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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 24 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Anyone else feel like the u is trying to convince themselves that all is well. How can he compare him to Detmer other than "fun loving", certainly not on any kind of performance. Wynn is now throwing every day, no pain, all of the questions that people had. I just have a bad feeling about this.

Not too long and we will have something to judge and not just speculate.

Hope he is ok.

Utesville, CA

Nice to hear praises/compliments from coach Chow regarding Wynn.

Let's hope Wynn will deliver more than 11 wins this season.

Go Utes!!!!

(the red roses in the form of U-block planted in my backyead look better every day)

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Well, let's see, how much time have you spent coaching Ty Detmer and Jordan Wynn? You really think you know enough about both QB's to question Coach Chow's comparison?

My understanding is the offense is now taylored more toward Wynn's strengths than it was last year which should allow him to flourish as long as the supporting cast steps up.


Wynn already coached three Heisman Trophy winners? This kid is accomplished.

Payson, UT

I don't remember detmer ever being under center .. And wynn will be playin against good defenses, só we'll never be able to do a direct comparison. Wynn should be flattered with the compliment, but he still needs to go out and compete. He hás the talent and mental abilities- lets now see that Translated into some great football and some wins

Springville, UT

Oh brother, please get me a Kleenex. It's one of those precious Ute moments.

West Valley City, Utah

I watched Detmer play in person. Wynn is only a junior. He has a chance to be a great quarterback.I think CHow knows what he is talking about more than any readers.He is no Detmer yet, but he has the same potential. However, it always takes a team effort to make a great qb.

Iowa City, IA

Detmer is my all-time favorite quarterback for the reasons coach Chow just said. Even if Wynn is half of that, I'd be pleased. That kind of praise isn't easily given. If Wynn stays healthy, he definately gives the Utes a chance to win the South.

Good luck!

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm a Cougar fan who thinks Wynn has been good when healthy, and I respect Norm's opinion. He's earned that respect.

As to the article, just once I'd like to see a writer get it right. I don't think Norm was the QB coach for Jim McMahon and Marc Wilson, and probably not for Steve Young. He was the receivers coach at the time. I'd like to know what year/what QB he started coaching QBs.

Glenwood, UT

Built Ute Tuff! With BYU stuff!

Chrissy Bee
Atlanta, GA

I know Ty Detmer. Ty Detmer is a friend of mine. Jordan Wynn is no Ty Detmer.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Uhhh, serious?

Detmer is the best QB in Chow's era. If you polled the audience, I don't think Wynn would make the Top 10 when you take the BYU QBs, Matt Leinart, Carson Palmer, and Philip Rivers. Wynn might be in the same ranks as John David Booty, but that's about it.

Alexandria, VA

Hopefully Chow is referring to the Detmer that threw 7 picks in one game when he was with the Lions.

Spanish Fork, UT

You are all full of it and so is Chow to compare him or anyone to Detmer nor is it fair to Wynn. We are talking about a Heisman Trophy winner and spent a long time in the NFL. No he did not play much but still had a long career. By the time Detmer was a junior he was great Wynn not even close to Detmer in #'s wins, yards and everything else.

Ogden, UT

must be the hair and partial mustachio...perhaps the nose.

It looks like the Utes are getting their first Heisman this year.

Gilbert, AZ

I'm sorry, I thought that it was just Cougar fans and coaches that were accused of hype and hyperbole? Really, comparing Jordan Wynn to a QB that threw for over 15,000 yards in his career and set over 70 NCAA records on his way to a Heisman as a Jr.? C'mon Ute fans...its time to get back to just worrying about your next game. Wynn isn't even worthy to lace up Detmer's sneakers.

Lake Stevens, WA

@alterEGO, Heisman this year?? Detmer was the TDS only Heisman winner, and how long ago was that?? We at least we had Alex in the running in my life time. Were you even alive when Detmer got his award 21 years ago??

Hurricane, UT

@ Mormon Ute

Completely agreed.

Up on the Hill, UT

lol! Obviously, I dont consider Jordan Wynn to be on the same level as Ty Detmer, but i do love it that Chow said this! It gets under the cougar fans skin! lol!

Ogden, UT

@chrissy bee very nice.

@pacnorthute. Yes.

I think Chow was thinking of the 1987 Detmer.

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