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Published: Saturday, Aug. 27 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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True Blue Layton Fan
Layton, UT

Mentioned that 4 were competing for RB, but left out mentioning the 4th, a local UT kid from Layton that is raising eyebrows, including that of Coach Whit. Karl was part of the Layton team that played Alta in the state championship game just a few years ago. Soph Karl Williams, spent a year at SUU but transferred because he wanted to be a Ute!!! He's also competing at FB, which wasn't mentioned either. Either way, I see Karl getting carries and who knows, maybe even on special teams where he can hit some people. He played excellent defense in high school too!

Frisco, TX

With two deep at RB, any chance the Utes will redshirt Langi?

Sandy, UT

Thanks for the info True Blue Layton Fan (aka Karl's dad).

Pocatello, ID

Layton Fan,

you are correct, I have read a lot about him coming in and opening eyes.


I would think it is all but a forgone conclusion that Langi will redshirt. Nothing has been announced but I doubt they will burn a year of eligibility stuck in the 3rd or 4th spot.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Actually the 4th RB the article was referring to I'm quite certain is Thretton Palamo. But yes, Karl Williams is one of the surprises from fall camp.

Rexburg, ID

I can;t see Utah as a supposed Pac-12 team, starting against Montana State. It like playing down at the YMCA------with the girls swimming team. Montana State is good in their own right, but against Utah they are ina mixmatch, I hope all the voters see what Utah is up too. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, as a former Ute fan.

U 90
Corona, CA


name one team in the country that doesn't have at least one game like this on their schedule.

Iowa City, IA


It's more an exception to the rule these days for teams NOT to have an FCS opponent.

Notable western examples:
BYU vs Idaho State (1-11 last year)
Utah State vs Weber State
TCU vs Portland State
Air Force vs South Dakota AND Tennessee State
Arizona St. vs UC Davis
Oregon St. vs Sacramento State
Arizona vs Northern Arizona
Washington vs Eastern Washington
Oregon vs Missouri State
Washington State vs Idaho State
Cal vs Presbyterian

Notable western teams WITHOUT an FCS opponent:
Stanford and UCLA (both play San Jose State---arguably not much better, if at all, than Montana State).
Boise State

Montana State, 9-3 last season, is not a bad team. An FCS team yes, and one the Utes should beat handily. If they do not, the voters will be all over it. Last year Virginia Tech lost to James Madison and they paid for it for for weeks despite impressive wins throughout the ACC.

So if Utah leaves a bad taste in your mouth, the other teams mentioned should likely do the same.

Do yourself a favor: enjoy the football.

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Duckhouse -

"...starting against Montana State...it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, as a former Ute fan."

Please...don't pretend to be "a former Ute fan" and complain about the greatest schedule in the schools entire history by pointing out the one lower division game.

You're going to have to do better than that, we can all see right through you.

Provo, UT

People that complain about cupcakes on a schedule including a full slate of PAC-10 games obviously does not understand the nature of college football. Playing 12 top-level opponents would certainly make the team tough until it collapses. At the end of the season a 12-0 record gets a lot of attention and leads to a pretty decent bowl invite. An overly ambitious schedule leads to a 6 and 6 season and a bowl game prior to Christmas.

I fully expect Utah to have a decent season and fight it out with ASU for the Southern Division championship - IF Jordan Wynn stays healthy.

True Blue Layton Fan
Layton, UT

@ AltaHawkFan. Sorry, I'm not Karl's dad. Hope to not disappoint you. :-) Kickoff is almost here!!!!

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