or bowl games. I say generally, except if it's the Zeros (Oregon)anyway. And I'll even root for them against LSU as I really hate the SEC. Anyway...good luck Thursday and especially Sept. 17th against BYU. See ya at RES on 10/1, should be a good game!

Orem, UT

The Utes have a gift-wrapped PAC 12 South winning schedule with a ham-strung USC and no Oregon or Stanford. If the Utes don't make it to the PAC 12 championship game this year, it could be a long time before they have another chance.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Mildred = Chris B's little sister

Utah doesn't represent anybody but themselves, which is a good thing, because nobody else would want to be represented by a program that's headed for middle of the PAC mediocrity.

Frisco, TX

Can you imagine how UCLA must feel having to play in such a small stadium. The Rose Bowl seats just short of 100,000 and RES only seats 46,000. UCLA will feel like they're playing in a WCC stadium (if any of the schools had stadiums). Some of the high school stadiums in Texas are bigger than 46,000.

Hurricane, UT

@ CougFaninTX

That little 46,000 seat stadium is also extremely loud. Can you imagine what UCLA is going to think of the MUSS?

Oh, and there are plans for expansion- what will you say of Utah's "little" stadium then? Especially when we have Oregon, Stanford, and USC coming town?


Huntsville, Alabama

@ CougFaninTX

UCLA regularly plays at WSU and Oregon State, both of which are comparable (if not smaller) than RES. I must say that this rivalry between BYU and Utah is something to experience! I've been hanging around on the boards here and the Tribune for a while, and you guys get downright vicious! Anyway, the point is that Utah will fit right in, just like back in 1978 when ASU and U of A joined. Those on here who think that Utah will take the PAC-12 by storm...well maybe the 2008 team could have, but not this year so much. to those who are hoping Utah will fail...nope. Too good a coaching staff and system. Utah will go bowling, maybe make it into the PAC-12 championship game. That's as far as they go IMHO.

Up on the Hill, UT


wow, there sure are a lot of BYU fans who are still jealous over Utah being in the Pac-12!

Syracuse, UT

@ SouthernUtahUte

I am sure UCLA will be afraid of a 46k seat stadium, they sure were when they beat you guys a couple of years ago right?

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