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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 23 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

As an LDS person who accepts the findings of climate scientists and believes in evolution, I am relieved that Mitt and Jon have not lost their minds like Mr. Perry of TX.

Henderson, NV

How refreshing.

American Fork, UT

This is good to hear. I'm getting tired of listening to politicians trash science for their own gain.

LDS Tree-Hugger
Farmington, UT

As a believing LDS person who also accepts Science - I see no contridiction either.

The Global Warming deniers are both ignoring not only the facts and data, BUTY ignoring their Prophets, Apostles, and Scriptures as well.

Sad to see so many good LDS people choosing the far-right-wing extremeists of the GOP -- while rejecting not only our Mormon Leaders and our doctrines, but proven facts, data, and Science...all conscious reasoning as well...for political posturing.

Sugar City, ID

Watch the Ben Stein DVD "Expelled; No Intelligence Allowed". It is an amazing fit to Mormonism. Is not God truth as well as love?

Admiring Gentile
Salt Lake City, UT

There's a very simple explanation for why Mormons can easily embrace concepts like evolution and climate change without feeling, unlike traditional Christians, that these are a threat to their faith.

Ask a traditional Christian the first thing that comes into his or her mind when you say the word "human," and they'll most likely answer "sinner," "depraved," or a similar negative.

Ask a Mormon the same thing and they'll most likely answer "progression."

In short, traditional Christianity is a closed book, with everyone playing a part, and nothing outside of that can be allowed to even be considered, much less accepted.

And though Mormonism suffers from the same syndrome in part, its foundation is one of eternal expansion for us humans. As such, nothing can really be a threat to a Mormon's faith, because he and she are constantly looking forward, not backward to the "Garden of Eden."

Miami Area, Fl

The title is all that is needed to sink them with the far right.

And I applaud them for their stance.

Huntsman seems to be the most level headed candidate in the GOP field.

Sadly, while he would have a chance in the general, he is not "right" enough to get the GOP nod in the primaries.

Roy, Utah

I think Mormonism will thrive in our modern age because we have always accepted science as a big part of Gods creation. We have never seen science as a competitor against faith. And whether you choose to believe or not in God, those laws will be beneficial to all mankind.

Orem, UT

The "Human-Causality" of climate change is what is in dispute by most people - not the fact that the climate is changing. I can show evidence and a theory to show that the earth used to be much warmer than it is now and that the ice caps are just a temporary phenomenon in geological history. What makes my "theory" any stronger than "human-causality climate change"? Nothing. Neither has been proven, which is the very definition of a "theory".

Climate change (human-caused), like Evolution, is a theory used to try and explain the observations scientists have made about the world they see. Until theories can be proven to be fact, they remain theories. You will not find a scientist alive who is willing to go out on *that* limb.

I see no incongruity with either Romney (whom I support) or Huntsman (whom I don't) stating that they agree with these theories. If I don't agree, I just have to remind myself that there are theories, and that until something better comes along, something that can be proven with the scientific method, it is simply someone's attempt to explain their observations of the world.

Salt Lake City, UT

All well and good, and perfectly nice political speech. I am well inform about both evolution, and man-made global warming. Both are expanding areas of scientific inquiry. It is important, however, to destinquish between the use of scientific inquiry and theory that can inform and improve policy decisions from when it is used to quell all other thoughts, theories, or different policy decisions. Science's use in the former is helpful, used in the latter way harmful. In fact, in the latter way it becomes no better than reliqious or any other dogma. Basically, I believe therefore it is so, and anyone who does not is a fool or worse. BTW with regard to man-made global warming or non-made climate change the interesting new research is in the arena of why collected data is often so far off from the prediction models. This is an exciting area of inquiry which offers the prospect of improving the models. Lets hope "the settle nature" of this science does not quell the funding for or perceived need for this further research.

Clearfield, UT

I am also an LDS person who accepts science. For me it's easy -- science postulates how things happened; religion says who made the things happen. They are two parts to a whole understanding of how we, our planet, and our galaxy came into being.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Don't they mean eugenics? There is a big difference between actual science and eugenics which Romney and Huntsman apparently believe in. Anything about population reduction is eugenics period.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Did they check with Hannity and the conservative core of tea party radicals? They are in the wrong party for this heretical position.

