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Published: Friday, Aug. 19 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Irvine, CA

It's not too late for the team to get flu shot.
Get all the silly sickness out of the body and play ball!!!

I still smell roses!
Go Utes!

Iowa City, IA

I'll take it at face value and say...something is wrong.

Highland, UT

Whittingham said:

"then HOPEFULLY we'll have Jordan every day"

Still kinda cryptic.

Chrissy Bee
Atlanta, GA

SoCaluteFan says, "I still smell roses!" Yea, but are they for a celebration or a funeral? Guess we will find out very soon.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Ha ha ha. You people STILL looking for something that isn't there.

Apparently you think Whitt is a bold faced liar. I don't.

I'm not worried about J-Win. He's a stud.

Layton, Utah

Someone needs to address the Bieber/Brady hairdo. Is he going out for the dance team as well?

Highland, UT

@tomahawk red

"I'm not worried about J-Win. He's a stud."

Well he may turn out to be healthy but that statement is more than a little bit of an exaggeration.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

So now that he apparently and "Hopefully" has all his strength back going into those one-a-days...when does your Sampson meet Delilah??? I've heard she's a big USC fan.

Irvine, CA

@Chrissy Bee

...SoCaluteFan says, "I still smell roses!" Yea, but are they for a celebration or a funeral? ...

Low and behold, you're right.
I heard on the news, there was a dead cougar in the public park near I live.
"Progressive" animal lovers held a funeral for it there yesterday.
He is buried now. The funeral site is all cleaned up.

This morning, upon waking up, I still smell roses--the red roses that I planted in my garden in the shape of letter U.

Go Utes!!!

Springville, UT

Well there's a statement of caution for you.

Obviously Jordan does not have all the strength and stamina all would have hoped for by this time.

Does not sound 'rosey' at all.

Pocatello, ID

Holy cow.

He had a 70 throw "pitch count" every other practice. With 2 a days, that's about 300 throws a week for 2 weeks, which he made without a problem. That 300 throws is a great deal more than he would throw in a game, it's also probably more than he would throw in a game prep week.

He played in the scrimmage today, and will, as was reported from the scrimmage on another site, he will have no more restrictions starting Monday.

Of course Whit is going to say "hopefully," because anything can happen, but, as the plan is now, Wynn made it through camp just fine, and is 100% good to go for the season.

Saint George, UT

Hopefully those roses will grow. I think there is plenty of fertilizer here to keep them going. Really, I am concerned about Wynn's arm. I realize they are trying to pace him, but as much as I like Whit, he hasn't convinced me yet.

We really won't know until the first game, so until then there is only opinions, digs, posts that really mean nothing. Once we have a game to judge, we will be fine.

Good luck!!!

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

Fellow Ute fans.....lets get real. Were not going to the Rose Bowl this year. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. An 8-4 year would be a successful year. We don't have all the cupcakes that our little brothers have to play. But thats ok, give the Utes a year to learn Chows offense & wait for all the raw talent at RB to take over....the future is bright. I'm not buying this Rose Bowl Hype.....ASU will win the South Division. They are loaded with talent. IT's not that I don't have any faith in my team....but I'm a realist. Wynn is not the answer to this offense. Injury or not, against decent talent last year, he aid an egg. I think we still beat the Y (close game in Provo), but lose to So Cal & Pitt on the road, and ASU at home.

Wynn is a bad tackle away from another stint on the DL (as so is Jake Heaps for that matter). Hey, it happened to Bradford. You know what they say about Karma.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Funny how it is mostly BYU fans who are skeptical of Wynn's shoulder. The fact that the offense showed tremendous improvement Saturday makes me much more comfortable with Wynn and the o-line. I don't think we're going to break any scoring records this year, but I think our defense is solid enough to give us a chance to win every game. I expect a lot of close ones one the score board.

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