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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 24 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

No matter the talent (because I think its fairly equal) The coaching at Bingham is far more sound, established, and respected. I cant see Alta winning. With that said Westlake beats Timpview by 14 points. Timpview does not have there normal power.

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

Could someone please enlighten me as to how Parry figures out his power #'s? Last week Delta had a rating of 79.4, but then lost to Manti 28-14 and so dropped to 74.7.
Millard on the other hand had a rating of 75.5 last week, then beat N. Sanpete 44-13. But, their rating dropped to 74.6 while N. Sanpetes went up from 41.9 in week 1 to 42.7 this week.
I don't get it. That makes a 0.1 difference between Millard and Delta for this week. Whatever that means.
In a big rivalry game like Delta-Millard all #'s can be thrown out anyway. It will be a fun night in Millard County.
I know it doesn't really matter, but was just curious as to how the ratings are attained.

Bountiful, UT

Perry explain to me the 20 point difference between Bonneville and Woods Cross and how you had to pick Bonneville over WX? Come on....

Glenwood, UT

Guys, dont get frustrated. Its just another dumb poll. I read it, so I can see how far off it is after friday. Just proves over and over, that its always way off. Plus im really bored this early in the morning.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Boys of Fall,

Good example of the flaws in this system. I track 5A (cause I'm a nerd, I played at a 5A school and my daughter attends another so my interest lies there) and I'll find several such incidents during the year that just make my head spin.

Washington, UT

I couldn't find Parry's guide for Dixie vs. River Valley game. Not that it matters, but did I just miss it?


Its kinda like the all mighty BCS computer rankings. The rankings just appear and know body can explain exactly how. Lots of people say they understand the formula but know body really does. I do agree, its just fun to look at, but don't go to Wendover with these #s thinking its in the bag. Its all here for our entertainment, to beat on, and to chat about.

Glenwood, UT

Boys of Fall,
Who do you have winning in 2A this week. Lets see how accurate we are.
I say Millard over Delta
Canyon View over Richfield
S Sevier over N Sevier
Gunnison over Beaver
Duchesne over N.Summit
Morgan over S.Summit (that one is a toss up, but had to choose)
San Juan over Kirkland N.M.
Emery over Uinta
Kanab over Parowan
Grand over Monticello
Juan Diego over Manti
Carbon over ALA
Enterprise over Lincolin Co. NV

just sayin'
Woods Cross, UT

WX easily over Bonneville. The CATS are coming together. Erase a couple of bad calls and the Viewmont game would have been ours. I don't see them losing another game on the schedule. Go WX!

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

RevK: I agree with your picks except for the Beaver/Gunnison. Gunnison's coming along good under Coach Ludvigson & so I feel they're pretty evenly matched, but giving Beaver the homefield advantage.
The hard to pick games are:
Millard/Delta - because anything can happen in a rivalry game. I know Millard's been looking forward to this game and Coach Sherriff doesn't want to lose to his alma mater. And maybe Delta got caught looking past a good Manti team last week in preparation for this game. Should be a battle.
Morgan/S.Summit - Morgan seems to always have a pretty good team, but S. Summit put up good #'s like last year in their 1st game (albeit against an average 1A teams). I agree, toss up.
Carbon/ALA - Both teams had not so convincing wins over 1A oppenants, but I too give the edge to Carbon.
Should be another fun weekend. Good luck to all the teams.

Boys of Fall
Fillmore, UT

Parry is a Farce - Us nerds need to stick together.

Glenwood, UT

Boys of Fall,
I think Gunnison will impress some people this season. I know how the rivalry games go with Millard-Delta, I just expect Millard to score early, and by doing that, start the OH CRAP factor, and maybe panic Delta. Who knows though! Should be a dandy! Im calling a huge upset too, Mountain Crest over Lone Peak. That would just blow the whole parrys guide up!Well not too much. haha

salt lake city, UT

NO respect for Orem. According to this guide Orem is the second largest spread. We hung with Herriman, who looks good. On second glance Herriman has the third highest spread. I hope this week we pull the upset over East.

red rocks
Saint George, UT

Region 9 did much better than I expected I thought everyone except Pine View would lose. Pine View lost, Canyon View, Hurricane and Dixie all had surprising wins.

