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Published: Saturday, Aug. 20 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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PAC man
Anaheim, CA

As soon as the Texas A&M to SEC deal is finalized, BYU will very likely be invited to the Big 12. Whether BYU accepts the invitation or not will depend on the long-term stability of the Big 12 and BYU maintaining the television rights they already have with ESPN.


I dont know what BYU should do if an offer comes from the big 12. It seems crazy to say no to a BCS conference that has Texas. OU, OSU In it but the instability is unnerving. I am sure that BYU would not want to have to move their programs again if something did happen to the big 12.
The comment about exposure is awesome. It will be great to get the BYU brand out there even more. Jimmer did a great job priming the pump for fall football this year.

Go Cougars!!

Fort Worth, Texas

Isn't the Big 12 network on Fox? So why would ESPN be happy about BYU joining the Big 12 and then losing the "Notre Dame of the West" brand?

That would explain why Dick used Jim Weber from Lostletterman, The College Sports Fan Site and Former Player Database, as a source and not ESPN.

BYU is a great fit for the BIG 12, but the question is:
Is the imploding Big 12 a great fit for Oklahoma and Missouri?

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Of all the possible scenario's that I've heard or have thought about in my own mind... this new angle of Boise State joining BYU and TCU as a possible expansion to 12 to me is logically the best case scenario if A&M does misguidedly skip off to the SEC. And even as a worse case should Oklahoma along with Oklahoma State and possibly Missouri also skip...then either adding Air Force, Louisville or Cinncinati would not be out of the realm of good replacements. I think 12 is a good Number. 10 seems to be the number that they want to hopefully maintain. Whether or not they can do that is very questionable in order to minimize the ripple effect...which could easily happen. BYU as a loner would be very risky and BYU should not take the risk. BYU with Boise State and TCU would be a solid combination if Oklahoma and Oklahoma State also leave. Missouri is an odd duck that I don't see the SEC going for. A&M... in my own opinion is the one team that is running the of becoming a goat. They have no chance of really doing Great in SEC competition.


Big 12 or no Big 12, BYU will still be on ESPN more than Utah.

BCS conference salivating to get an independent with an awesome, exclusive TV deal = Notre Dame of the West?

Enjoy KJZZ utes!

Go Cougars!


It was great to get a well-researched piece on this so it isn't just fans speculating...

To the BYU fans: It is still just media speculation. Right now we are independent and that is the gig we are pursuing full steam ahead.

To (some of) the Utah fans: This isn't just BYU wishful thinking. MULTIPLE media outlets with no BYU bias or connection think that BYU would be the prize acquisition if A&M jumps ship. The ESPN Big12 blogger said the other day on his chat session that he thought BYU would be the Big12's first target in that case, but he didn't think the Big12 could get the Cougars because they have such a great set-up already.

My 2 cents: In today's CFB landscape BYU is in a great place. Enough BCS exposure, freedom, TV exposure galore. The only reason to jump ship to a BCS conference would be in case of superconferences, which I think could pose problems for an independent. Of course most speculate that superconferences would come at the expense of the Big12, making that jump perilous to say the least...

Magna, UT

Dick- "BYU's football focus should stay on the here and now." That's harsh Dick. I thought you were a BYU homer and then you come and lay hurt like that on these poor cougar fans. Let them live in the 84. Don't deny them this one comfort!

Mesa, AZ

Just as long as I can see the games...

Isn't it funny that BYU is getting TONS of exposure and they haven't even played a game yet. Just think how much they will get if they start the season with a few wins.

It is also interesting that top sports writers are the ones doing the lobbying for BYU.

However it is strange that they are not following the ute trolls superior knowledge that BYU will never be invited to any BCS conference. I wonder what TOP sport writers know that ute trolls do not know?

It might be a lack of pure hatred that allows them to see straight, or be objective, or be, at the least open to who's on top of their list.


Provo, UT

Can someone tell Texas A&M to leave already,

Dave Rose would love to Coach in the BIG 12. The BIG12= the PAC12 in Football and Basketball.

Cougars --Best Little Brothers
Irvine, CA

...BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe has made it very clear the past week: He hasn't had any talks with the Big 12 about potential membership in the BCS conference if Texas A&M bolts for the SEC...

Hmmmm....it really is not his call regarding any conversation, is it? If Big-12 does not want BYU, there will be no talk.

Ofcourse, he cannot officially start any rumors to make BYU fans believing BYU is worthy of an invite, can he? Someone else in "BYU camp" will need to do that.

Orem, Utah

If BYU accepted a Big 12 invite to replace Texas A&M, what are the ramifications?

- BCS status that'd get "maintained" (included in expansion picks) if the Big 12 (10 teams) were to get eaten up in superconference expansions?

Maybe, maybe not. So, it's risky joining a 10-team BCS conference that's on lifeline.

- BCS status "forever" because the Big 12 would be strengthened by BYU's addition, saving the conference from collapse?

