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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 9 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Sugar City, ID

"Fifteen Mormons now serve in Congress, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and few seemed to worry that the LDS Church was influencing his debt-ceiling proposals."

Very strong implication the the LDS Church does not approve of Harry Reid. I do not believe that. The perception that the Church is strongly right wing Republican is really saying the Church is lying about its neutrality.

Lehi, UT

Thanks for the article. It's interesting how, in our age understanding (often shallow), Mormonism is still so misunderstood. Perhaps this is, in part, due to those who intentionally foster misunderstanding (some will probably be here shortly). We are more diverse and closer to ancient Christianity than other Churches I've attended, and are truly re-established Christianity.


The church has suffered more and more loss of interest and belief since the internet took hold and much of the church history, alterations, lies, and truths came out. Today, the biggest conversions are overseas in area's with limited resources and education. These people don't have internet to learn more about the church. They only get the 'milk' but never the 'meat'. So of course the church is growing ... in areas where the people are desperate, poor, and looking for some kind of answer. It's dwindling amongst whites and the educated.

Clearfield, UT

Behind those statistics and demographics, Otterson notes, "are real people of incredible cultural and ethnic diversity."

You betcha! The LDS Church takes advantage of poorer third world countries where information, education, and literacy are limited. These countries are prime targets for gaining members. Opposing information is less likely to be available. The U.S. is a much less ripe country for pursuasion into the religion because there is so much opposing information available.

Bountiful, ut

Joggle - it appears you have too much of an anti-LDS agenda or bias for your comments to be taken seriously. Perhaps you might consider not just the increased membership of the LDS faith in "poorer third world countries," but also the tremendous good the church is doing in providing food, water, clothing, preventive and proactive medical care - and hope; we work hard to bring hope for a better life - to millions of people living in those countries.

What have you done lately to lift someone's burden, other than complain?



To make matters worse, these are the people who need the most help and money. These aren't the people who should be tithing 10% of their miniscule incomes. Here's a mission, instead of converting these people, try building them homes and teaching them sustainable ways to farm, fish, or attain food. That's what they really need ... education. Not misinformation.

Northern Lights
Louisville, KY

So, LValfre and Joggle, you are arguing that the LDS Church is comprised only of illiterate, disadvantaged people? I know many who would take exception to such a generalization - present company included. I caution against over-generalizing your argument, expecially without any empirical facts to back it up.

The mission of the Church is to help ALL come to Christ regardless of race, nationality, or economic standing. For those blessed with greater education and wealth, the Bible does warn against trying to serve both God and mammon (riches). Somehow, your argument seems to support that particular religious principle. Don't know if you intended to do that, however.

West Haven, Utah

Thanks, Northern Lights. You said it in a much more kind way than I would have. To think that those who are educated know better than to believe in the gospel as taught by the LDS Church is sheer lunacy. And I like your challenge to them, which bears repeating: LValvre, Joggle - post empirical facts to back up your statements. If you can't do it, feel free to read the Pew Forum's research on the subject. You'll find that the LDS faithful are generally more knowledgeable and more wealthy than the average - even here in America. You'll also find that, unlike most religions, the more education LDS faithful receive, the MORE active they are in church. I might not be the best example, as I only have two degrees (one in Accounting and one in Computer Programming), graduated Summa Cum Laude ('With Highest Honors', for those who don't know what it means) with a 3.94 GPA, and make a 6-digit income (well, we are in a recession, after all). And neither my education nor my ability to make a good wage has one thing to do with my belief in the gospel. God loves ALL his children.

Wasatch Front, UT

LValvre and Joggle certainly seem to have an axe to grind. I can tell you from first hand experience that being faithful and living Christ's teachings, including paying an honest tithe, is more likely to build character, promote happiness and help bring someone out of poverty, than any other single thing one can do.

As for the issue of "information availability" in developed countries being a hinderance to missionary work, I agree - to a point. I would, however, characterize much of the "information" as "mis-information" or as red-herrings to the gospel message. Most of the mis-information and/or red-herrings are either wrong, taken out of context, irrelevant, or deal with personal failures of imperfect people, and are certainly not valid refutations of the restoration message. I have gone through dozens of these topics with many troubled people and found that most of the time the issue is not the topic at hand, as once resolved, there is ALWAYS another topic of concern. In most cases, there is generally a deeper seeded issue of faith, confusion or a wounded spirit driving the angst, and the topics at hand are simply proximate scape-goats.

