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Published: Friday, Aug. 26 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Terrific! So glad Davies made it back! Looking forward to another great basketball season in the WCC.


Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Stop speculating. Brandon could have "taken care of everything" weeks or even months ago, but regardless, he couldn't be on the team or even practice with the team until the beginning of fall semester, when he was allowed to re-enroll at BYU.

Tim Rollins
Oklahoma City, OK

Brandon handled everything right back at the first of the year by doing it with dignity and class. He showed the world responsibility and manned up, took responsibility and made things rightfor that, he has my respect.

BYU showed wisdom and compassion by allowing Brandon to finish the semester with dignity. If only they had shown the same compassion with Julie Stouffer and Chad Hardy regarding his rightfully earned diploma

Brandons back at BYU, and thats good. He worked diligently with his bishop and stake president, and was spared the indignity of dealing with those with no ecclesiastical authority whatsoever. It was Brandons bishop and stake president who rightfully determined the right time to endorse Brandons return to BYU.

Good luck to BYU in their upcoming basketball season!!

Tim Rollins
Oklahoma City

Magna, UT

I tip my hat to you sir. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger. May you be blessed in your progress toward your ultimate goal.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Why this is a surprise or a point of discontent to anyone is really short sightedness. Either that or those people wear blinders to maintain a self serving myoptic view of thier world to justify anything that they don't want to be the truth. The goals were set in March and April to have Brandon work with everyone envolved in his suspension to help him achieve a specified set of criteria that he would need to in order to return to the team. The suspension was BYU's to impose not the NCAA's...for those who obviously have lost sight of that fact. So... with that somewhat overlooked thought in mind ...it's also BYU's call on the criteria necessary to meet thier goals that they and Brandon worked out and set for him to again become eligible. And likewise...the length of the suspension... is thier call as well... not the NCAA's since there were no infractions of thier rules.

Good to have you back on the team Brandon. Congratulations for having the courage and the priciple to have done the right thing.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Where's Hedgie and Chrissy ??? Something doesn't seem right here...without them.

west jordan, ut

And he is a better man for it. Welcome back Brandon and good luck wherever life leads you.

Carthage, MO

Congratulations Brandon. Glad you're back. BYU needs men like you. Men of courage and willingness to overcome adversity. Best wishes to you and the rest of the Cougs on a great upcoming season.

Sarah Nichole
West Jordan, UT

Re: Tim Rollins

The biggest difference between Brandon Davies's situation and those of Julie Stouffer and Chad Hardy is that neither Julie nor Chad was willing to admit that they'd violated the honor code. Instead of accepting responsibility for their own very public actions, they blamed the school for their circumstances, and went to the press to tell everybody how unfairly they were being treated.

Brandon, on the other hand, turned himself in for a violation that nobody would've known anything about if he'd chosen to keep quiet. He could've helped his team to a potential national title, but instead, he admitted his mistake. He then had to endure it when the Trib published the details of his indiscretion, which then went worldwide. Huge numbers of people, including his peers and role models, were telling him that he hadn't made a mistake at all, and that he should leave the school and go someplace where he could live how he wanted to without repercussion. Instead, he kept his integrity throughout the entire mess, under worldwide condemnation, and did what he needed to do to make things right with his Father in Heaven.

The situations are nothing alike at all.


Love the Atonement!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome back and good luck in school.

Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

Thank you BYU for extending a second chance.

Thank you Brandon for doing what needed to be done to make things right.

Go Cougars!

O-town, UT

From a Wildcat Fan--welcome back Brandon. It speaks a lot to your character to admit a mistake and take the proper steps to rectify the situation, especially while enduring it in the public view. If only we had people of your character in Congress. They try to cover up their mistakes and displace the blame if caught.

I just hope that every student who makes a mistake with the honor code is afforded the same opportunity to make restitution, and I hope they are treated with same dignity and respect and not treated in a judgemental way with the institution and the student body or people in general. I am not making any accusations. I just think this is a great example of second chances, and I just hope it applies equally to all no matter what their situation in life.

Best of luck to you in the upcoming season.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

No man is a better man for having sinned than for remaining pure.

Lyman, WY

Best news in a long time. I'm happy for the kid!!!!!

Clearfield, Utah

I personally think Brandon is a better story and role model then Jimmer Ferdeitte. This young man made a mistake, owned up to it and did what he had to to make it right. To me he is a great example of a person trying to do the right thing even under difficult circumstances. Welcome back Barndon, you are the type of young man a parent can be proud of.

John Paul
Orem, UT

@Y ask Y- While I agree that remaining pure is the better route, no one does it. Everyone makes mistakes at some level. Whether in though or deed. So I do think that sin along with repentance creates a better man.

Tim Rollins
Oklahoma City, OK

@Sarah Nicole:

The situations are very similar in two regards, yet different.

First, both Julie and Chad had to deal with Dr. Vernon Heperi (Dean of Students), who is an administrator and NOT a priesthood leader. All Julie needed to do was to get her situation resolved like Brandons and once her bishop and stake president recommended re-enrollment at BYU, case closed. Julie left BYU and later married in the temple.

Chad Hardy completed his degree requirements online and was 100% compliant with all Honor Code rules when he was resident on-campus at BYU from 1999-2002.

Hardys case was nothing at all like Brandons. Hardy met all requirements for graduation, only to have the rug pulled out at the last possible moment by local priesthood leaders who may possibly have abused the limits of their authority.

Tim Rollins
Oklahoma City


Brandon should have found a different school to win games for after that incident. Wish him the best.

South Jordan, UT

Congratulations to all who posted such upbeat and positive comments directed toward Brandon Davies. Kuddos to all of you. I am sure that all the love and support from coaches, players, and fans played a significant part in the decisions, process of repentance, and the outcome of this young man's life. Unconditional love is a great force!

Go Brandon, and go Cougars!

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