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Published: Thursday, Aug. 18 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Iowa City, IA

I don't get McMahon's complaint, that's how he walked around BYU! :-)

Orem, Utah

'Bout time greater awareness of this issue is being brought up. No better people to bring it on than those who've obviously been affected badly by football-related concussions.

I doubt the NFL is clean in this issue. Money talks, and defense wins championships, which wins the big money.

This will be an interesting law suit to see unfold.

Maybe this'll keep current players who've had concussions from getting further injured, either by changes in the rules or by them retiring with their health intact.

I love football and the hitting part of it, but it needs to be done with respect for the human body. And it can be. Just get the correct rules in place.

Washington, UT

Head to head hits should be illegal, players fined $100,000 and suspended for two games--then this idiocy will stop. Football can be a good, tough, physical game without trying to kill the other guy.

Draper, UT

Oh please your trying to tell me McMahon didn't know the risks he was taking when he got into the NFL.So if a coal miner gets black lung, or a fireman is injured in a fire, or a policeman gets injured on the job they should all be able to sue?..Come on Jim, playing the victim doesn't suit you..

DR Hall
Clearfield, UT

I doubt if the NFL will ever acknowledge their responsibility or give out real money for medical care. They will just say that players knew the chances they were taking; just like the tobacco companies knew and covered up about it. I wish that NFL would take care of their players much better. But this is business and so each player will have to account for their own health items and how to properly take care of it even if it means to get out of that position or out of that sport altogether.

Sand Flea

no one forced these players to play through injuries. They all had the choice to see their own doctor and to leave at anytime. I waited too long and have some ill effects. So what! I knew the risks and gave up the potential money and got a real career after college. I loved the sports, but had to pare it down to what I could physically do. If enough players leave or complain the NFL and NBA will change the rules. In my opinion it isn't different for other professions. ZI work around mechanics today who avoid safety protocols because they are lazy, unaware, or don;t care. I have to stop them as the employer and try to protect them. They know the rules and choose not to follow them. I cannot or should not be held accountable. The only ones that win in the end are the lawyers.

Mapleton, UT

There is no reason the current players in the NFL need to make the 'big play' by leading with their helmet and making head to head contact. Players say 'that's the way I play' as an excuse. The NFL needs to ban such play and fine or ban players that can't make the adjustment. Saying they knew the risk is just a cop out. This has become more of an issue each year, in the 60's and 70's they didn't play this way, they don't do it in college. It can and should be stopped. It won't hurt the game. The way to stop it is fine the players and the teams, if a player can't adopt, then he can't play.

Farmington, UT

Some coaches teach the art of tackling as if its meant to be "legal assault."

Those NFL players were paid handsomely and why they ever need to work again after a successful pro football career just shows they didn't take care of their resources very well.

I do hope future injures will be less tramautic, however. Officials can have a great deal to do with how the game is allowed to be played and dirty play ought to be penalized.

Nice of the lawyers to take on this issue......bet they're not 'donating their time' though, and will demand at least 1/3rd of any settlement.

Florissant, MO

My first thought was a bit sarcastic about McMahon, cause I don't like some of his antics through the years. But I feel 100% empathy towards those players. We have the St Louis Blues Hockey team and one of our best players has been out because of a bad concussion. They are very protective of the players. Sadly, athletes are can we say brain washed to sacrifice their bodies to win the game. I am on McMahon's side on this one.


I love Jim McMahon!!!!! By far and away the coolest athlete to EVER play for BYU......hands down!

Richmond, VA

Oh, come on! Another abuse of the legal system. How could players who arguably GREW UP in the sport claim the NFL "taught" them how to hit improperly?

The old story about the boy and the snake comes to mind... "You knew what I was when you picked me up." Lasting physical injuries have ALWAYS been part of an NFL player's life. That's their trade off for ridiculous sums of money to play a sport, I'm afraid.

Don't go clogging up our legal system further!

Cedar Park, Texas

Two time super bowl champion for McMahon? Who gave him a second super bowl?


@Kim..........His second ring when he was with Green Bay in 96'.

Allen, TX

McMahon has always been classless, and this lack of willingness to take responsibility just exacerbates his history.

Man up, McMahon. You were paid millions and you knew the risk.

Red Smith
American Fork, UT

Football is a violent, gladiator activity. It takes the finest physically fit members of society, and destroys them for entertainment purposes to sell beer.

We are a violent nation. Our sports reflect our values.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@ mgr 63
"I love Jim McMahon!!!!! By far and away the coolest athlete to EVER play for BYU......hands down! "

This reveals quite a bit about what makes mgr 63 tick. McMahon was selfish, classless and has bitten the hand that fed him many times. He would never have made it to the NFL if BYU had not let him play there.

How do we know which brain damage was caused by NFL hits and which damage was done before the NFL. He has never been the sharpest tool in the shed. His mouth not only starts before his brain, sometimes his mouth is done talking before his brain finally gets in gear.

Orem, Utah

It's amazing how many classless posters hit this article. Must be jealous of the pro athletes' money.

Doesn't matter whether you liked McMahon, NO athlete deserves having their life ruined by concussions, no matter how much they earned, or how much they wanted to ignore the possible future impact of their injuries because they wanted to compete.


lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

mus thave got his first concussion playing pee-wee football. That would explain his behavior for the rest of his life

Spanish Fork, Ut

Hmmm... not surprised that McMahon is involved in the suit. This is the same guy that mooned a helicopter. How much of his "daze" is due to 30 years of non-stop beer swillin? I hope the NFL brings that up as part of their defense. Is this information that McMahon just barely stumbled upon out or did he think this all along but looked the other way when he was making millions and had the adoration of fans? Now that that has stopped, the complaints come out. And why only 6 players in the suit? There are thousands and thousands of ex-NFL players. Blame blame blame.

Salt Lake City, UT

He knew the risks?

McMahon played in the dark ages, truly. Medical treatment in athletics has changed dramatically since then.

In McMahon's day few teams took water breaks, because they wanted players to "get used to it." Nowadays everyone understands you don't "get used to" dehydration, you die or you don't -- and they take several water breaks per day because historically dehydration has been one of the top to causes of fatalities in football.

In McMahon's day, if you could tell the trainer your name and the day you were cleared to play -- even if you had been knocked cold.

Few understood the ramifications of concussions, and fewer still understood what a concussion was. Most of us "shook it off" and never came out of the game. Looking back, I had at least two concussions in my high school and college careers, and didn't know it at the time. On one of those I never left the field, never missed a play.

Yet "back in the day," the NFL was making huge profits, but all the risk was on the players. This lawsuit is the equivalent of players asking for workman's comp.

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