Riverton, UT

To: LValfre 11:50 a.m., said, "Here's a mission, instead of converting these people, try building them homes and teaching them sustainable ways to farm, fish, or attain food. That's what they really need ... education. Not misinformation."

You must be unfamiliar with the LDS Church Welfare Program and the Perpetual Education Fund. Even intelligent people WITH internet service don't always know where to find the truth.

Now you know.


And I bet you were born into LDS too ... or were you converted later in life?

Independent Woman
West Jordan, UT

LValfre: both

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

For you super duper highly intelligent, superbly educated, fantastically employed, Royal(you all seem to like to add this "royal lineage" thing when you describe yourselves), not very humble LDS Mormon lifers:
You may want to vote for making some "adjustments" during your church meetings. Your scriptures(re: Doctrine and Covenants), will keep this polygamy, etc. topic in the public eye forever. You all will have to keep fighting this same battle over and over and over again.
Hey, good luck on that.

Mapleton, UT

This article brings out the anti-LDS. I don't think that my wife would agree with the statements regarding women in the Church as exposed by Johanna Brooks. It is apparent that Joggle and LValfre have a anti-LDS bias. All more the need to attempt to correct mis-information.

West Haven, Utah

LOL! Looks like I can't win. Being a member of the LDS Church means I'm obviously an idiotic, bumbling, uneducated, destitute fool to LValfre and Joggle, but I'm some type of 'super duper, highly intelligent, superbly educated, fantastically employed, royal, not-very-humble LDS Mormon lifer' to no fit in SG. I'm either a fool or I lack humility. Oh well.

The one thing I DO agree with, no fit, is I'm an 'LDS Mormon lifer.' You can mark it down and don't forget it. You (and LValfe and Joggle, too) might not like my beliefs. You have that right. But I have every bit as much right to believe as I choose, and I have every right to point out fallacies in your posts.

As far as polygamy is concerned - get over it! It's been banned by the LDS Church for 121 years and results in excommunication for any member trying to live it. Funny, though. When consenting adults decide to live together and men father children through multiple women, well, that's your right, isn't it? When Men tie themselves legally to more than one woman (Polygamy), well, that's outrageous! Seems hypocritical to me.

Idaho Falls, ID

Loving this tennis match. Abeille is ahead!!

Full-on double rainbow
Bluffdale, UT

"the fact that it is a faith of action that encourages people to take their faith in relation to Jesus Christ and put it into practice every day, not just on Sunday, and not just when they're on their knees praying, but in how they approach their communities and workplace and how they can make relationships better."

I think this is a fair point to make about LDS people. You could also say this about many other religions/organizations. Personally I think religion is a contrivance of man. So I can take the middle man (God) out of the equation and try to be kind to others the best I can. The benefit is you don't have to deal with the fear, guilt, and shame of not meeting a standard set by some man made God. You are accoutable to yourself.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Why is it that you always change the subject and refuse to discuss what is in your scriptures and what takes place in your temples?
Oh, yes, that is sacred, not secret.
Isn't that what Warren Jeffs said?

Fred Vader
Oklahoma City, OK

I find it interesting that the supposedly Internet and morally enlightened LValfre and Joggle/Jiggle use Eurocentric racist comments to try and attack the Church and it's growing membership. Or don't you think that calling new members of the church "dumb, third-world, illiterates" is Eurocentric or racist?

West Haven, Utah

No fit -

The covenants I make in the temple are both sacred and secret. I don't discuss them with anyone - even with other endowed members of the Church. The covenants I make with God are between he and me alone. If you really want to know them, I have a suggestion: study the gospel, join the Church, be faithful in obeying all the commandments of God, then go to the Temple and find out for yourself. This path is open to all - including you. Now, how evasive is that?

As far as what's in the scriptures: I'd be happy to discuss any of them with you, in detail, if it were possible to discuss them with the intent of listening and learning from each other. I've studied them for many decades. However, that's not your intent. Your intent is to tear down, not build up. Therefore, discussing these subjects with you would be useless, as you wouldn't want to hear what I was saying anyway.

And as far as Warren Jeffs goes - I guess you know what he said better than I do. Personally, I don't listen to the man.

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