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Published: Sunday, Aug. 14 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Speak English - USA
West Jordan, UT

If you don't like the law, go get it changed. Until then, illegal means illegal. And our country needs to deport all and any illegal immigrants regardless of their "story". If you want to open the immigration process up, then start with those who are trying to come here legally.

John Charity Spring
Alloway, NJ

The only "responsible approach" to immigration law is to honor, respect, and sustain the law. Any other approach is just one more step toward anarchy.

The whole reason immigrants want to come to this Country is because of the high standard of living. This standard has only been possible because of our system of laws, the system of enforcement, and the overwhelming obedience to the law by the public. If the law is ignored, the whole system crumbles. Without the system, the standard of living is destroyed.

No reasonable person opposes legal immigration. Likewise, no reasonable person can favor illegal immigration. Why do some immigrants feel that the law applies to everyone else, but not to them because they are different? That is a completely un-American way of thinking. In America, all laws apply to everyone equally. If you violate that principle, you violate everything America stands for.

Provo, Utah

Since when is the 12th Article of Faith the only one that applies in this case?

South Jordan, UT

"We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law." AF12

Now, how could a man repent except he should sin? How could he sin if there was no law? How could there be a law save there was a punishment? Alma 42:17

The US has failed to enforce immigration laws for decades and from our own doctrine we learn that if there is no punishment there can be no law. If there was no law how could these people have broken it?

West Valley City, Ut

Interesting, the examples they gave (The Savior reached out to those in prison and law breakers). I think there's a world of difference between reaching out to those in prison and encouraging those in the process of breaking the law. Let us not forget what he said to the woman taken in adultery..."Go thou, and sin no more." I don't remember him saying anything like...."Get away with as much as you can, because you think the law is wrong,"


I have questions when a person who now represents businesses as being impartial. They thirst for illegal labor is a large part of the problem.

As with ignoring the laws of the land, and working towards changing them, that's not how I was taught. You first change the laws of the land, so you don't have to break them. We changed the laws in 1986 and 1996. Why are we still needing to change them when they are not being enforced.

The The Dillingham Commission came to the same conclusion as Senator Robles and Tony Yapais, they are here for the jobs, not citizenship.

Once again, someone with business interest quoting the LDS church?
Lange quoted the three basic principles the LDS Church set out for a "responsible approach" to immigration law:

1. The commandment to "love thy neighbor." --works both ways, those with stolen ID's, lost jobs, paying taxes to subsidize business, in countries waiting to come deserve the love also. It only happens when both sides follow the law.

2. The importance of keeping families intact. --Is the responsibility of the immigrant.

You can't ignore the article of faith to serve business. That's serving two masters.


There seems to be a lot of hypocrisy around here in Utah. Do you guys remember that the LDS Pioneers moved illegally to Mexico when nobody else would accept them. Utah belonged to Mexico when Brigham Young and the other pioneers moved in. I am LDS, a legal immigrant and I love Utah, but I hate when I see people pretending to be all righteous when in fact they only see their limited perspective. Guys, please love each other

Murray, UT

I am in a bit of a quandary. As a youth I was always taught to avoid those Churches who change Gods law to fill their own needs. For the Church belongs to God, not them.

Now I find my Church is ignoring one of it's own teachings, and allowing people to go to the temple and become Bishops after violating our laws, and doing harm to their neighbors? It's a misdemeanor to come here illegally, and felonies to steal peoples identity and work here. It's also a felony to hire people here illegally, and the Church ignores this also? This to me is wrong, and there is no justification.

I shall follow Gods teachings, and the articles of faith on this issue. I feel their policies are doing harm to the community and nation, and that they are setting a poor example. Compassion is not an excuse to not enforce the law. It has to be administered equally and fairly. This is what our laws do when enforced.

Ogden, UT

It seems like some members of the Church only believe in following the leadership when it fits their personal views. We must remember that the reason we have a living Prophet is to provide guidance for current issues. I am afraid that right wing extremism is over taking much of the LDS members in Utah. LDS members need to remember to stick to our roots of reasonable compassion. If a man is starving to death do we execute him for stealing a loaf of bread? We must find a way to secure our country while maintaining our humanity.

Murray, Ut

Why are some being so oblivious to the plight of the citizens and people in other lands wanting to come here legally? Do they feel that loving thy neighbor only applies when that neighbor comes from another land here illegally? We can still love them and require them to come here legally. We can still love them and ask that they return home. Teaching people to be responsible, to follow the laws, and to be honest with their fellow man, will be a lesson that will be with them and their children for life. Do we want a generation of children using these excuses in their lives, instead of doing what is right.

Let's not forget that the choice to separate the family is made by the individual. My family could not bring everyone here. It was a decision they made to separate the family. Those who wanted to come, came here legally over the years. Those that decided to stay, stayed. Parents deported take their children, unless they decide to have those born here stay with family. It is their choice to make.

