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Published: Saturday, Aug. 20 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Harry the Ute

Great to have you on the Team Jake!! It'll be interesting to see how we utilize the H-back under Norm Chow. Go Utes!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Interesting story. Jake went to Utah because there was an immediate scholarship offered. I thought it was because there were so many tight ends at BYU. He really did fall into their laps. Either way, the best thing about this is that he served an honorable mission. That will prepare him for the rest of his life better than any amount of football. Good luck at Utah Jake.

w bountiful, ut

Yeah, right.

Iowa City, IA

Great fit!

I still remember the days as a kid, mimicing Dale Murphy's batting stance. Good ol' TBS on the cable box.

GO Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

TJ: Self-rightous much?

Ice Man Ike

I'm a big fan of BYU and Oregon, so there's a fair trade-off here. Although I'm a little disappointed I won't get to see him in BYU blue, I'm excited to watch him play against Oregon. More important than that, I went to high school with Jake and was on the basketball team with him. He is a real class act, just like his dad. Being a Murphy doesn't seem to pressure him. He's intent on carving out his own identity, which is great. I'm looking forward to seeing him do well, no matter what color he's wearing.

Eagle Mountain, UT

insecure much?
What did I say that was not in the Article. Jake wanted to join the BYU team immediately and Bronco did not have a scholarship available and wanted him to grayshirt. He then went to Utah and they signed him on the spot. Please explain how any of this is self righteous in any way?
Did you not like the part about the mission? There are many RM's on the Utah team. Ask each one of them what will prepare them for life better, football or a mission.

Alpine, Ut

I went to high school with Jake, and he is a really good guy. I wish him the very best at Utah. I think he will be a first team all Pac-12 player by the end of his career.

South Weber, UT

And the Duckhunter, back in September of last year wrote.....

" They are all castoffs from other programs that couldn't make the grade there. Obviously Dale Murphy's son saw that he had no chance so he transferred to a school that has no real competition for his position because they've never had good players at that position. Isn't that right wedgie? "

Glad to have you up on the hill for a few years Jake, hopefully you will find maximum success.
It's good to be a UTE !!

South Jordan, UT

Who is Jake Murphy?



The reason why Zelph mentioned self-righteousness on your part is your thinly-veiled cut at this young man choosing the U over the Y for, what you imply, was too many (better) tight ends at Provo. Where does it say anything like that in the article? Or better still, where did you get that information?

As a Ute fan, it is frustrating to read comments from BYU fans who can't admit that there are many outstanding players in the state who chose Utah over BYU because they want to. Harvey Langi comes to mind. BYU fans coveted this kid in much the same way they have done with Heaps. The only problem was, Langi chose Utah over BYU. The next thing you know, these comment boards are flooded with BYU fans saying how Langi had off the field problems (like Van Noy---something conveniently forgotten), and how Langi could never have cut it at BYU, etc.

The bottom line is that Murphy has greater opportunities in the new PAC 12, with a chance at playing in the Rose Bowl every year. The same cannot be said for a potential recruit thinking of going to BYU.

South Jordan, UT

If everything that is written in the news about high school students acceptance of scholarships were accurate, (which, of course, it's not), it is still hard to understand some of the decisions students make. This, naturally, is due to their age, influences the rest of us don't know about, and a myriad other factors.

It is, surprising, though, the number of students whose parents have financial means to pay for their child's education, who apparently take one school over another due to available scholarships.

The vast majority of students don't qualify for free rides and most end up paying off education loans years later. Maybe the simple perception of a scholarship offer is more attractive than anything else. It's a good thing missionaries are responsible for their own expenses rather than missions offering free rides.

Highland, UT


You believe what you want to believe, no surprise there. Murphy left because he couldn't handle the competition. I'm not all that convinced the utes didn't contact him on his mission either.

The scenario that the Murphy's claim is more than suspect by the way. If he was really getting an early release from his mission so that he could be back in time to play that season don't you think they would have let the coaches know?

Of course none of them are ever going to tell the truth about it even though the truth is pretty evident to anyone that isn't a utah "fan".


Orem, UT

I'm a big BYU fan but wish nothing but success for Jake. Seems like a good guy and so does his dad. Wish he would have come to BYU but you have to do what is right for you at the time. Hopefully it will work out for him.

By the way, if the Murphy's don't use their tickets I'm sure I could find someone to put them to good use!

Federal Way, WA

Good for him. He went where he wanted to play. There hasnt been nearly the fuss made by BYU fans about his "change of mind" that there was regarding the Utah basketball player who did the same thing in moving to BYU. Lets hope that any future similar changes will be the same way as Murphys.

Salt Lake City, UT

Doesn't seem very smart for BYU to not stay in contact with a missionary when their bread-and-butter is returning missionaries.

Gold Canyon, az

@GoRed: BYU fans coveted him like Heaps? I have never heard of Jake. Good luck to him and hope it works out well. Go Utes and Go Cougs.

Pocatello, ID

There was a player that BYU offered a scholorship to back in '05 named Manase Tonga. Manase signed with Utah right out of highschool and left immediately on his mission. Urban Meyer came in as head coach while he was out serving and subsequently Manase's scholorship was not available when he came home. He went down and visited with Bronco and Bronco immediately offered a scholorship. Things worked out well for BYU and Manase and I hope things work out well enough for Jake and U of U. Similar circumstances.

Pocatello, ID

Manase Tonga ended up playing at BYU after his mission because his scholorship was not available after his mission due to the coaching change bringing in Urban Meyer. Sounds like very similar situations. Things worked out well for BYU and Manase and I'm sure things will work out well for Jake and the Utes.

Go Cougs! Less than two weeks away until gameday.


@ Duckhunter

You are so wrong about it all and if you would like to check your facts I would be happy to talk to you. Like the article said, The BYU football office arranged to have Jake leave on his mission earlier in October and they knew when he was coming home. They messed up. Plain and simple. If you knew Jake, you would know that he is a competitor at the highest level and he would never leave BYU because of "competition". That would have motivated him to stay there even more. The Utah football program was a better fit for him. He was a Wide Receiver in High School, and they have switched him to Tight end. If he had stayed at BYU, they would have switched him, too.
Maybe parents do have the financial means to pay for their children to attend college, but isn't it important for children to learn to earn things on their own? It's called achievement, and we all want it for our kids, no matter who you are and how much money you have in the bank!

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