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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 16 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Confirms what already belived. A relative of mine named Matt Warner who was a fellow Outlaw pal of Butch Cassidy (robbed their first bank in Telluride together) and some of his former bandit friends sent a man to South America in the 1920s to find out what happened to Butch and Sundance. The man, through his research and interviews with locals, concluded that they were indeed killed in Bolivia like the story goes. To me Phillips was just a guy who wanted to be someone else and pretending to be a former outlaw gave him the notoriety and flavor his common life lacked. Butch never would have become a machinist as he was a free spirit with a large amount of wanderlust. Even living a law abiding life Butch would have been out and about in the west or the world. Butch was also extremely affable; I dont get the impression Phillips was. Bottom line, Butch, Sundance, Matt and the rest of them have gone the way of the old west; I say let them rest in peace.

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

So Pointer wrote a book in the 1970s, so he could make money from the "legend", and now he's writing another?

Friends, this is how urban legends and conspiracy theories start: if there's a way to make money, someone will embroider a tale.

Rock of the Marne is correct: Butch Cassidy wouldn't have suddenly settled down anywhere, to be a machinist, family man, farmer. The record ends in Bolivia.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Lula Parker stated that her brother came back to the States and died here. There is no reason to doubt her word. She had no reason to lie. People from Circleville believe her. Those who knew her state that she was a completely honest person and that if she said he came back she was telling the truth. No proof of his death in South America has ever been found. It's all speculation. Those who have invested in this theory and written books (Dan Buck) refuse to be open to anything else. Until proof is found otherwise, there is no reason to doubt Lula's word.


After several decades of claiming William T. Phillips was Butch Cassidy, right up through Monday's big AP story, Larry Pointer two days later says, oh, never mind, Phillips wasn't Cassidy and The Bandit Invincible memoir is a fake.

Well, we already knew that.


Provo, UT

Butch Cassidy did not die in South America. Go Read the book that was written by his sister.

Dean 'n Gone

Larry's latest theory as to the identity of William T. Phillips is dubious at best. Phillips claimed his mother was Celia Mudge, not her older sister Flora.

That being said, William T. Wilcox's history does not fit in with what Phillips told his family and friends about his past. Larry is going about this all backwards and it will lead him nowhere.

Manti, UT

Butch's body resides in a now unmarked grave in the middle of the Cainville desert Swingarm City motorcycle riding area. Or at lease some one is buried there. But it's fun to think the person is ol' Butch.

Lander, WY

Praise the Lord!!! Another hoax put to rest. Finally!

Silly Rabbit
Small Town, USA, UT

Lets face it this mystery will never be solved, not to be cold and callous but the only thing we know about Mr. Robert Leroy Parker is that he is deceased now. I have put a lot of time in research of this man and all I can say is he is a mystery that is wrapped in an enigma thats hidden in a shadow somewhere at night. We will never know the truth about this man, but I know that he is not William T. Phillips that is a sure thing, the pictures dont even look the same. Do I believe he died in Bolivia in 1908, no I do not. My belief is that this man did what to fix his life and even joined up to fight in the Spanish American War to get his past cleared up, I also believe that he had some personal tragedy (death of wife and children) that is why he left the country to pursue other things, that led to crime again.
But lets face it we will never know what happened to this man, where, when, how he died

Michael De Groote

Dan Buck and other critics of Pointer's book were right that Phillips was not Butch Cassidy. Larry Pointer admits this now and told me their questions were legitimate -- although he said he developed his theories based on what he thought the weight of the evidence showed

But it isn't merely a matter of "I told you so."

Pointer based his conclusions on new evidence he followed in Ashworth's copy of Philllips' manuscript.

I say give Pointer credit for bringing this out and admitting he had made a mistake.

Sly Parker
Horse Creek, Wy

It took a man with great deal of honesty and integrity to go public and admit he was wrong.


Michael, You're being charitable. Monday to the AP Phillips was Cassidy & Wednesday to the DN he's not? Pointer has known for decades there were huge holes in the story. E.g., Jim Regan: in the early 1970s Pointer and his then co-author Jim Dullenty had found a 1942 newspaper interview with Regan in which Regan said he knew Cassidy and Phillips as two different people.

Dullenty wrote Pointer a letter saying that the Regan statement re Phillips was "devastating" to their case that Phillips was Cassidy. When Pointer wrote his book, he left out any mention of Regan knowing Phillips.

Then there's the matter of Phillips living in the US when Cassidy was in Bolivia.

In other words, Pointer has long had major facts undercutting the Phillips story.

Bend, OR

I think Butch Cassidy's remains are buried under EnergySolutions Arena (originally Delta Center) when it was constructed.

Lander, WY

It is a lot more then that. Because I and Mike Bell of the UK have begun publishing my 22 years of research ,Pointer knew the jig was up. I have extensive documentation and court records that absolutely disprove Pointer and others in their theories of Butch . Pointer has now even cited my research that just appeared in June 2011 of WWHA Journal.Mike and I hope to complete my volume of research within the next year. I only hope the newspapers cover it as much as they did the hoax.

Not ashamed to sign my name on this forum. Pat Schroeder,Lander,WY

sandy, ut

Usually with stories like this it is the most likely explanation that is the true one. We can make up stories of him coming back and living the rest of his life and make stories up in our heads. The most likely explanation is that he died in Bolivia. It makes the most sense. Or maybe he went to a hideout that later became the hideout for tupac, elvis, michael jackson, etc. We can wish all of these people weren't dead, and make up fantasies in our heads. But they are dead. Butch was no different. Is it possible that he lived and returned? Yes, possible but not likely.

B Parker
Kanab, UT

I think Larry Pointer should be commended for his research, integrity and courage to reveal what he recently found. This is huge to know exactly who Phillips was. Even if you didn't believe Phillips was Cassidy, we never who exactly who he was until now.

I'm not so sure other Cassidy researchers would do the same as I believe some suppress information that doesn't agree with their conclusions.

The AP interviews were done a month or more ago and not released until this week. In the meantime, Larry was able to definitely discover that Phillips was Wm T Wilcox. I am disappointed that Deseret News didn't show the mug shot of Wilcox in the article.

I'm glad Pointer is back in the game as he has a lot to add to the research of Cassidy. I still value his book and the research he did especially on Cassidy in Wyoming.

Keep up the good work Larry!!!

Lander, WY

One thing should be pointed out from the above article. Pointer did not interview James Reagan(proper spelling) in 1970 because James Reagan/Regan was long dead.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I'm going out on a limb and going to say Butch and Sundance died in Bolivia. Sometimes we have to go with the obvious rather than than deeper conspiracy. It is amusing but no one has really offered any tangible, verifiable evidence that Butch and Sundance came back from Bolivia. I know it sounds romantic that he survived or whatever but it's probably not what happened.

Durham, NC

I loved the legend when I was a kid, and it is fun to see it brought back to the forefront from time to time.... good memories.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Howard Beal: We have the eyewitness testimony of his Butch's sister. She stated verbally and in writing that he didn't die in South America and returned to the U.S. She stated he died and is buried in the United States. There is also a woman, who has since died, who categorically stated that she saw Butch at the Parker home when she was a child. He was introduced to her by his father as "my son Bob." There is actually NO evidence that Butch died in South America. That is only supposition.

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