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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 23 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Tell me Whit is not feeling the pressure to do whatever is needed to try and produce a winner. I hope not, talking to coaches etc will not get the story. The people who have been involved are not going to admit to making a mistake on something like this. At least the honor code will not come into play.

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

I think that it is fine to give people a second chance. And if you think about it, Josh has to be good for a whole year before he would see game time. I think that is plenty of time to prove that he has reformed his prior poor behavior.


"At least the honor code will not come into play."

Because forgiveness and second chances should never be an option.

Springville, UT

First a JC QB with a cancelled program from Omaha with no other bonafide offers and now a homeless WR with a problematic past.

A sign of desperation or a Kleenex story of redemption and second chances?

Wow, things are really shaping up for the encore to last year's basketball program.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

If Coach Whit has vetted him, that is good enough for Ute Fans. Anyone else's partially informed opinion is just that a half baked opinion. Only time will tell if giving this young man a second chance is the right decision.

Owens Cross Roads, AL

Hohum - I think you are insinuating that Whitt is lowering his standards for this kid, I think Coach realizes he has earned a lifetime contract at the U and any pressure he feels is self-imposed. I guess I just see a guy extending a hand to a kid looking for a second chance and I am sure Coach will have him on a short leash. True the Hypocrisy Code will not come in play, but the Human Code will, and a year of sitting may do the kid some good or he may never play a down in Crimson, but either way Coach Whitt is someone everyone can be proud of. Family! Welcome to the Utes Mr. Gordan.

Santa Monica, CA

@hohum---Umm, were you expecting Coach Whit to say--"We've sold our soul! He's very talented but my gosh, what have we done? I've made a mistake here--but I'm going to go ahead and play him next year, curse my actions!"

The kid had some marijuana in his car. Having marijuana in your car does not make you a bad person. Even breaking a rule doesn't make you untouchable. If Coach Whit thinks there is a good kid who can help the program here, I'll trust his judgment.

Dallas, TX

I am not sure at this point why we think Whit is wiling to sell out the program for a few quick wins (which neither of the players mentioned above are going to give us anyway). Whit will do what it takes to win, but he will not jeopardize his program or the U. Whit has done nothing to make me question his judgement in the kids he brings into the program. Additionally, if you read the papers at Baylor, it sounds like Gordon may be deserving of a second chance (if that is what we are giving him) . . . kind of like that BYU basketball player that had to sit out last year. Stuff happens, and it doesn't mean he is a bad kid or can't be a great contributor.

South Jordan, UT

"At least the honor code will not come into play." Thank you Jim McMahon.

South Jordan, UT

Welcome Josh.

Murray, UT

I think everyone deserves a second chance, and if this kid can keep his nose clean he will have a TON of success at Utah. He has NFL size and speed and will have 2 more years of eligibility after he sits out this year. Utah fans should be stoked on this kid. Welcome to Utah Josh!

Magna, UT

Sammyg- "A sign of desperation" No, that would be your whole post. Thanks for playing.

South Jordan, Utah

If BYU had brought this guy on to "give him a second chance" can you just imagine the outroar from our Utah friends up north?

Bottom line, there is a reason he was let go and it does make the Utes look a little bit desperate.

The pressure to win in the PAC 10.2 is going to be immense.

Woods Cross, UT

Had to chuckle over the comments RE Josh & Jon & how adding them to the U roster "weakens the program".

Can't even imagine the impact of misbehavior in places like Miami or Ohio
State or USC or Ole Miss happening in Utah with the coaching staff and oversight provided here.

Reminds me how fortunate we are to have (1) the coaching staff we have and (2)student athlete leadership such as that mentioned in the Bergstrom/Cullen article today.

Guaranteed that if/when Josh gets on the field, he will have earned it; plus a message to the rest of the team about consequences.

An opportunity to demonstrate good teaching, good training, & good leadership. I don't see a thing wrong with that.

Another Win (no pun intended) for Utah and Coach Whitt. Outstanding.

Up on the Hill, UT

The best two receivers that the Utes see all year will be on their own scout team. Anthony Denham and Josh Gordon. Great day to be a ute, like every day!

Salt Lake City, UT

This kid deserves a second chance and if you go and read the Baylor message boards about the kid, they are very upset he left the program. The kid is a major, major talent and is a huge playmaker. Definate 1st round type of talent. It is to bad he cant play this year because he would step in and possibly one of the best players in the Pac 12 immediately.

Highland, UT

We are talking about a wr from Baylor, one of the worst programs in the entire NCAA. So maybe the talk about him being a "definate 1st round type of talent" or "one of the best players in the pac10 immediately" are a laughably premature.

But as far as taking the kid into their program, well I have no problem with it. Once again every organizations has standards to uphold and most generally do. If Coach Whittingham thinks this kid will uphold the values of the university of utah then he is right to give him a chance.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Actually Duckhunter, word out there is that this kid really is an NFL type talent. Don't let the fact he went to Baylor fool you. Not to mention Baylor's been getting a lot better and some of that was probably due to Josh.
Another thing people ought to know...Whittingham didn't seek Josh out, Josh Gordon sought Utah out. Not sure why that was, if we had recruited him previously, if he has a friend in the program or thought this would be a good place to focus and behave himself.
Whatever the reason make no mistake about it, if he keeps his nose clean this kid may be among the best receivers the U has ever had.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


"..Baylor, one of the worst programs in the entire NCAA." - Can't wait to see the glowing comments from BYU fans if they defeat Mississippi. Mississippi - a team picked last in their conference BEFORE they lost ther starting quarterback and Phil Steele rates Baylor higher than SEVEN of BYU's opponents for 2011.


Duck, finally making a fair, nonbiased point, I like it! However, Baylor is not one of the worst programs in the entire NCAA. They went 7-6 last year in the Big 12. There happens to be a team that went 7-6 in the MWC last year that you probably think is one of the best programs in the entire NCAA. Regardless, it doesn't take a great team to produce great talent. Look at Maryland. They've been one of the worst teams in one of the worst BCS conferences for years but have been churning out some great NFL talent. Baylor has also had several other great athletes making an impact in the league lately, and Josh was expected to be one of the next.

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