This Week my predictions are:

CV 21 Richfield 7 Canyon View wins two in a row.
Highland 35 Cedar 7 Cedar has a tough schedule.
Hurricane 21 West Jordan 17 I will have a tough time picking against Hurricane.
Pine View 28 Desert Pines 7 Pine View needs a QB.
Desert Hills 21 Moapa 7 Desert Hills needs an offensive spark.
Dixie 35 River Valley 14 Dixie can score, can they defend?
Las Vegas 14 Snow Canyon 0 Snow Canyon still trying to figure it out.

Go Region 9

Bountiful, UT

To Just Sayin:

Ok your back again, trying to disguise yourself as a WX fan when everyone knows you are from "B-town"....there were no bad calls that kept WX from winning....it was a well played game by two teams and Viewmont edged them...WX will not win the rest of their games but will be competitive....go back to "B-town" and crawl in your hole...
Good luck WX this season..


The big one that stands out as a head scratcher is the WX vs Bonneville, and Bonneville is the favorite. HMMM! Bonneville beat an Ogden squad last week that will be lucky to win a single game this year, and WX hung with #19 ranked Viewmont just fine. Just sayin, HMMM! I don't think Bonneville has the horses to compete. But thats why the games are played and not just predicted.

play hard
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To much rests on last year with these power rankings. Go Bengals roll Fremont.

Salt Lake City, UT

Last week I went 22-7 good for %75.86 on the week and so far the year. Here our my picks for this week.

Alta 30 Bingham 29
American Fork 35 Timpanogos 14
Bonneville 31 Woods Cross 28
Bountiful 14 Mountain View 10
Box Elder 42 Clearfield 0
Cottonwood 39 Logan 37
Davis 24 Viewmont 14
East 37 Orem 27
Fremont 21 Brighton 18
Grantsville 35 Juab 13
Highland 49 Cedar 16
Hillcrest 35 Taylorsville 13
Hurricane 43 West Jordan 21
Jordan 35 Layton 24
Juan Diego 35 Manti 7
Judge Memorial 37 Ogden 7
Kearns 33 Copper Hills 7
Lone Peak 39 Mountain Crest 17
Maple Mountain 24 Lehi 23
Murray 28 Granger 26
Northridge 31 Olympus 21
Pleasant Grove 20 Hunter 9
Provo 24 Cyprus 8
Riverton 42 Herriman 14
Roy 17 Weber 14
Salem Hills 28 Payson 17
Springville 33 Spanish Fork 31
Syracuse 22 Skyline 16
Timpview 35 Westlake 13
West 41 Tooele 7

Provo, UT

West Jordan will put up some points but they are defenseless. It will be a shootout of epic proportions. I think Hurricane can pull this out but I think West Jordan has too many offensive weapons. Hurricane is a good team but obviously not as physical as Bingham and perhaps not physical enough. West Jordan's skill guys are as good as anyone's but they are not tough on defense, nor on the line so the big question mark will be if Hurricane can push WJ around enough and keep their skilled guys in check enough. I see at least 90 points on the board combined.

If Lone Peak can dominate Mountain Crest (LP favored by about 8 in this poll) it might bode well for a deep playoff run for the Knights. Mountain Crest looked a bit shaky against Provo, too many penalties and Provo seemed to be able to get pressure on the QB. Mountain Crest needs to be sharper or they will get blown off the field.

Alta vs. Bingham, I think Bingham's edge will be their seasoned coaching staff. Timpview had the edge over Alta there, but didn't have the horses--Bingham does.

Ogden, UT

Y dose every one have Roy beating Weber they beat Clearfild 14-6 last year they beat Roy beat them 18-16 and Weber beat Roy last year like 43-0, lost to Box Elder like 18-19, ya there was a drop at Weber but not so much that Roy can beat them and now with Roy's new RB not on the team I say Weber has this 24-7!

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