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Published: Thursday, Aug. 25 2011 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Brigham City, UT

Filth is boring and dull and narrow; get into a clean environment and the creativity is endless. Filth is the least creative thing out there. Same with people who swear---there are more than 10 words in our vocabulary.

Provo, Ut

"Filth is boring and dull and narrow; get into a clean environment and the creativity is endless. Filth is the least creative thing out there. Same with people who swear---there are more than 10 words in our vocabulary."

I get why people don't like "filth"...but comments such as those above fall into the category of "things we say that we haven't thought through".


So people who swear are the least creative things out there? LOL!!!! Well said Christoph, you are brilliant in your ignorance.

Sterling, VA

I was friends with Ryan Hamilton back when he was just getting started on being a comedian. I love the fact that it is over ten years later and he is still just as clean and funny, and still managing to make it in comedy.

Dan Maloy
Enid, OK

Without a doubt a comedian can be clean and funny.

Just look at Bill Cosby.

NOBODY is funnier than his stuff when he was in his prime.

Boise, ID

I used to love "Saturday Night Live." From the early days, up through, oh, maybe Chris Farley. They'd occasionally inject some crudeness, but mostly it was original and inventive... like nothing before.

Since then, it seems that the "comedy writers" have drifted away, and more and more they go for the shock value or groan value. I can't even watch any more.

There will always be a demand for comedy that you can enjoy with your momma.

RECOMMENDATION: "Woody Allen: Standup Comic" Recorded in the mid-60s, before he went to Hollywood. Nothing lurid... and you'll laugh 'til you cry.

Bentonville, AR

Comedians can be clean and funny as well as clean and NOT funny. Just like dirty comedy can be funny but also VERY unfunny. There are no guarantees either way.
I saw Ryan Hamilton in a very expensive comedy club in New York where he was performing with four other comedians. Three were funny. Two were not. Ryan was clean and every bit as hilarious as the other two funny comedians. And that's not just based on my own personal tastes. That is based on the reaction from the entire audience. The two unfunny comedians just flat out weren't funny no matter how dirty or low they decided to stoop. Hardly anyone was laughing and everyone looked uncomfortable.
Recently, I saw a profile of Chris Rock on CBS Sunday Morning. The interviewer asked him about his reputation of being edgy. He commented that while it worked for him but he advised young comedians to go into the clean comedy because that is where the money is. "You think I have a big house? Ray Romano has an even bigger house."

Salt Lake City, UT

Brian Regan is an example of how clean comedians can make it BIG!

Provo, UT

Bill Cosby clean? Jerry Seinfeld clean?

You people have never seen their live stuff. Not "clean" at all.

LDS comedians find success... Rally? Never heard of this woman. How "successful" can they be?

Spanish Fork, UT

I duh thought duh that clean humor duh would speak duh duh duh for itself. Go to the crap shows and the supposed comic says one of the list naughty words and people laugh. Did you find all my "duhs" annoying? Funny? Speaks to your mental acumen if you thought they were funny.

Some "adult" humor is VERY funny. But humor with constant crap words is low humor and shows the witless nature of the speaker. Carlin was too much some times, but he knew language and how to use it. Brilliant in so many routines. But, even geniuses go over the top and lose out on their humor. It's nearly impossible to watch "Def Comedy Jam" as the supposed funny guys are quite boring. And Lisa Lamplightinthebelly has mostly "shock" going for her.

Glad to see some "clean" folks. But, I won't laugh because it's clean. I'll laugh because it is funny.

Jason Hewlett is terrific. So is Brian Reagan. Lots of others. They don't lower themselves to dullard humor. No duh!!! (cue the fools to laugh... I just used a bad word).

Pocatello, ID

It sounds like the aforementioned comedians have already made the decision about "Zion or Babylon" and have succeeded. More power to them. I don't stay on a station or buy a ticket to something that is going to be embarrassing. Therefore, it is in the interest of any of the comedians to clean it up so those of us who feel that way will stay for the whole show. Stay 'adorable' Jen. I for one have found that foul entertainment is not entertainment. It is disgusting, unacceptable and is turned off immediately. That usually means I am watching less and less tv, going to fewer movies and actually doing some worthwhile things in place of listening to a non-stop recitation of filth. Soon perhaps, I can just take the tv to DI.

Glendale, AZ

Terranova---I was about to suggest that website or maybe a youtube channel. I hope they read these comments and get to work. I like to laugh, but I don't like obscenity.

Sugar City, ID

I'd like to see more cowboy poetry on TV.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Those of you that think comedy cannot be clean and funny are obviously too young to have ever heard Bill Cosby or Bill Dana or any number of comedians from the 60s who did not need to stoop to foul language to get a laugh.

There will always be a market for good comedy, especially thoughtful routines that use good clean ideas for good clean fun.

Most of the foul-mouthed comedians started out doing very funny and very clean routines. They changed their acts simply to stay popular. Blowing with the wind may keep you popular but that is about all.

Henderson, NV

Hey Mormoncowboy: Here's something I repeat that HAS been thought through. Spencer W. Kimball: "Profanity is the attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully."

American Fork, UT

Don't get too condescending. Comedians can work clean or not. Some of us are just capable of dealing with it either way.

Henderson, NV

When I think of Kathy Griffin, for example, what comes to mind is "obscene" "vulgar" "crude" and "eviscerates those with whom she disagrees". Some call this comedy and will actually pay to listen to it. Thank you Jenna Kim Jones for offering us an option within the world of comedy.

Miami Area, Fl

Cmon people.

It is not an either/or situation.

We are all different. We like different things. We like different cars and houses.

There is not a right and wrong comedy. Watch what you like.

And, FYI, what YOU dont like is NOT necessarily garbage.

Colchester, CT

Re:LValfre - I often am guilty of observing people out in public, how they interact with one another. I notice exact consistencies with those who choose not to use profanity in there normal communication versus those who DO use profanity. Night and Day my friend. I could be wrong, but if someone were to go into a job interview dropping the F-bomb everywhere, versus a person who used actual words in their interview...I could 99.9% guess who was getting the job. That's definitely NOT ignorance. Those who like profanity...Great, have it. Those who don't...also get to enjoy laughter in their life. Win, win.

Nashville, TN

RockOn - I saw George Carlin once on The Tonight Show, maybe back in the 70's, and he was hilarious. Then I saw him on an HBO show doing pretty much the exact same jokes, this time liberally peppered with profanity. And not only was he not a bit funnier for saying those words, I'd venture to say he wasn't as funny, because I knew how unnecessary the filth was.

One clean comedian no one has mentioned is the great Red Skelton. He was maybe one of the funniest ever, and a wonderful person, who never would resort to even the suggestion of off-color humor.

Another contemporary comedian everyone should check out is a guy named Heywood Banks. His shows are very family-friendly and he sings silly songs like If I Had a Bulldozer, Looking At The World Through Flies' Eyes", Fishin' Worms, and others that are funny for adults and children both. Youtube his song Toast and you will see a good example of his humor.

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