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Published: Sunday, Aug. 7 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Frisco, TX


If you read what you wrote in the Most Likely Scenario for BYU, the result is a 9 - 3 season, not a 8 - 4 season.

And even though, I'd love to see the Cougs go undefeated; I agree that 9 - 3 is probably a most likely scenario. The Cougs are very talented, but still very inexperienced. In 2012, they will be even better!

Captain L
Provo, UT

Best case senario undefeated, Heaps comes out smoking hot, and the D is stout and fired up. Most likely 10 & 2, Texas & TCU losses, worst case 6 &6. I prefer to remain optomistic until they prove otherwise.

Orem, Utah


CougFaninTx is correct: you can't add--you only listed three possible losses for BYU.

Also, you're giving the Utes too much credit. Their past history vs Pac-10 teams on the road is dismal, and that won't SUDDENLY change this year, considering how thin they are at QB, uproven they are at some key positions, and they're learning a new offense.

The Utes WON'T hit the ground running this year. They'll get a rude awakening to what it's like to play week in and week out against BCS-quality talent.

I predict 4 for-sure Ute losses: @ USC, @ BYU, @ Pitt, and @ Cal.

I see at least one more loss likely from the vs Washington, vs Oregon St, or @ Arizona games--maybe even two of those.

My predictions:

- BYU 10-2 at worst; likely 11-1
- Utes 7-5 at best; likely 5-7

Keep in mind that the Utes have 6 home games while BYU has 7, and the Utes DO have the tougher home schedule between the two schools, so THAT is an automatic plus 2 to 3 wins for BYU over Utah.

Nope, 8-4 for each team is NOT likely.

Orem, Utah

RE: my previous post...

Now, to be fair, the Utes' schedule has 10 of 12 games vs BCS schools, while BYU has only 4 of its 12 games vs them, although TCU can be considered as such (so, 5 of 12).

Still, UCF and Hawaii will be tougher games than over half of Utah's 10 BCS games. That gives the Utes a 8-7 advantage in opponent strength.

SOS-wise, we won't know until the season's over which team actually has the tougher schedule, although I'd give the nod to Utah because of the weak WAC teams BYU has on its schedule this year.

HOWEVER, that doesn't change my previous predictions, it just reinforces them (likely BYU 10-2, Utah 7-5).

Even so, if BYU goes undefeated, they'll justly earn a BCS bowl bearth, and might even do so at 11-1 if their one loss is to a team that's top 10 at regular season's end.

Good luck to the Utes. I do hope they run the table and make this great state proud. I just don't think it's likely, but I'll root for you, except on September 17th.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

My predictions:

BYU: 9-3, (lose to: Texas, Oregon State, Hawaii)

Utah: 5-7, (lose to: USC, BYU, Pitt, Arizona State, Arizona, Cal, Washington State)

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

I agree with the assessment for the Utes, but the assessment for the Cougars is very pessimistic. 8-4 is most likely for the Utes, but most BYU fans would be disappointed with an 8-4 season. I say 9-3 is most likely, and BYU has a good enough team to beat all 12 teams they face. 12-0 is best case scenario (you mention that in best-case BYU wins 2 of their first 3, but remember "best case" means things going in their favor-- 3-0 is definitely a possibility in best case), but for the sake of probability we can say 11-1. Speaking realistically it is not very likely at all for BYU to lose 7 games. They won't lose to Utah State this year.

In summary, I predict:

Utah: 10-2 best case, 4-8 worst case, 8-4 most likely
BYU: 11-1 best case, 6-6 worst case, 9-3 most likely

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

My prediction, some BYU fans will try and fail to convince the football world that a WAC light schedule is more grueling than a PAC 12 schedule. Not really a prediction as I have already witnessed it on these boards; about the funniest thing I have read in a long time; glad to see delusion alive and well.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

Sorensen risks very little by making these predictions- they'll probably all be wrong, and no one will care. Brilliant journalism.

During the upcoming college football season, I'd like to hear this phrase repeated week every week. "And that's why you play the game." -Chris Berman

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

flynn is the coolest | 11:01 p.m. Aug. 7, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

"I'd like to hear this phrase repeated week every week. "And that's why you play the game." -Chris Berman"

My predictions:

Utah and BYU will play all of their games.

Mark it down.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"My predictions:

Utah and BYU will play all of their games.

Mark it down."

I don't know, being physically present at the game and actually playing the game are two different things. For example, the Utah Jazz are scheduled for 84 games in the season and were there for 84 games, but they certainly didn't play 84 games. I really hope you're right.

Provo, UT

I'll give a crack:

BYU 9-3
Utah 7-5
Utah State 7-5
Weber State 5-7
SUU 7-4

Provo, UT

Weber State 4-7...

Fort Worth, Texas


Heaps still hasn't scored 17+ points on the road vs. above .500 defense.

@Ol Miss
@Dallas vs TCU

If Heaps lives up to the hype BYU goes 4-1 if not 1-4 vs the teams above. Or hope that all those teams are bad. BYU is looking at a 10-2 season if Heaps is the real deal else 8-4.

Utah is looking at an 8-4 season.2

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

My predictions:

Utah: 10-2 (losses to USC and ASU) They go to the CCG and barely lose to Oregon by 7 in Autzen Stadium. Really, there isn't a game on the schedule that Utah can't win. 2 losses are most likely.

BYU: 9-3 (losses to Texas, Utah, and TCU) After tough losses at the beginning of the season BYU finds their identity and wins against the "great" teams toward the end of their season. I really don't see a lot of wiggle room here. Maybe 1 game either higher or lower. I really don't see BYU losing more and I don't see them winning less.

Utah St: no predictions. I just hope that they win enough to get out of WAC and into a better conference. Even MWC is better than the dying WAC.

Iowa City, IA

Reembering last year I'm pretty sure USU will be a pushover. If I remember correct, BYU was young and unmotivated. The Aggies won't meet a "pushover" BYU. This will be BYU's first shutout of the year.

Salt Lake City, UT

My prediction:

BYU 11-1

Utah 7-5

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

There's nothing wrong with Sorensen's math.

He said, "The Cougars will likely split their first four games and only win two of the three games against Oregon State, TCU and Hawaii."

That means three losses in those particular games he mentioned... not the entire season. Clearly, he accounts for one more loss somewhere else on the schedule.

Providence, UT

"Reembering last year I'm pretty sure USU will be a pushover. If I remember correct, BYU was young and unmotivated. The Aggies won't meet a "pushover" BYU. This will be BYU's first shutout of the year."

I wouldn't say that USU will be a pushover. With all the injuries they had last year they still handed it to BYU pretty good.

Salt Lake City, UT


Bluffdale, UT

Utah - I agree with Mike that the post season is likely the Sun Bowl, perhaps with North Carolina or if AZ steps up this year the Utes could get pushed to the Holiday Bowl, perhaps with Texas. Utah 8-4

But, I don't agree that the Utes will find the PAC-12 to be more difficult. The move from the MWC means Utah gives up games; #7 Boise State, #15 TCU, #30 Air Force and takes on #26 AZ State and USC, #32 AZ, #46 Oregon State, and #48 Washington. The Utes have game for this conference.

Hoping the original BCS Busters humiliate their BCS opponents in the first year. If not, the BCS will do a big, "Told you so, non-AQ schools can't compete week after week at our level." Shutting and locking the door to a playoff and this time throwing away the key.

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