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Published: Monday, Aug. 22 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Lee B
Salt Lake City, UT

If the tailing ponds are just crushed rock left over from the mining process why not use them for road bed, railroad bed, mixed in foundations or cement, put back in the mine once it's played out, fill for abandoned mines, or find another beneficial use for them. I'm not an engineer, but it seems one could find some use for them that you could make a profit on.

Cindy W
Magna, UT

"As far as the comment about going to Magna council meetings........isn't it just a plain conflict of interest that the operating costs of the council or councils are paid for by Kenecott? "

Are you talking about the Town Council or the Community Council? The elected by the people Town council is funded by the county, not by Kennicott. The unelected Community Council on the other hand, is funded by Kennicott. Which is why is specifically asked if either had gone to the Town Council meetings. The members of the Town Council are more representative of the residents of Magna and more responsive to the residents of Magna than the unelected Community Council will ever be.

Cindy W
Magna, UT

"Many homes were sold in Magna, and that big "mountain" was not divulged to be tailings. "

Actually I am one of the newer residents and it was indeed disclosed by my real estate agent.

"Reminds me of the people that move next to an existing airport and then complain about the noise. "

The article says that both residents are long time residents of Magna - not with new residents.....



Boy, some of you have really drank the Kennocott Coolade. I'm not expecting those who work for KCC to defend your livelyhood due to your employer's mafeasence, but KCC created some real health/toxic/enviro rammifications for many familes in this area. I no longer live in Utah but I rememebr our basment flooding and our drinking water being contaminated with arsenic, lead, chemical, and sulfate ladden leachwater from their evap ponds under Day Break (you know, the place where they only "cleaned up" under the cover of night and sealed it up tight during the day?). We walked through that stuff in our own home and took showers not knowing the potential harm we were exposed to. The "mine and dump now then deal with consequences later" has to be addressed. Enviromentalists want companies to bare the true costs invovled with producing a product that otherwise would be and have been placed on innocent people.

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