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Published: Monday, Aug. 8 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Frisco, TX

Love the intensity between Reynolds and Van Noy. This spirited competition will make the Cougs better and get them ready for some tough early season competition. Our LBs may be the best 7 or 8 we've ever had as a group.

I hope Wynn is durable enough to get through the USC game. I don't want the Utes to blame their loss in week 3 on their 2nd string QB. With the Utes offensive line, Wynn is going to be feeling the heat from the Cougar front seven. Wynn, I'd like you to meet Uona - you're going to be seeing a lot of him on Sept 17.

I'm surprise I haven't read much about Preston Hadley in camp after Bronco's positive comments about him in the Spring. Joe Sampson will be a valuable addition to the DBs. Once he learns the defense, he'll be a big asset with his speed. But it sounds like Sorenson, Uale, Eason and Buckner have the edge.

If Corbin keeps growing, Rose is going to recruit him to the basketball team.

American Fork, UT

Outstanding. Keep up the Great work Cougars!!!

Farmington, UT

You can't survive on hype forever. Eventually hard work is the order of the day. And after a successful practice there's that qiet, self-satisfaction knowing you performed well.


But I thought they are "always ready" "always high level of intensity," "execution" "fundamentals" "family" etc etc etc blah blah blah blah watching interviews is funny. Just go out and win and then talk after the season when you win bowl games one after another.

North Salt Lake, UT

ChrisB is always under fire for prognostication. Cougs have two games before September 17th also,remember? Can't wait to see the preseason favorite defense in action. Maybe they can live up to the hype for once.


As I've said on other threads, the new BYU secondary is surely giving up a lot of completed passes by Heaps and Nelson. It will be interesting to see how that pans out......could be a major issue?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


So... would that mean that BYU may have your permission to talk, as they have won "one bowl game after another?" Might I also presume that Utah fans will cease talking for at least two years, having lost their last bowl game rather embarrassingly, and it will take them at least two years to win another "one bowl game after another?"

Lehi, UT

Why do I feel that BYU is going to be UNDEFEATED this season? I can certainly feel it, anyone else feeling it too? Go COUGARS!


@ Y Grad,

When is BYU going to get in a BCS bowl and thump a quality opponent in that game like Utah has done twice? Probably never. BYU's dubious bowl record and Utah ran 8 bowl wins in a row in recent years. They lost to a great BSU team without Wynn able to play and still held lethal BSU to 28 points. Enjoy whatever you get, because it won't be anything to hang your hat on......... for a long time. Maybe we can watch the Idaho St game together......that will be a compelling contest.



"Why do I feel that BYU is going to be UNDEFEATED this season? I can certainly feel it, anyone else feeling it too?"

Yes Kouger. Every BYU fan is feeling it too, just like they did last pre-season. And the one before, and the one before that...

Ann Arbor, MI

Interesting article. Sounds like the running around traffic cones and hitting tractor tires with hammers this past Saturday has mentally killed the team. Let's hope bronko can work on the teams mental fortitude...I think they'll try to wear pads in a week or two.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, Justin Sorensen kicked a 45 yard field goal. He will be the best kicker in the Independant Conference.

Lehi, UT


Honestly I personally did not feel it the last several years! This year I'm feeling it! We'll see...

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

That is a GAS! Van Noy and JP 2 of the best speed rushers in the country. Matt Reynolds is a great player, & will be a top pick in the 2012 draft, but to call Van Noy & JP 2 of the best in the country is one of the funniest things I have heard all summer. Dont get me wrong, I think that they are both good players, but there are better players than them on many teams in the nation. I dont think UTAH'S O line, or even Ol Miss or Texas' O line will have a problem with either on of those guys. Yes, on one occasion or another they might get a sack or two. Neither of them will be a problem like Jerry Hughes, (who I know played the D line and not line backer) even Stevenson Sylvester and Koa Misi were better pass rushers than JP & Van Noy. Misi started as a rookie in the NFL, and Sly made the Steelers D, and played a lot on special teams, & got some mop up duty as a rookie. They may become great, but for now, they are just good. Best speed rushers, HA!



