BYU football: O-line is proven, but still has more to prove


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  • morpunkt Glendora, CA
    Aug. 11, 2011 11:51 p.m.

    It will be exciting to see them open some big holes for a deep bench of quality running backs. Jake Heaps should have a good safety valve with this combination of corn silo-sized blockers and substantial ground game attack rotations.
    Go Cougs.

  • CougFaninTX Frisco, TX
    Aug. 12, 2011 6:53 a.m.

    I can only imagine how the trolls from the North are really feeling about their O line when they read this article. Remember, thou shalt not envy.

  • cougar76 Raleigh, NC
    Aug. 12, 2011 9:11 a.m.

    I remember a few years ago when the BYU o-linemen were dropping left and right. Bronco had to scale back practices and scrimmages. Depth. Can't live without it.

  • CT98 Saint George, UT
    Aug. 12, 2011 9:25 a.m.

    Andrew Rich left big shoes to fill at safety. It sounds like Sorensen is the right man for the job. Sorensen got the first pick for Heaps this year. I'm also excited about receiver Dallin Cutler. I have heard he has completed some amazing plays in this first week of practice. He sounds very athletic. Just 3 weeks till game time! It can't get here soon enough.

  • metamoracoug metamora, IL
    Aug. 12, 2011 9:31 a.m.

    T -23 days and counting

  • Mildred in Fillmore Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 12, 2011 9:52 a.m.

    Best o-line in the country with atleast 3 NFL first round picks.

  • UU32 Bountiful, UT
    Aug. 12, 2011 9:58 a.m.

    Will there be partying in the streets of Provo after the Y beats Ole Miss? Similar to after the Oklahoma game?

  • Flame of the West Southern, Cali
    Aug. 12, 2011 10:14 a.m.

    I would still like to hear more about our DLine...Ole Miss really doesn't have much of a QB right now and I expect a running game would be the call they make early and often. From what it appears, Utah and Ole Miss might be similar in the QB arena but I would give Utah the edge on RB over Ole Miss. Not yet sure about Texas.

  • Portland Trail Blazers Sandy, UT
    Aug. 12, 2011 10:52 a.m.


    No, but there will be after week 3, after BYU beats Ole Miss, Texas, and your "mighty" Utes.

    $20 Utah losses to Montanta Creampuff State???

  • ted cantrell OREM, UT
    Aug. 12, 2011 12:10 p.m.

    Flame of the West

    Old Miss has a very good O-line (Phil Steel rates them at #2 in the nation). They are huge: 6-8,6-9; and 7 of them have started games. They also have quality (SEC) running backs with lots of carries. Old Miss will have a much better running game than Utah. Texas also has a lot more running back talent than Utah. I believe that Bronco will shut down all three!

  • RepresentBlue West Jordan, UT
    Aug. 12, 2011 2:17 p.m.

    "Will there be partying in the streets of Provo after the Y beats Ole Miss? Similar to after the Oklahoma game?"

    Will the Utes have another parade if they get second place in the Pac 10.2?

  • riddlemethis Clearfield, UT
    Aug. 12, 2011 2:53 p.m.


    Will there be partying in the streets of Bozeman after Montana State beats the Utes?

  • BlueHusky Mission Viejo, CA
    Aug. 12, 2011 3:29 p.m.

    Ole Miss' line IS huge and they WILL run. We'll have to cowboy up to stop them. I'll be there with 9 other so cal guys. Hope we don't get humiliated by not being able to stop the run.

    Good news is that we have a great stable of backers. And Bronco will be trying to confuse them. But bad things happen on opening day, even to good teams. I have not heard much about Ole Miss' defense, though. I suspect we'll be able to move the ball and score.

  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    Aug. 13, 2011 11:30 a.m.

    Very large and experienced olines usually result in good seasons. This should be a very good season.