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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 10 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Irvine, CA

...Fakahafua, though, has his sights set on ever more a trip to the Rose Bowl and "hopefully a national championship."...

Hope to see you at the Rose Bowl game in Jan.

What a great kid---4.0 GPA and all.

Go Utes!!!

Lehi, UT

An observation or two! FYI, I do read both Utah and BYU articles because I'm excited for both teams and hope they do well each year.

1) I hope this young man gets an opportunity to play in front of his home crowd. I'm sure ALL athletes would enjoy that opportunity to perform in front of family and friends.

2) Don't you find it interesting that this article was posted at 11:28PM last night and that neither a BYU or Utah troll has mentioned that, wait, did I read the article right, where Nate said he "has his sights set on ever more a trip to the Rose Bowl and "hopefully a national championship."?

Does this mean that no one cares about what the Utah players say, what Utah does, and what their goals are? Or, does it mean that only Utah fans care what BYU players say, what BYU does, and what their goals are?

No arguing, please!

Isn't it nice to just read the article and see the progression of a good young man and throw him a compliment "bone" instead of dissecting every word he speaks. Keep it classy!

Go Utes! Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

Fakahafua will be an absolute beast. He was so dominate in the state championship game last year. He is an NFL talent for sure. Cant wait to see him play as a freshman.


Love this kid! He was incredible at the state playoffs last year and I was so excited to know he was headed to the U! It will be fun to watch him grow as a player! Good luck young man! He will go very far!

Iowa City, IA

Nothing better than being a Ram then a Ute.

Go Utes!

Bountiful, UT

With the depth of Utah's d-line this year (and most years) it would be a shame to waste a year of eligibility on a year where he covers punts and kick-offs. A redshirt year and 20 pounds later, Nate will be ready to go. Don't shy away from the redshirt year young fella - embrace the chance to get bigger and better and a fifth year of free school.

Highland, UT

I watched this kid in both the state football and basketball playoffs last school year. He is a very impressive athlete. I'm a little surprised they moved him to d-end but I have no doubt that if he can put on the weight he will need he'll be very good.

It is funny though that no utah "fans" are criticizing him for his national championship comment nor are any other ute posters criticizing andrewute for his "he is an nfl talent for sure" comment about a freshman. I guess ute players and fans are allowed those excesses, it is only BYU fans and players that need to be castigated for their optimism.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


I commented, but if you want to know what I said, you'll ask the DesNews monitors.

Salt Lake City, UT

If there is one thing that Utah excels at it's finding the right position to play for incoming freshmen. Last year it was switching Blechen from QB to safety, this year it's Fakahafua making a jump from WR to DE. If Faka can continue to make an impact at 220 lbs they wont red shirt him, especially if he can be an impact player on special teams. He wont start until he puts on 20 lbs but he could do at least 10 snaps a game in passing situations.

Too bad they can't switch him to OL, did they really just loose 3 OGs in one day? Some of these underclassmen are going to get a shot to play sooner than anyone expected, I hope they can handle it. We need somebody to step up and take over that guard position.

Hillsboro, Oregon

If Utah can't field a solid line, they will have a hard time keeping blitzing USC linebackers or any solid defense with a good scheme out of the backfield.

Utah plays 2 of the best defenses they will face in the first three weeks of the season and need a solid line to compete in those games.

Wynn does not do well under pressure, and is very fragile when taking hits. If Wynn goes down, game over.

No fan of any sport should ever wish for injuries to the talented athletes who devote so much of their life to the game they love. I truly hope the Utah team can be 100% present healthy by the time they meet USC and BYU.

Lehi, UT

@ Duckhunter | 10:00 a.m. Aug. 11, 2011
Highland, UT

Yes, I indeed find it interesting. It can't be because Utah defected from the WMC for the PAC 12 and before BYU's later decision to go independent. It was going on before that.

It was going on before both teams defected from the WAC to create the MWC.

Maybe Chris B is right, it's the honor code.

Go Cougars! Go Utes!

Ted H
Sandy, UT

Naval Vet,

No need to ask the monitors. NO doubt it was a classy and insightful comment, like always.

Duckhunter makes a good point however.

The kid sounds awesome. Will be fun to watch this year.

Bountiful, UT

Duckhunter - Kyle Whittingham will have some private words for Nate about the National Championship comments - especially as a freshman. He doesn't put up with that kind of thing. He wants his players focused on the next game - Montana State now - and will let them have it if they go off talking national championships. As for those predicting Nate as an NFL talent -- let's see if he can put on some weight and perform in a consistent manner over the next few years before we go dubbing him NFL talent.

Highland High Pride
Salt Lake, UT

Nate is really a great kid and a standout athlete. Best of luck to him at the U. He could really go places is he plays hard and keeps his nose clean. I remember him telling me in May that he was struggling to put on that last twenty pounds. He wants to play so much and he has the great love for the sport and an energy that is unmatched on the field. I hope to see him put on the twenty pounds to elevate his potential to start. Ram to Ute, like MiP said, there really is nothing better.

Draper, UT

@Duckhunter, other Cougs.

We don't criticize Fakahafua for saying the Utes will play "hopefully for a championship" in his 4 years at the school, because a few things:
1) Utah is a BCS team and all top BCS teams have a legit shot at a NC, not the case for non-AQs as it's never been done and will never happen.
2) He said it with humility as an ideal goal, "hopefully", as in, "it would be nice". BYU players/coaches state an NC as their only goal for the year as if anything else is a disappointment.

Easy to see the difference.


Umm Ted H. The Deseret News monitors are willing to let more things go when you talk bad about the University of Utah than when you talk about BYU such as when you mocked someone's intelligence because they went to the University of Utah. It's a shame that the Deseret News lets those kind of comments go through.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Duckhunter, Ted H:

If you read what Thlete said, that was my response as well. But for some reason, the moderators allowed his, but not mine. Must be a different shift skulking the comment threads than the one I had upon posting MY thoughts.

Well done Thlete.

South Jordan, UT

@thlete and naval vet
So in plain English it is okay for a U of U player to say it and not for a BYU player to say it. A double standard or just plain BYU haters? Oh the questions never to be answered.

Highland, UT



Just what I expected one of you to post. LOL!

Farmington, UT

According to Ute fans "it's because our players are so humble and so is our coach and we've won two BCS games and we're in the Pac-12 and we don't advertise our goals but sometimes our players do make comments along those lines so in those specific cases it's ok. But it's never okay for that team down south.


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