Newport Beach, CA

Romney's stance on climate change (which is more or less mine) is being grossly oversimplified.

The best evidence we have is that the Earth's temperature is slightly warmer now than it was at the beginning of the 20th century. It is also take-it-to-the-bank proven that all things being equal, adding more carbon dioxide to a planet's atmosphere makes it warmer. About a half-degree Celsius for every doubling of CO2, in fact. You can calculate this on a single piece of paper.

Where we differ from the anti-science people on the Left, is that we insist on holding our beliefs with only that degree of certainty as the evidence justifies. And the evidence for the prospect of *catastrophic* global warming -- Al Gore's shtick, and all the scenarios for which their proponents have had to resort to manipulated research and sleight of hand -- is minimal. It depends on assumptions about strong positive feedbacks that are not justified, based on what we know about how feedbacks work. (Right now, the Earth is much cooler than it would be if greenhouse warming were not affected by strong negative feedbacks.)

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC


Quote me a verse that supports eugenics or global warming for the ingnorant person? So basically it's ok to say that god made a mistake when he created the earth? is that what your saying? Are you saying that we are not commanded to multiply and replenish the earth and partake in gods work and his glory? As far as I know the commandment of multiplying and replenishing the earth did include the exception of this overpopulation eugenics garbage.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Romeny and Huntsman support wiping out 6/7 of the worlds population. Al gore made a bogus claim last week that if we don't believe in Global Warming and pay our carbon taxes, that space aliens will attack us. Are you serious?

Newport Beach, CA

"BUT ignoring their Prophets, Apostles, and Scriptures as well."

Groan. Point me to the scripture passages that discuss how a Christian should think about black body radiation, the infrared absorption spectrum, and convection.

Left-liberals seem to jump from general religious concepts about stewardship of the earth, to a commandment "Thou shalt jump on the most extreme environmental bandwagon of the day." As your math teacher said -- show your work.

Generally speaking, liberals overstate the likely extent of human-caused global warming (for political reasons), and conservatives tend to discount it (ditto). Scientifically literate conservatives and liberals try to figure out where the actual, apolitical truth actually lies -- which tends to get them flak from both sides.

Global warming -- as in, the Earth is probably a bit warmer than it was a few decades ago, and human-caused CO2 emissions are partly responsible -- is the best scientific theory we have. !!GLOBAL WARMING!! -- the apocalyptic scenarios of liberal rhetoric -- is a fraud.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

My great granfather wasn't a fish and neither was yours.

Newport Beach, CA

"We have never seen science as a competitor against faith."

Wasn't there an Ensign article in '98 that endorsed a literal understanding of Noah's flood? Which is just about as scientifically disproven as anything can be, including "rocks fall upwards when dropped"?

Don't we spin and obfuscate the science of genetics, when it forces us to cull Lehi's descendants down from "all of the Indians and Polynesians" to "some guy in the Guatemalan backwoods named Manuel, who's never had his DnA sampled?

Everybody -- evangelical Christian, Mormon, Catholic, secular liberal -- has his sacred spaces that are walled off to thorough, honest scientific reasoning. (Liberals believe in evolution as holy writ -- yet oddly insist that the genetic mechanisms that drive evolution stopped applying significantly to human development thousands of years ago. Because if genes affect personality, then the whole liberal project of improving man by improving his environment loses much of its force.) Ask Lawrence Summers if there's any difference between a Creationist and a Harvard-faculty feminist, in the "fearlessly follow the science wherever it leads" department.

St. George, Utah

LDS Tree-Hugger
"As a believing LDS person who also accepts Science - I see no contridiction either." I agree, I believe in science as well.. I also believe God knows all and that our scientists are still learning and that you can't get two scientist to agree.

"The Global Warming deniers are both ignoring not only the facts and data, BUTY ignoring their Prophets, Apostles, and Scriptures as well." what are the facts? are we responsible for the polar ice caps on mars dwindleing as well? or could it all be part of Gods plan moving towards the end?

"Sad to see so many good LDS people choosing the far-right-wing extremeists of the GOP -- while rejecting not only our Mormon Leaders and our doctrines, but proven facts, data, and Science...all conscious reasoning as well...for political posturing." I could say to same about the far left! only I will say lets agree to disagree. It takes both ends for us to come to the middle.

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