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Published: Sunday, Aug. 28 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Jim Marshall
Clearfield, UT

No other generation has been coached up more to believe they can do anything and have anything they desire. Why is the author and many of you 'old people' shocked when this generation actually wants something.

Its been interesting watching the work environment on hill afb. There is a new generation of extremely skilled, talented, educated, and computer savy 20 somethings - and then the old guard of 55 yr olds still living in the analog world. The youth get ten times the work done, while the old timers whine about an entitled generation wanting what it took them 40 years to get, even if the youth are deserving now.

Entitlement is a problem when one doesn't put the work in. The bigger problem, however might be with the 40yr+ genrations that have told the youth to work hard and go get it. You are irriated when they might accomplish something that took you many more years to do. I think I speak for my generation when I say that we have no interest in 'waiting our turn'. You taught us well, and now we're are seizing the day so to speak!

Ex-Pat of Zion
Lititz, PA

Excellent feature! I was attracted to it because the topic is certainly germane. I was expecting politicizing...and references were there...but I found balance. The problem of materialism is in the DNA of social structure and exists (in my opinion) as a dominant allele.

murray, ut

Odd, i thought i remember reading somewhere that generation Z were hard workers, a lot better than Y.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Except if you lived through the depression about every generation feels entitled to the generation previous. This stuff is way overrated, overhyped etc. The idea that this new generation will want anything any more or any faster than any previous generation is the older's generations' own self-absorbed attempt to make it feel superior. And I'm a 40 something and we wanted things just as fast as the kids today. Again, let's get real...

Saint George, UT

Corporate entitlement can be corrected?

Specific objectives, goals and timelines, please.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I think it is fine to get what you want when you want it, IF you work for it. That is the caveat. You get what you want if you WORK for it. Work, work, work. There really is no substitute for that. I also agree that gratitude is much more absent then it should be. There is nothing wrong with wanting things, and even wanting them quickly. Just work hard and be grateful, that would fix a lot of the problem.


I highly recommend the following read, especially those who think they DESERVE something: "The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement".

Ex-Pat of Zion
Lititz, PA

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Mr. Marshall, productivity and hard work are virtues, but we are seeing as a nation, how those virtues mutate in a zero-sum environment. Ms. Rand would be proud of you. You get an "A" in ambition.


Jim, this article isn't talking about people who are working for what they get, it's talking about people who want something for nothing, or instant gratification addicts. Sounds like you're as bitter as the older generation you're sticking that label to.(BTW I'm only 31 myself.)


Howard, you could not be more wrong. I see it all the time in the students I work with, and their parents. Entitlement is rampant, and much worse now than ever before. This article was spot on.

Provo, UT

I am stunned at some of these comments. I thought everyone could see how much things have changed in the last decade or two. Most seasoned teachers have seen a serious change. Jim, for example, thinks older people are petty and jealous instead of concerned. Jim obviously is not a student of history and doesn't know that civilization can progress or digress according to standards of society.

Even good old Confucius taught that from his studies of history, he learned that whenever a culture lost its politeness, it was on the road to ruin. It doesn't always happen over night, but it does happen every time.

Ambition is good as long as it doesn't produce arrogance. Entitlement is just wrong.

American Fork, UT

Sorry, kid. Your job right now should be in the fast food places and mini golf courses of the nation. Corporate slacker just isn't a position we have open right now. Right now I need some guys to push lawnmowers, flip burgers and pick lettuce. Lots of them. And I need people who are detail oriented with a strong work ethic. People who see this work as opportunity, not demeaning to their sense of entitlement. I'll do what I need to do to get the people I need. You wouldn't do the work anyway. Stay home and sulk. Become a statistic. I don't owe you your precious esteem.


A sticker or a piece of gum inside the treasure box? Sorry, Mrs. Greer, I doubt this prize thrilled the kiddies even 40 years ago.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT


Whenever anybody ends a post with "let's get real", I assume they do so due to a lack of persuasive argument. Trying to cajole others into sharing your point of view with a hop on the bandwagon statement is an attempt to narrow the conversation rather than allowing a space for real discussion. You do introduce an interesting idea here in arguing that the current generation is no more entitled than the last. A call for data would be in order. I, too, have wondered whether my own sense of an increase in entitlement is the equivalent of many parents cry that the current crop of music is "not really music at all". Being an educator, however, I do think that entitlement norms run higher over the last several years than they did in the beginning of my career.

Herriman, UT

I see the sense of entitlement everyday in our public schools. Students who think that everything should be handed to them, including passing grades for next to no effort/work. My sons didn't like me for most of their educational careers in high school. I taught and coached them both. Now that they are older, in college paying for their own way, I think they have a much more health respect for having to really put forth the effort. It wasn't easy at the time but I knew it was the right thing to do. Parents, you can be your kid's friend when they are older but during those first 20-25 years.....first and foremost be the parent. They will always see you as a parent as long as you act like one first.

Sugar City, ID

"This change in behavior is a symptom of a greater phenomenon that psychologists, family experts, sociologists and scholars say is gripping the world. Now, more than ever, entitlement the idea that "I should get everything I want when I want it, even if I haven't worked for it" is rearing its ugly head."

Why is this being subtly identified with social security? Does this not more aptly apply to the idle rich than to people who work until they retire? Are not social security and entitlements interchangeable terms in our society? Why?

Kaysville, UT

Let me understand this. Every child going back to school should have a new backpack, new school clothes and free lunch. What do I not understand?

Concerned and Involved
Spanish Fork, UT

We live in a society in which people in their 20's feel as if they deserve it all; a big house, a boat, nice cars, four-wheelers, etc., without having worked for it. What they have done is gone into massive amounts of debt for it. We have given people the ability to buy these things when the could NOT afford them. The impending result will be that they will be living at 40 like they should have been living at 20. This is a direct result of the entitlement society that we live in. We have individuals who believe that others should pay for them, we have individuals who believe that just because they have had tough breaks in life that others should step up and "fix" it for them, and we have individuals who believe that they "deserve" everything that others have. This is simply not true. On the other hand, we also have individuals who have waited and worked, and are now being rewarded for their efforts. Not everything turns out the way we would like it, but unless and until we start being responsible for our own actions, our society will continue to go downhill.

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just wait until the ungrateful little kids get handed the bill to repay the Chinese for all the money Obama is spending. That will give them a new perspective on "entitlements!"

The decay in our culture that has destroyed the family unit, religious values and the work ethic can all be traced to liberal policies. We are paying the price now.

Bountiful, Utah

Broken families are a huge contributing factor to children feeling entitlement. Why? Divorce guilt. Some parents are entitling their children with whateve they can because of their guilt about their children suffering due to the divorce. This is not helping children at all. It is making it worse.

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