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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 16 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Are all the other candidates- both sides of the aisle going to get the same 'treatment' from the HufPost?

Bountiful, Utah

Kiaoraguy, why would you expect the HuffPost to give all the candidates the same treatment? Do you also expect that from DN?

Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

I am sure Governor Romney would prefer that his charitable giving could be kept private but disclosure laws for candidates make it all public. If everyone would give ten percent to their church what ever dollar amount that might be and if everyone would give something to good and reputable charities the world would be a much better place.

While Romney is able to give more dollars by the percentage he gives to charity, I disagree that Governor Perry is unable to give a similar percentage. I know many manny people who make much less than governor Perry yet donate more than ten percent of their earnings to worthy organizations.

Willful donation of hard earned resources to worthy causes changes hearts and breaks down barriers leading to peace and harmony thoughout the world.

Holladay, UT

Does Jon Huntsman Jr. donate money? I know his dad does, but what about Jon Jr. as an individual? That is a good question.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: ClarkKent | 4:25 p.m. Aug. 16, 2011

Based on your response some people might suggest that it irritates you to read that Mitt Romney donates to the LDS Church. If we don't like someone we certainly don't want to hear that they do something good.

Glendale, AZ

I think the candidate's charitable contributions, especially when running for national office, are a valid topic for the press. I remember looking up Barrack and Michelle Obama's disclosures when he was running and when earning over $400,000 a year they donated--or claimed on their taxes--$3,500 charitable contributions, until the year he ran for US Senate when it suddenly increased to over $30,000. Now that's a story, especially for a candidate/President who wants to "Share the Wealth".

Florissant, MO

I am glad to read this, it puts my faith and trust in good people with wealth.

Provo, UT

re: ClarkKent, actually I do expect the same treatment from all sources, but I know it won't happen, isn't going to happen and I'm not naming names either-


Why is this news? Romney needs some good publicity to cover some his shadowy contributions.

Eureka, UT

So why do we have this article? In the scriptures is says that the right hand should not know what the left hand is doing. It also refers to not only praying in secret but giving charity in secret. When it is advertised in the newspaper, it doesn't make me feel better about the wealthy, it just makes me question their motivations because while they may be doing good with their donation, having it publicized negates what the giving is all about.

Casa Grande, AZ

I'm not going to single out Mitt because it seems to be the American way to take more than we need and then give a little back.

We, 5% of the population use 25% of the world's resources because we can and then feel sorry for people in other countries? Some things are 0 sum. Take more - someone has less. The laws of supply and demand assume limited quantities you "free marketers".

So if you take more than you need, millions more, you claim ownership of the maker's apple tree and take all the apples are you really justified even if you give a few hungry people a few apples? It's not your tree. God made it all and said it was for all of us, yet billions are born without a penny in thier families. They have no rights to what god allready gave them? A rich man that does no labor deserves it it all and we have to serve them to get an apple?

Wealth does become obcene at some point. Wealth has caused more suffering in the world than any other human frailty. Yes, otherwise known as green.

Bountiful, Utah

Re Rifleman, "Based on your response some people might suggest that it irritates you to read that Mitt Romney donates to the LDS Church. If we don't like someone we certainly don't want to hear that they do something good."

How in the WORLD did you get that out of my response? I was responding to someone who seemed irritated that the Huffington Post was broadcasting this info about Romney and the poster wondered if HuffPost would give the same treatment to all the other candidates. Well obviously this newspaper hasn't given the same treatment!!! I don't recall seeing another article about charitable giving in DN about any of the other candidates! Do you?

As far as my personal opinion on who Romney gives to, I could care less who he gives to. However, I would like to see the tax deductions for charitable iving eliminated. Yes, I give to charities. No, I don't deduct a single dime of that. True charity isn't there when you expect Uncle Sam to give some of it back to you!

