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Published: Thursday, Aug. 25 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Got to love that local regional network thing for Utah and Colorado, the nation's hottest new rivalry. How will that regional rivalry spill over to the national network and get to the 40 million subscribers?

Oh, that's right, it won't and thus ALL of the Ute games will NOT be available across the whole cable or satellite network... only on the regional network and those select games that will be on the national Pac or Fox network.

Of course there's the possibility of streaming internet.

Still seems like a glorified Mtn. network.

It will be interesting to see how it evolves... next year.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ sammyg | 9:44 p.m. Aug. 25, 2011
Springville, UT

Enjoy playing a WAC schedule and dreaming of the BCS while the Utes play big boy football.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

No longer must you be a football or basketball (men's) player to be seen on anything other than local television. Imagine as an athlete( in swimming & diving, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, track& field, golf, gymnastics, tennis, etc?) competing against world class athletes and having it televised either regionally or nationally. The future is bright and it's ours... Go UTES!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Who am I sir? | 10:48 p.m. Aug. 25, 2011
Cottonwood Heights, UT

No longer must you be a football or basketball (men's) player to be seen on anything other than local television. Imagine as an athlete( in swimming & diving, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, track& field, golf, gymnastics, tennis, etc?)


Yes, sir. Oh yess oh yes!

It's Regional Heaven, it truely is.

Imagine, close your eyes. Can you smell it?

Everything. Replays, National TV, ESPN.

Yep, that's the smell of the Creamery.

Wait, sorry, we accidently gave you the BYU dream.


Fort Worth, Texas

@Veritas Aequitas

As a Ute season ticket holder (right) you really like bringing up BYU on Ute articles a lot. Please tell us where in this article or 'Who am I sir's' post does it refer to BYU? Um, don't cry, dry your eye... it'll be alright.

Looking forward to the PAC-12 network next year.


Cedar Hills, UT

This is really cool for The U. The U has really hit the jack pot with the Pac12 and it is going to be a whole new era for the people of Utah - graduating from the minor leagues to the major leagues in sports. I think this will also elevate the U as a university just being lumped in with UCLA, Stanford, Cal etc...

Springville, UT


'Big Boy' nationally relevant football, as you call it, is found on national tv broadcast networks... not on regional networks this year or next.

I love tv smack this year and next.

"Objects in (rearview) mirror are closer than they appear"

U 90
Corona, CA

This is a Utah article yet sammy has posted more times than any Ute fan

Just admit it sam, you're a closet Utah fan. Your obsession with the Red & White on these boards proves it. Don't fight it, walk to the light.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Nice! If I'm traveling I'll be able to watch live broadcasts on my iPhone of U baseball, swimming, gymnastics, etc., not to mention EVERY football and basketball game.

Sure beats trying to find a (non-alcoholic) sports bar for endless replays of cougies playing Idaho State or Portland, in between endless replays of "Little House On The Prairie."

Murray, UT

"....Pac-12 football or basketball fan, every game will be on ESPN, Fox or the Pac-12 Networks,"

That's every football and basketball game televised nationally folks. The regional networks are for the Olympic sports. And where are the BYU Olympic sports televised? Oh yea, maybe on BYUtv if the devotional is not scheduled.

Highland, UT


While this will certainly be good for utah, and all of the pac10, as far as exposure is concerned, if it actually happens. Your little dig at BYU is a bit stupid and violates your scripture quoting and calls for civility from the last several days.

The truth is BYUtv is already available on over 60 million tv's in the u.s. which makes it a very widely distributed network. That does not even include its worldwide distribution which is huge. The pac10 networks are currently available in 0 households on 0 tv sets. Yes I am sure they will be available sometime in the future but don't be surprised if it take several years before it even comes close to equalling the level of distribution BYUtv currently has let alone BYUtv's level of distribution several years down the road.

Also virtually no one but fans of the schools playing in the game are going to tune in to any channel to watch them play, so being on the pac10 network is not going to get utah games any more exposure than BYUtv will give BYU games. If the fans can see them then it is enough.

Murray, UT


The difference is we know that Utah Olympic sports will be on a regional PAC 12 network channel and will include all of the PAC 12 inventory of Olympic sports. You don't even know yet whether BYUtv will televise Olympic sports and if they do it certainly will not include the inventory from an entire athletic conference.

By the way, I did not quote a scripture. It was a statement from a general authority. I would think that you would recognize the difference. And I did say that it is ok to defend your position with facts and friendly persuation which is what I am doing.

forreal people

There is no need for BYU fans to keep posting about "regional" vs. "national" tv.

The pack 12 tv deal has 90 football games a year on one of the national distributions: either ESPN family, Fox family, or the NATIONAL Pac-12 network.

You can assume all you want that Utah will somehow be marginalized and cut-out of those 90 games, having all of them on the regional pac-12 network. But That will not be the case. It could slightly trend that way if all Utah does is loose, but I think you better wait and see.