Doubtful. BYU doesn't have that kind of cache yet. BYU's just the best replacement currently available if A&M bolts. It'd still be a 10-team conference with Missouri and maybe the Oklahomas still wanting away from Texas.

- WCC loses out (back to status quo) after just one season with BYU?

Probably, as BYU wouldn't accept a football-only invite to the Big 12. BYU already has a football-only situation that meets their exposure requirements.

Iffy times.

I'd prefer BYU remain independent until the Big 12 can prove stability.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Do well as an indy and good things will happen and good opportunities will present themselves. I personally hope the remain indy for at least 2 years. I think they could have a very good year this year and set themselves up as a top 10 or 15 team for the start of the 2012 season.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Independence has placed BYU Football in the driver's seat. This is a desirable place to be. Here are some reasons to support BYU's present situation:
1- We determine our opponents.
2- We have our own TV network.
3- We have a long term deal with ESPN.
4- We have a wonderful, willing conference partner in the WCC.

This is a big deal. They are more than willing to accommodate our unique religious needs. They are all like minded religious institutions. They are a stable conference, unlike the Big 12.

In our quest for all things BCS, we ought to be careful what we ask for. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Once there, the lawn still has to be mowed. A Big 12 invitation may require the sacrifice of our present advantages. The instability of the Big 12 may leave us even further behind. Remember, sometimes "slower is faster". For now, we should grow where we have been planted. Tom Holmoe is one of the most capable minds in the AD business, and we are lucky to have him.

Orem, Utah

I bet the Pac-12 is looking much better to the Oklahoma schools than it did last year, before Texas got its TLN.

Texas might be the downfall of its own conference. So, BYU would be dumb to get mixed up with the Big 12 as a 10-team conference.

As a much bigger 12-16 team conference, maybe it's okay to join, but only if BYU can maintain its BYUtv rights like Texas has with its TLN. Exposure, remember?

I believe its just a matter of when, not whether, superconferences happen. The Pac-10 started the superconference ball rolling last year. The SEC is thinking that way this year.

Some BCS conference commissioners have even been talking with each other about 16-team superconferences already, as reported here and there in Big 12 country news articles. And some report that it regards total realignments to get 4 BCS superconferences.

Notre Dame could still remain independent and do just fine in scheduling and BCS bowl opportunities. BYU might not.

Boise, ID

BYU football has practically everything it wants right now in regards to exposure. BYU will be on ESPN at least 10 times this season. 10 times! Joining a BCS conference would provide some stability but the exposure cannot get any better than it is right now. Also, the money might not get much better even with a BCS conference and the money is secondary for BYU. By joining a conference, BYU will give up a lot of freedom. I don't know if any conference is worth giving up what BYU already has.

Provo, Ut

I will be very sad to see us give up our home field lineup of cream puffs. I was really looking forward to years of mercilessly destroying "state" schools.

Cedar Hills, UT

If BYU gets a invite, they would be foolish not to take it! Even if the Big 12 implodes, the remaining schools could form a decent conference or BYU could go back to the independence thing. It would be much easier to get into a super conference by being a member of a BCS league than hoping to join as a independent! I do not think the Big 12 is going away, Texas and OU like the current path to a national championship in their own conference than competing in the SEC or PAC 12 and Texas is not going to give up their Longhorn network. Dont worry about offending the WCC as any member of that conference if invited, would do the same thing. I would rather offend them than the members of the BIG 12! We don't want the entire college football world thinking why would you turn down an invite from a BCS conference. If the Y wants exposure and less headaches scheduling, than the BIG 12 is the answer. Im sure Coach Rose would love the invite!

FL Cougar

I, for one, am very excited about Independence. Let's ride this status for a while longer. Think of it like this, too: we can still play for a national championship or BCS bowl if we remain independent--even if we're not part of a 16-team superconference.

There are five BCS bowls, so there are 10 teams who play in them. Four superconferences will each get two AQ bids, with two at-large bids filling out the remaining two spots in the BCS bowls. Do you think Notre Dame is going to give up its independence in this situation? We shouldn't be so hasty about it, either.

Judge Smailes
Cedar Hills, UT

Some of you are drinking to much of the cougar blue koolaid! If BYU turns down the Big 12, who are you going to schedule? MWC and the PAC 12 do not want to play us (except Utah and already contracted games with boise st)and than the big 12 will say no to any more games! in addition, BYU would probably lose Dave Rose. I would rather be in a unstable BIG 12 than Independent anyday! WCC give me a break!!

Omaha, NE

Expansion explasion expansion...Please Dick, stop with these articles. BYU WILL NOT get an invite to any big conference. The Sunday no-play rule is, if you are from the Big-12/10, is a deal killer. Sunday play is huge for so many sports and tournaments in these conferences. These bigger and more prestigous schools are not going to change this. Moreover, most of these schools have wonderful medical schools and research. BYU has no medical school and a very paltry research program comparitively. It is just not a good match. BYU will do just fine by itself as an independent. The only challenge it has is to find games against good teams when interconference play is underway.

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