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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 23 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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This is what I love about independence... This year two games in Texas, plus a probably bowl game. Then another in 2013 right here in Houston!

Houston is a great addition to the schedule (and not just because I live there!). Good solid team, well-respected but very winnable. Hopefully teams like this will start to replace the Idaho States of current schedules!

Go Cougars

Salt Lake City, UT

Houston may be a member of the Big 12 by 2013/2014.
Nice get.

Fresno, CA

I love the accompanying photo with this article -- it's like Bronco is saying, "Yeah! Bring it on!"

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Houston is a good addition to the cougars' schedule, but I can't help but wonder why neither Houston nor So. Mississippi were among the schools I heard Y fans bragging about scheduling over the summer. Instead, I kept hearing cougar fans citing schools like Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

So what happened to THOSE schools?

Herriman, UT

I really don't like filling up a September date with this matchup, unless BYU is confident they will be able to get good opponents during October and November. Is Utah on the early schedule that year? Perhaps if we fill all the early slots, the Pac will relent and let Utah-BYU happen in November during rivalry week, the way it ought to be.

Interesting that from most non-DNews articles I've seen, BYU and Houston are always the top two schools mentioned for Big 12 expansion (assuming Arkansas will never leave the SEC and that TCU brings no added TV market). We might be competing with them for a lot more than just winning a couple of games.


I hate to disagree with Tom Holmoe but BYU has played in Houston before, just not against the U of Houston. I got drenched in the stands while watching BYU get clobbered by the Rice Owls in 1997. It rained so hard in the 3rd quarter that at times you couldn't even see the field from the stands. BYU played very poorly, loosing 27-14 to a team that they should have easily beaten. Let's hope the upcoming games will turn out much better for the blue-clad Cougars.

Fresno, CA

Naval Vet

I didn't realize that fans were in charge of scheduling teams....

In that case, could we schedule Fresno State. They're not that great, but I'd like to see my Cougars play in person please.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

On the upside, it looks like the cougars have finally started doing a better job with their scheduling. They're now beginning to move up from playing a weak-WAC schedule to a C-USA schedule. Sure, it's still pretty mid-major-ey, and pathetic for a fanbase who touts top BCS programs like Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska as lining up eager to play them, but still a major leap forward from the worst teams in the WAC.

Even their FCS opponents improved...from Idaho State to Weber State.

Sandy, Ut

Houston... lol that's funny... when are they going to schedule some tough good teams. Weak, weak, weak

Kemah, TX

I live in Houston so this will be a welcome change from watching BYU on TV or having to travel to Dallas to watch BYU play Oklahoma (which I did see first hand), TCU (also traveled to watch), or Texas (not sure if I will go).

Heber City, UT

NavalVet I have never seen a blog about BYU fans claiming we are going to play your mentioned teams. There were articles about rumors, but no fan claimed we had signed to play those teams. Please get your facts straight.

man of few words
Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations Cougars. Ignore the silly remarks from Naval Vet. Obviously, the scheduling will continue to improve -- especially if you win.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Fans don't schedule teams, but Y fans habitually like to leak purported "inside information" from the Athletic Dept. regarding "secret talks" with BCS conferences [i.e. Pac-10, Big XII, BigTen, Big East] for admission into their league, "secret talks" with the Cotton and/or Holiday Bowl partnering with the Y for postseason destination(s), and of course more "secret talks" negotiating Home-&-Home series' with schools like Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

Mesa, AZ

"Our football team has never played in Houston" - Holmoe.

Better said, never played at the University of Houston. BYU played at Rice University, only 5 miles away from UH.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Houston might be happy right now with this agreement, but they won't be when we beat them by 4 touchdowns.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


I wouldn't call Houston "Weak, weak, weak". In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing them on Utah's schedule [sure beats playing FCS teams like Montana St.]. The only thing about Houston that is weak is that the Y appears to be running away from the alleged advantage of Independence -- scheduling whoever they want. And from the sound of it, cougar fans want schools like Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, or Nebraska.

And I mean cougar "fans"; not cougar "coaches". Bronco cited his coveted BCS school match ups when he rattled off a list of power schools he's been dreaming of....like Syracuse, Northwestern, and Vanderbilt.

Guessing he'd never heard of Duke.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I agree with comment about playing Houston that early in the season. I've been hoping that we could gradually eliminate the WAC schools which means we'd need games later in year. And it's Houston, not Notre Dame or Penn State - why does Holmoe always play at their place first? Against Houston, BYU should be able to demand play in Provo first.

Pocatello, ID

There are three NCAA teams with the mascot of Cougar. BYU, U of Houston and Wash St. Cool that two will be on the field that day.

Boise, ID

Good get for Holmoe. BYU needs a balanced schedule with varying degrees of difficulty - just like you get in any conference. This game is great for exposure and will likely make for an interesting game.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"NavalVet I have never seen a blog about BYU fans claiming we are going to play your mentioned teams."

The Deseret News linked an article to "deepshadesofblue" back when that blog's writer was pretending to have spoken with an unnamed member in the cougar Athletic Dept. leaking their alleged invitation to the Big East.

Google "Big Names Lining Up to Face Cougars" [May 17th]:

"You may have heard BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe comment multiple times in the media over the past several months about how surprised he has been by the number of high-profile programs that have shown interest in scheduling games with BYU."

"Deep Shades of Blue has learned that BYU is well down the trail of striking deals with several big-name opponents."

"...the Cougars appear set to face multiple Big Ten programs..."

"As has been rumored for a while now, it does appear as if BYU is close to announcing a three-game series with Wisconsin and Nebraska."

"BYU has been able to leverage the long-time friendship between LaVell Edwards and Joe Paterno in order to rekindle their series from the early 1990′s."

And that was just ONE article.

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