The pac-12 teams are not getting paid more than any other teams in the nation (fact) for tv money because they will all be regional broadcasts. Get a clue. Go back and Google all the stories that disclose the details.

Just remember that each and every pac-12 team is getting paid more to be on tv than byu is. It's weird to be condescending when you have the lower hand.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ducky's still here, lost bet or no lost bet.

His excuse seems to be that since the Pac-12 networks aren't up and running yet, he's off the hook. Funny how he forgets that works both ways--BYUtv has yet to show, much less schedule, a live football game. So as it stands now, Utah football will be just as available on the Pac-12 networks in 2012 as BYU football is on BYUtv. You still lose.

And if it really happens, remember that HSN is available in more homes than BYUtv. That doesn't mean people will actually watch it.

("Honey, find BYUtv so we can watch BYU play San Jose State." "Forget it, I'm watching Utah and USC on Fox.")

forreal people

It is very interesting that Ive never seen a Utah fan arguing that Utahs 2011 tv deal/exposure is better than what byu has in 2011. Why? Because that would not be true, byu's exposure appears to be much better than Utahs in 2011.

I do however, see byu fans posting all the time how their tv exposure will be better than Utah's in 2012 and beyond. Which, of course, is false.

Why the dishonesty?

Why are the Utah fans incapable of fabricating delusions that are simply not true? While BYU fans on this website - as a default - continue to ignore reality, ignore the details of the Pac 12 tv deal, and pretend that the 2011 exposure situation will continue forever?

I don't understand that behavior. It truly baffles me.

Highland, UT


BYU's Olympic Sports are going to be on BYUtv, they actually already are. The womens soccer game this week, in which bYU pounded utah, was shown live on BYUtv. I personally this week completed a project in the BYU Smith Fieldhouse that is part of the infrastructure for the HD feeds that will be used to broadcast Mens and Womens Volleyball from that facility on BYUtv. BYutv has already broadcast the WCC mens basketball tournament last season and has already annouced an agreement to boradcast the 1st two rounds of it in the future. The WCC commissioner in the last month discussed how there is already an agreement in place for BYUtv to broadcast that conferences alympic psorts as well.

In otherwords BYUtv is already up and running, it has been for years, has already broadcast both olympic and non olympic sports and has done so for the WCC.

In otherwords you are completely wrong.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I find it interesting that there are more BYU fan comments on this very Ute article than Ute fan comments. Interesting comentary on how some BYU fans just can't wait to find something they can dig Ute fans about.

I also find it interesting that many BYU sports fans seem to believe that BYUtv was created primarily to showcase BYU sports. The real evidence suggests ortherwise. BYUtv was created years ago before BYU's move away from the MWC allowed them to broadcast their sports outside the mtn. Anyone who has ever looked at the content on BYUtv knows that it was created to advance the LDS Church's message in a way only sattelite and cable TV can do. That is why is offered to all providers at no charge. Even when sporting events do start appearing on BYUtv they will be a small fraction of the actual programming. While it is true that BYUtv reaches 60 million home in the U.S. and a large international population, people who watch the channel will be seeing a long line of devotionals and family friendly shows with a few sporting events thrown in here and there.

Highland, UT


You continue to perpetuate a lie. I have stated to you several times exactly what constitutes the bet. I will do it again. I bet that the pac10 network would not be available nationwide by next season. As of today it is not avaialbe anywhere at all although it has been announced. In the announcement both Larry Scott and Chris Hill used the words "hopefully" and "potentially" at no point did either of them say "definately".

In otherwords there is no done deal yet to have it reach the level of availability to win the bet. I thought I had said 85% although one of the utah fans claims it was 75% so we can go with 75% which means if it is avaiable to 75% of the tv's in the nation it will be "nationwide".

Also what I said I would do is not post on any utah articles from the beggining of fall camp through the end of the bowl games. Since that date is approximately August of next year not only has nothing be won but the dates of my non posting aren't until then.

It appears you are desperate enough to lie continually about it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sammyg -

I notice you STILL don't understand how the Pac 12 TV deal works. I won't bother explaining it to you yet again, we'll just keep letting you spew forth your own version of it while you subconsciously keep hoping you're version is right. Whatever makes you feel better, but you're credibility gets downgraded every time you post.
As for me, I'm just glad the Utes are a part of the greatest TV arrangement in sports history! Go Utes!

Highland, UT

@mormon ute

Who care why BYUtv was created. Who cares if only some of the content is sports. The fact is it is widely distributed and available all over the country and the world and BYU fans will be able to watch a bunch of BYU sports on it. Tom Holmoe did a radio interview just last week where he said hundreds, that's right HUNDREDS, of BYU sporting events will be broadcast on it each and every year.

Of course none of the major networks are predominanatly sports progaramming either, sports are just part of their programming. So much for that assertion of yours.

But why are you utah "fans" so bent about this. I personally haven't said a single negative thing about the pac10 network, or the pac10 tv deal, in this article. You guys are so overly sensitive that you are seeing criticism where absolutely none exists.

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