BYU will not win either of their first two road games. It won't happen. They are not strong enough against good teams against the run and Ole Miss and Texas will run all over the cougs, control the clock and the BYU defense will wilt in the heat. FSU, an OK team, absolutely dominated BYU last year in the Florida climate. It will prove to be true again. Then, they get to play Utah, which BYU in the last 15 years has struggled with immensely and have been crushed by the Utes a few times. So, your quest to be undefeated?????? Not a chance! But, you'll end up with a winning season thanks to the WAC schedule of home games......so you'll be able to smile somewhat in the end. Good luck.

Woods Cross, UT

Watch for the QB controversy to start before the end of September. BYU did deceptively well against poor competition late in the season last year by taking the ball OUT of Heaps hands with their running game (which only worked against the lesser teams) and keeping Heaps passes to the first option at around 5 yards. Heaps cost BYU the Utah game in the first half when they had numerous opportunities for short field drives with Utah miscues. Heaps couldn't drive the team most of the year. Sure there were moments like the one drive in the Utah game but these were exceptions. He looks exactly like Utah's third string QB Shreve making all the mental mistakes and he has started numerous games. Nelson is still the best QB and you may see him take the ball frequently out of Heaps hands as well. Remember Nelson's heroics in the Washington game were the only reason BYU got a bowl last year. Bottom line, Heaps as a dropback slow QB with questionable accuracy beyond 10 yards and can't go through reads or throw on the run is not even the right QB for their system. Lark should be ready.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Actually Utah has only thumped one quality opponent in a BCS bowl game. Alabama was a very good team. Pittsburgh finished the 2004 season with an 8-4 record and a #25 national ranking. Solid, but not really BCS worthy was it?
BYU fans appreciate your concern about our season, our secondary and pretty much everything BYU since you offer your opinion on every BYU article...usually more than once(can you say obsessed?).
I am particularly interested in your comment that BYU won't accomplish anything worthy of hanging your hat on. Do you use the same crystal ball as hedgie and crisb? Cause it really hasn't been working for them.
yes, BYU is playing Idaho State along with several other weak teams. The same thing U did twice to get to bcs games. Maybe it will work out for BYU too. They also play two top 25(pre-season) teams and another one in the top 30. U?. BYU probably has the easier schedule but not by much. You only play a couple of PAC teams who had winning records last year. Maybe the U will go undefeated again with such a weak schedule and BCS bowl again.

Clearfield, UT

BYU's enthusiasm may have dissipated during practice, but U fans enthusiasm for all things BYU hasn't.


K Whit does the coach speak thing too: "competitive nature" "as far as that group is concerned" "continued improvement" "like what we see"

And as far as winning bowl game after Bowl game: I like Girlse State's chances to get to 3 bowl wins in a row this year.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT


This year I am feeling it too. The Y will be undefeated, but it will only be in their last 5 games of the season. They will not be 12-0. They could be 10-2, or 9-3, but they will not be 12-0. You can take that to the bank. A 10-2 season would be great their 1st year in independence. Then with St Jake coming back in 2012, they could build on that, with their weak schedule again, and then maybe go 11-1 or 12-0. I doubt that will happen either, but you just never know. Here's to a great game on Spet 17th. GO UTES!

Mesa, AZ


I love how you are the end all, know all, of what BYU can or cannot do.

Did you take a ride with Marty Mcfly or something?

I love how since we were not strong enough in the past, that we are predetermined not not to win in the future. So is it true that utah, since they got clobbered in their last bowl game will never win another bowl game again? Or how about this. Since the SEC is always the best conference, let's just pass the NC trophy around those teams only, since, in your logic, everyone is predetermined to do exactly what they have done in the past.

Do you even understand college football at all? Do you not understand that the players are transitory? Teams change, people graduate.

BYU is capable of winning all their games this year, but I'm sure that you, all the way over in TX, know more than anyone else. You must have a huge set of binoculars.

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