FAIRLDS is not part/sponsored by the LDS church.

Provo, UT

Is this the Michael De Groote that is Director of Communication and Marketing at Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce?

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

"The Dillingham Commission. The commission's report said new immigrants were immigrating for different reasons than earlier immigrants. The commission found the newer immigrant "comes with the intention of profiting" only to go back to their old country."

If you listen to the rhetoric of La Raza you understand that many illegal aliens in this country feel that they are reclaiming territory taken in the war with Mexico.

Both Republicans and Democrats are too blame for the problem. Republican businessmen (as if all businessmen are Republican) want a low cost labor force. Democrats view illegal aliens as future Democrat voters. Indeed many illegal aliens are voting now. Motor Voter makes it illegal to even ask if the applicant is a citizen.

The birth rate among the crowd that would go to a Michael Moore appearance is less than half of a similar group that would go to a Sarah Palin appearance. Democrats are not reproducing. They need these illegal immigrants.

Illegal immigration is also Mexico's welfare system. End it and Mexico would have to end the corruption in their country.

Fred Vader
Oklahoma City, OK

" It is not a question in an interview to determine if a church member can attend an LDS temple"

Um, yeah, it is. Or doesn't "are you honest in your dealings with your fellowmen" count? Being in a country with false documentation, or no documentation at all is simply dishonest, regardless of your reasons.

I want to help those who want to come here legitimately, just as much as the next person, but let's not water down the standards for some and not others.

Either that question applies to all of us, or it applies to none of us.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

The best thing we can do regarding more comprehensive illegal immigration enforcement is to elect a President who makes enforcement a priority.

We are spending 100 billion per year on the illegal immigrants free care and services when our own ACTUAL CITIZENS are in desperate straights.

Sadly, law enforcement has become a political issue.

ICE has the responsibility and the authority to arrest and deport and they need to either DO THEIR JOB or let the states do it.

No more excuses. The situation is ludicrous. With our unemployment numbers and the amount of "freebies" wee bestow on illegal trespassers we badly need immigration enforcement.

South Jordan, UT

I appreciate the LDS church's approach to immigration reform, which includes what many would consider a form of amnesty.

"The Church supports an approach where undocumented immigrants are allowed to square themselves with the law and continue to work without this necessarily leading to citizenship."

Hopefully more and more members will start to support the church's approach to immigration.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

bluemoon1977 makes a good point.
But the scriptures and words from the pulpit only make it worse for illegal aliens and their apologists.
D&C 58:21 " Let no man break the laws of the land, for he that keepeth the laws of God hath no need to break the laws of the land."
Hugh B. Brown, General Conf., Oct. 1965
"We should understand that each of us has a duty to honor, support, and sustain our civil leaders and the law. The fact that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion insofar as various matters of law and government are concerned does not relieve any of us of the personal responsibility to obey honor, and sustain the elected governmental officers and the law which it is their duty to administer."
D&C 134:5We believe that all men are bound to sustain and uphold the respective governments in which they reside.
The article did not mention how Mormons are supposed to deal with the variety of other violations of the law committed by illegal aliens just to perpetuate their lies.

Omaha, NE

Just imagine the dilema my son in law is in as he is both a Bishop and a prosecuting attorney. He is to accept them on sunday as fellow citizens with the saints and file deportations charges against them on Monday as he has sworn to uphold the law and it is his job.

Hayden, ID

The federal government refuses to enforce the laws of the land and sues states who then try to protect themselves from violent, law breaking illegals! If LDS members really believe in the 12 AofF. they should be outraged at the federal government for failure to enforce the laws of the land!

Orem, UT

Follow the prophet> Yes, when you think he's as smart and righteous as you are. After all, he usually speaks God's will...

It's simple, folks. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet, or he isn't. If he is, we follow him. We may wrestle intellectually, and we may not always see/agree with his every direction, but we still follow and pray for understanding. Sometimes the exercise of faith is hard.

Phoenix, AZ

Those who read the 12th Article with blinders on miss the points she's trying to make.

First, you don't get to cherry pick which parts of the Book you get to believe and live by. That's what she meant by "not an 'all or nothing' proposition."

Second, we need --better laws-- to address the issue. Some of you fail to understand that Arizona's laws are laws, yes, but bad ones that don't solve the problem. The objective is to make better laws that address the needs of society without purposefully turning people into criminal.

Finally, the irrational fears about Europeans highlighted in the 1911 Dillingham Commission report are being recycled as are just as irrational now about Mexicans. But irrational fear isn't a justification for condemnation and persecution. It also highlights the need to make better laws.

Rational people will hear her words and share them. Irrational people will not and will condemn them. That's the way it works. We'll have to see how many more rational than irrational people there are.

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