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Published: Thursday, Aug. 11 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU has a couple games scheduled @ BSU in the near future. Given the fashion option, the cougars should wear blue jerseys and helmets, with black lettering/numbering on both. I don't think BSU would mind- fair's fair right?

Provo, UT

"The Mountain West Conference recently announced that the Broncos cannot wear their all-blue uniforms for league home games opposing coaches think it makes them, ahem, invisible on their blue turf field, especially while scouting film. "What we had heard from our coaches is 'a competitive advantage,' " said commissioner Craig Thompson.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen was upset that his team can't wear one of the Broncos' favorite gridiron ensembles. "I thought it was ridiculous," he said."

Ahh, poor Coach Petersen...welcome to life in the MWC and having to deal with Commissioner Thompson.

Good luck, Coach!

I am SO glad both BYU and Utah never have to deal with that stuff again.

Go Cougars!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Or get rid of their blue smurf turf. Same with E Wash red smurf which is eye sore.

Logan, UT

if the blue on blue makes them invisible why has no one ever complained about teams that wear green on a green field?

Provo, UT

What needs to go is the Smurf Turf, not the uniforms. You've hit the big time Boise State because of your play, you don't need blue turf to get people's attention.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

I'm not a big fan of all these elaborate uniform schemes either. I love our "Blackout" unis as a once-a-year fan-favorite gimmick [but HATE the Pro Combat version], but would prefer Utah went back to a more classic style like the one's we wore during our '93 and '94 seasons with the drum and feather on the sleeves.

I would also like to see Utah finally drop the "Scarlet" and go "Crimson" since THAT is our official school color. And because "Crimson" looks better.

Go Utes!

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX

"then got routed like the Republic Guard?"

The Iraqi military organization was known as the Republican Guard.

What the author of the piece failed to note is that College Sports is first and foremost a business. The purpose of the multicolored clothing options is primarily to sell jerseys and to also attract recruits. People (especially younger people) crave novelty. If there are more color options for jerseys, then some people might buy more jerseys. More sold replica jerseys equals more money and more walking (self-paid) for billboards advertising for your university. Get it?

Blue Sky
Midwest, US

In addition to fashion, college football has another big thing in common with figure skating (and diving, and gymnastics, etc): its champion is determined by judges and computers.

Henderson, NV

"Ahh, poor Coach Petersen...welcome to life in the MWC and having to deal with Commissioner Thompson."

And now the rest of the conference can't blame it on BYU.

Highland, UT

I was really glad when BYU dropped the Gary Crowton era blue, white, and tan uni's with the horrific "bib" and the lame dark helmet. Going back to a much simpler blue and white uniform with the white helmet and minimal adornment on the uni is much better in my opinion.

I actually agree with naval vet on utah's once a year "black out" uni, I think that uni is pretty cool looking although it would lose its coolness if it was an every game thing. I also like the red jersey black pants look utah has. The red really pops out, they just need to change the weird looking helmet color.

But all of those uniform looks for both teams are pretty simple looks, not a bunch of weird designs or contrasting colors. Just straight forward, simple looks.

Greenwood, IN

When I heard about the complaints about BSU's uniforms, I wondered if CSU was similarly going to be prevented by the league from wearing green pants and jerseys on home or away fields, since that would give them a similar "advantage".

Omaha, NE

I like the blue and red turf. Makes things different. Some people just like to complain, but I think it looks awesome.

I hate how the MWC is making them not wear all blue uniforms. It's home field advantage, you can do what you want! Is it fair that Penn State's fans wear all white? Is it fair Texas A&M writes Home of the 12th Man on their stadium? Is it fair that Wyoming fans come to the game drunk and curse and swear the whole game? It's home court advantage and I think teams should be able to do whatever they want as long as it's reasonable. A lot of it has to do with getting in the mind of the opponent. If blue or red makes you blend into the turf, then way to go for being so smart as to increase your home field advantage.

That being said, it's how good of a program you are that wins games, and not the color of the turf.

Ann Arbor, MI

Utes need to match the uniform to the Crimson helmet.

r U Thretton'd
Salt Lake City, UT

Weak article.

It's all about 'swag' and making some extra money.

Also, green jerseys on a green field is NOT the same as blue jerseys on a blue field; that is a weak argument in my opinion.

I wonder if Boise State is regretting going to the MWC? I know I wouldn't be happy about playing on the mtn instead of ESPN and being told what jerseys I can and cannot wear.

Fresno, CA


I was totally thinking about the ugly bib uniforms when I read this article too! I also thought, just like DEW Cougars, that perhaps the ugly blue turf is what should be banned.

Murray, utah

I too really enjoy the Ute "black out" uniforms. I think last years TCU came is a wonderful example of just how cool they really are. I would suggest that the Utes strongly consider them for every future home game.

Sunnyvale, CA

This was a hilarious article. I thought the sardonic tone was spot on and I could visualize the beefy players sashaying down the runway as the coach introduces the new fall line.

There's a lot of talk these days of sports brands. Well, if you're going to develop or keep a brand the best way to do it visually is keep things consistent for a while so people get to know with what they're associating. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Salt Lake City, ut

Thompson shouldnt be telling his now best team in the conference what they can and cant do. He should be grateful because he sure messed up the MWC. Besides that turf, even though it looks goofy, is extremly important to the school, players, and fans. This really shouldnt be a big deal.


it would be great if the zoobs would go back to their Cougar blue instead of wearing Aggie blue, and if Utah's helmet color actually matched the color of the rest of their uniforms. Can it really be so hard for Utah to get that right after all this time? I realize BYU was desperate to look good and that the original Cougar blue is hideous so they stole the Aggie blue, but come on Utah, have some lady in the athletic department match it up and get on with things.

Layton, Utah

plyxply | 1:42 p.m. Aug. 12, 2011

Didn't know the Aggies had a patent on the color blue, but whatever. If that's the case the Aggies should give back Penn State's blue, they definitely were using it before USU stole it.
I do agree with your point on the Utesie red. not sure how you can't match the red color with the jersey, maybe they should just go to pink.

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