Sugar City, ID

Mitt Romney is obviously a good man and I do not measure up to him using any standard. But if we consider the widows mite, the Church is full of members who do at least as much as he does. My problem with him being President was the way he so enthusiastically raised his hand about the 10 to 1 comment on a proposed budget deal and his signing of the Norquest pledge. I dont expect him to see things the way I do because we come from opposite ends of the socio- economic scale but I dont wholeheartedly defer to his Harvard business education or his wealth either. Nor do I believe that businesses always make the best decisions for America. However, just in case the Republicans win the Whitehouse please let it be him. With Perry commenting that if Ben Bernanke shows up in Texas he would be treated roughly (perhaps being dragged behind a car?) and calling media attention to watch him pray, we should all plead for Mitt Romney.


To the comment about WHY this article? Why do we need to know? I am SURE Romney would prefer to not have this out there but necessary when running for POTUS.

I, like another commenter, found it "hypocritical" of Obama and his "spread the wealth" ideology. He increased his donations BECAUSE people would see his contribution amount.

Perry professes and uses religion to promote himself politically yet doesn't pay "tithe" as many Christian churches teach. I find that, again, "hypocritical". Does seem Christianlike to not take care of the poor and needy.

Romney does year and out tithe and beyond. He would prefer it in private.....but such is not the case when running for POTUS.

Sanpete, UT

That's a lot of money that the church will give to someone in need. Good for Romney. I probably won't vote for him still, but this is a great article.

Powell, OH

The article is not correct. The LDS Church is not a charity. Almost 4 BILLION dollars on a shopping mall, a for profit venture? Charity is way down on the list of what the LDS church really is.
As for Romney, his allegiance is to his church leaders, not the Constitution of the US. He should not have any elected office. No mormon should.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


I understand that tithing is something God requires of us, but it is still something we give of our own free will. It is only because we can choose to pay or not that we are blessed for our obedience.

I have never found the amount of my tithing (or anyone else's) dictated their status in the church. The only question that ever mattered was whether they paid a tithe.

I am not sure what his calling, his wife's calling, or what his children are up to, have to do with anything.

Kaysville, UT

Good for DN to cover the Huffington Post article. Most people won't read either the DN or Huffington Post article and will believe what a few off the cuff people say about Mr. Romney and the LDS Church that is not true. Politics is hard on families involved and we should be thankful for good people that put themselves on the line for our Country. The military have people attacking them for their cause for freedom and Mr. Romney has the same type of attacks. This is refreshing to hear good things that he and his family are doing and have done for years. He didn't wait until the time was right. That has been a part of his life since he was a kid. His parents taught him true and correct principles and you can see it in the demeanor on his face. What a good family example in a trying time for many families.

Thanks to the Romneys for taking on this challenge.

Rigby, Id


You are dead wrong if you think that because someone has more than someone else that they have taken it from those who have less. It is not a 0 sum game. As productivity increases the sum of the total increases.

Example: In the dark ages the world produced a certain amount of wealth and goods. In today's world because of innovation and productivity we produce hundreds of times more goods per person than they did back then.

Just because someone has more than you does not mean they are taking it from you. They are creating it through hard work etc.

Apple computers is a great example of creating wealth with awesome new products that are new and provide new services and create jobs and wealth.

It is not a 0 sum game. The pot just gets bigger.

Logan, UT


Your argument and the numbers you quote are based in pure ignorance. Really. It is such a worn out, false argument. History doesn't support it. The fact that we are talking about a man who gives millions more that just his tithing to his church flies in the face of the greed you are talking about. Go read about Andrew Carnegie. He spent half his life giving away his fortune.

Spreading poverty doesn't make people equal. Spreading poverty makes it so that there really are just a very few elite rich. (Not the kind YOU think of, I'm talking about the Soviet kind.) This nation has many riches compared to the world because we are not run (yet) by central planners in far off capitol. The best way to help people is to promote capitalism and trade in as many places as possible. Even Cuba has come to this realization.

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