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Published: Saturday, Aug. 13 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Wow Mendenhall was "pleased" What ? Really Jake was helped by a weak PI call and a no whistle sack blown on a 6 second drop for a TD ! I guess the SEC has real slow DB's and small / slow "D" lineman that is why BYU is not worried. Energy ? Enthusiasm ? Clean crisp play ? Nope, with the energy that was on the field today Mississippi has nothing to worry about here.

Perhaps the boys are simply tired of practice and need to play an opponent ! I hope so for there sake. I hope energy and passion finds its way into the hearts of these guys, Hello you boys you are heading down to SEC country, WAKE UP !!

Springville, UT

Wow, Hapa, you're sure ragging on a team that witnessed a bad injury that took some of their mental edge don't you think?

Sounds like they did great for a first scrimmage.

Hands down this team today can blowout the Utes on Sept. 17th and I don't care which QB you choose to make it even.

Orem, Utah

Pritchard down?

BYU fans aren't knocking on wood hard enough!

Get with it!

We can't have the injury bug screw up a promising year.

On the bright side, looks like both sides of the ball were clicking.

ted cantrell

Big Hapa:

I was there and watched the scrimmage. This is just one week of camp! Wit would kill to be in this (bad) of shape. BYU Offense is better right now than Utah will be at the end of camp. This is a fact. Winn can't even sustain a complete practice right now. And as for Old Miss, they still haven't found a quarterback. Maybe by 3 Sept, do you think?

Bountiful, UT



Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Big Happa,

I appreciate your support of the Cougars and an attempt to live above the hype and be realistic, but it seems that that mentality is leading you to pessimism. I am not saying that the team is perfect, but it is ok to acknowledge that they have made a lot of progress without being accused of claiming an undefeated season. It is also very evident that you have been anti-Jake Heaps from day 1. What do you have against him?

Idaho Falls, ID

Nice try Little Hapa, but nobody is buying your act. I was there, the Cougs looked good.

Orem, UT

I WASN'T THERE. So I like a variety of opinions---anyone?


Where is the defense? All I read about of BYU's camp is that Heaps is passing at percentages that are unreal? And, it is hard for me to imagine that after last year's poor performance offensively against decent teams that BYU is that "awesome" on offense. To me, the BYU defense seems weak, slow and failing to make plays. Remember cougie fans........defense is what wins trips to BCS bowls. I'd be very concerned if I were you folks. Because, Heaps will get shut down by good teams and has. And, after reading about Utah's fall camp to this point........Utah is aggressive, fast and deep on defense. Buckle up for your "hot" road trip to the south.......it could get very ugly if your beloved cougar defense lets opposing teams run all over them again like last year........ and that new secondary? Oh my?

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