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Published: Monday, Aug. 15 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

No Kemoeatu? No Palelei? This is bad news. What looked to be a major strength along our OL has been made even worse due to all those injuries. We've got 4 weeks to build that line, then USC.


I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

Re: the kicking game - I sure hope Whit's found someone who can put a kickoff into the end zone on a consistent basis. For someone who preaches field position as much as KWhit does, I was shocked last year to see him allow the same kid continue to kick off, knowing it would never get inside the 10.

And I'm kinda worried about the fragility of our QB situation - hopefully Coach Chow can attract some stronger candidates for that position next year.

Can't wait till Sept 1st - go Utes!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Wait, does that mean Damian Payne is gone from the team for good? If so, wow that really sucks!

Also, is this news about Po'u Palelei mean this year is totally out for him being able to qualify? Or is this news just being re-reported, since it's already been reported many times that he hasn't YET qualified academically?

Iowa City, IA

Not a lot of good news coming from camp. Wynn is nursing a shoulder, no running game, no back up qb, one bad sack away from a disaster year.

che loco
Springville, UT


Palelei won't make it this year and he only has one more year at a D1 school. He'd have 2 years if he went D2.

Huntsville, Alabama

This is just the camp blues. all the teams are going through it. Be glad you're not ASU, they're hurting really bad. My Huskies just lost Quinton Richardson ( starting Cornerback)to a high ankle sprain a Alameda Ta'amu (DT)broke a bone in his hand. We have very little depth at Defensive Tackle. Anyway, hope you'll have some guys step up.

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT


***Not a lot of good news coming from camp. Wynn is nursing a shoulder, no running game, no back up qb, one bad sack away from a disaster year.***

Apparently, you aren't very familiar with the Utes. Utah has John White and Tauni Vakapuna. They are great running backs while Palamo and Langi are developing. Jon Hays is looking to be a good back up.

If any QB gets a serious injury, it is bad for their team. But Utah won't have a disaster year.

The biggest issue, you didn't even mention, the depth at O-Line. The 1's are great, but the back ups are still learning.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Quarterback Jordan Wynn didn't participate in the drill after reaching his throw count of 70 earlier in practice. He told reporters that his arm continues to feel good."


So Jordan's throw count has been reduced from 100 to 70 and he's only practicing 2 out of every three days? But his arm continues to "feel good"?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Classless Ute Fan

What makes you so sure Utah's running backs are great?

Not a single Utah running has ever played a single down of D1 football.

And, you're really drinking the red koolaid if you think Jon Hays has been looking good in practice. He was a disaster in Utah's first scrimmage.

Fort Mill, SC


Just to clarify for you and everyone else who keeps talking about how we no D1 experience at Running back.

Vakapuna not only has D1 experience and has run the ball but even scored a couple of D1 rushing touchdowns.

The U has 4 or 5 starter calliber runners and will be just fine in that area for years to come.

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