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Published: Saturday, Aug. 13 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

Big loss losing Pritchard; I hope he heals quickly and is able to come back full strength next season.

Fortunately, like just about every other position, BYU is deep at running back and has players who can step in and fill the gap.

Nice start for Jake, 7 of 9, 105 yards, and 1 TD.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

No one likes to see anyone get hurt...whether they are on your team or one of your opponents. But it is what it is. It's part of the sport. He'll still be a contributing factor and support to his teammates though he may not be able to do it from the field. And in practice it happens quite often. Hope Pritched will be ok and recover soon. He will be missed as a player this year but we will certainly be looking forward to seeing him return next season. Best wishes Iona

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Sorry...Iona for misspelling you're last name. Good luck

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Sorry boys I will not be one who does not cal it like it is. The team was emotionless, passionless Jake was helped with a very late PI call and a 6 second drop back sack that was not blown which enabled McKay to get open, great catch Bytheway McKay.

The 2ND offense looked decent until two wide open receptions were dropped that could have gone for a score and or big yardage. After that Boring, staling offense that could not finish again in the red zone.

Defensive mental mistakes galore , I know defensive penalties are considered aggressive mistakes and are rewarded so I guess that is a plus ?

The SEC is coming in less then a month, not Idaho State, New Mexico State or the mighty Idaho Vandals the SEC Fast, Big and the most dominating conference in CF today.

Wake Up COUGARS the 2011 season is here, are you?

South Jordan, UT

Pritchard's family is our neighbor. Though he chose the wrong school, I hope he makes it back by next year. Great kid and will do well in anything he does. I feel bad for him as he really worked out hard to come to camp in shape and really wanted to contribute.


That is really sad what happened to Iona, maybe Baker can take his spot? jk Come back strong now Iona.

Sandy, UT

And let the excuses begin for why byu has another terrible start. "If only Pritchard hadn't gotten hurt..."

Orem, Utah

Iona down?

BYU fans aren't knocking on wood hard enough!

Get with it!

We can't have the injury bug screw up a promising year.

On the bright side, looks like both sides of the ball were clicking.

Glad to see they're looking for ways to use Riley.

Cedar Hills, UT

Never like to hear about a player missing a year due to injury.

Does he have a red-shirt year?

Hope he recovers quickly.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Unfortunately it happens players get hurt...don't need any excuses... it will work itself out. At least we don't have to borrow players from the offense. That's one of the advantages of having a corp of return missionaries on scholarship....something that's still also available but under utilized at the U... even now that they are in the PAC. It is a significant loss to have Pritchard go out with an injury...but it's not something that BYU's depth in talent can't overcome.

ted cantrell

Big Hapa
BYU really looked sloppy???? At least BYU has a Quarterback. Three weeks more practice will increase the tempo. You need to understand the game before you comment!


You need to spend your time helping Wit. Utah has lost two offensive guards and is cross training D-linemen just to field a team. Again, Utah has a broken quarterback with out backup and not one running back with D-1 experience. You need to practice your excuses on why Utah goes 2-10!

Salt Lake City, UT

Were those full-contact kickoffs in a scrimmage?

Eagle Mountain, UT

Ken sounds a little insecure. I believe he would be well served to be worrying about his U RB situation Iona is very good, especially since he is just back from a mission. Wish him the best and hope he completely heals. BYU does have a deep pool of RB's and this will give a couple more the chance to stand up and be seen.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

My mistake...My post should have more clearly stated... At least BYU doesn't have to borrow players from the defense to make an O Line...even temporarily...which means that there is actually depth in place and not an abstract in reality.

Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

Thanks for the comment Ken, doing your best to prove Max Hall correct are you? Most Utah fans have class but Ken doesn't help.

Sandy, UT

I'm just saying. It will be another start like last year and I don't want to hear excuses while Utah starts 4-1 and you guys start 1-4. "It's the schedule" "It's the injuries" blah blah blah

Put up or be quiet. This team will not put up and we all know you wont be quiet.

rock springs, wy

Ken, Pritchard was probably going to be Zac Mendenhall's back-up. That is how deep BYU is in their backfield. Iona will celebrate BYU's victory over the pitiful Utes on September17 from the sidelines and will be back next year to kick your sorry butts again. You may think that Utah will start 4-1 but you will lose to USC, BYU, Washington and Arizona State and may beat Montana State, though not even that game is a gimmee. Looks like Utah is more likely to be 1-4.

Bluffdale, UT

"I'm just saying. It will be another start like last year and I don't want to hear excuses while Utah starts 4-1 and you guys start 1-4. "It's the schedule" "It's the injuries" blah blah blah"

Go back and read the excuses Utah fans always come up with after a loss. No wonder you expect another team's fan base to start with the excuses; maybe because you and the rest of Utah's fan base are the masters of excuses. On Sept. 18, I do expect you to "be quiet".

sandy, UT

In other news, BYU had a qb that didn't have a sore shoulder, has a back up and didn't go down in flames against his toughest opponents last year.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Is this from living right on and off the field? Not my words, don't criticize me.

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