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Published: Sunday, Aug. 7 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I agree with Coach Chow. I have always wondered why so many people were making a big deal of the lack of experience at QB.


Alex Smith was "just" a backup QB who worked out ok, dontcha think?

South Jordan, UT

Brett Ratliffe was a stud qb when he broke his hand on the last play of the game against Texas A & M. Alex Smith came in and filled in nicely. Most programs have very little experience at backup and players adapt once given an opportunity.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ok, go ahead an minimize the issue...I have to laugh about all of this, especially when all the Ute coaches just about had coronaries when Mr Wynn down after after someone accidently knock him over after a play. Don't downplay how important that Mr. Wynn stays healthy. Ya'll have nobody to come in to fill in without alot of grief and pain it will bring...better yet losses!

It is good to have depth at every position (see the TDS). 3 deep at every position...nice time to have a solid program without any question marks...go Cougars!

Orem, Utah

College football is replete with backups coming in unannounced due to injury to the starter and having a great career in his place. Others can't carry their team at all, so the team tanks for the rest of that year.

Sure, it'd help to have an experienced backup, but even that's no guarantee.

Therefore, inexperienced backups is a non-issue because you don't know until you open the box of chocolates just what you're going to get.

Salt Lake City, UT

How many complete games does Riley Nelson have?
How much "experience" did he really get during the Bronco Wheel-O'-Quarterbacks experiment?

Bountiful, UT

I'd take a good-great backup QB with no experience any day over a mediocre-average back up QB. I think that was our biggest problem last year. Although I like Cain personally he wasn't anything more that a mediocre-average QB.

Wynn got injured and even though Cain had the experience, it didn't help.

Highland, UT

Well chow is correct when he says the backups at most schools don't have much experience. They are backups after all. So the real issue isn't if they have experience, the issue is are they any good?

If they are good then they can come in and perform adequately if the starter is injured and if they have to play for several weeks, or the remainder of the season, they will improve as they play.

So that gets us to the real issue for utah, are their backups any good? Thus far none of them has shown anything. shreve was awful in the spring and the fact that the jc transfer appears to already be ahead of him shows he isn't much good. The jc transfer? Well the school he was origninally going to was some school in Nebraska none of us has ever heard of that dropped football.

So in short utah fans chow is simply dodging the question with his claim that not many backups have much experience. Of course they don't. What you don't hear from him is that the backups at utah are any good. I'd be worried about that fact.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Awh Ducky is back with his dower forebodings for the Utes. It's like a black cloud following the program when he speaks. Thank goodness it is all just the wishful thinking on his part, a fan of the mid major team in Provo, with nothing better to do than troll U of U stories. You are legend Ducky with your Debbie Downer attitude.

Wiley Old School

Duckhunter, how come you aren't honoring your promise to not post on Ute articles for a full year? The key word is "honor." When does the clock start?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Good points Duckhunter. You are dead on about Wynn's backups...go no further than that 7-0 nail-biter in the Utes spring game, as evidence to show how ugly things could get. As fragile as J. Wynn is, I'd be dang scared if I were a Ute fan right now...they are 1 hit away from a complete disaster for their inaguraly PAC10.2 season.

Yes, the Utes could actually be pretty good this year, especially on defense, but offense? Based on how they crashed and burned at the end of last season, and return less experience than what they ended the season with is just plain scary...

Good thing I cheer for the best team in the State of Utah (TDS) that has plenty to be excited for the coming season ahead, and for years to come.

Go Cougs!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Rock of the Marne, Wiley Old School:

A whole post dedicated to a "mid-maajor troll"?

I thought you were BCS Rock.

Maybe you can move past the duckhunter?

Many back-up QB's have replaced a starter and done well. The key is to keep Wynn safe and prepare the best with the personnel that you have. I'm sure Chow is on top of it. That is why they pay him the $$$.

I'll personally scratch this off my list of things to worry about.

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT


***You are dead on about Wynn's backups...go no further than that 7-0 nail-biter in the Utes spring game, as evidence to show how ugly things could get.***

You see, that would only be accurate if both of the backups were actually in the Spring game. Jon Hays just joined Utah for Fall Camp.

***and return less experience than what they ended the season with is just plain scary...***

Didn't Ducky just say that experience isn't that big of a deal? So, you agreed with him and then now you don't? I don't get it.

***Good thing I cheer for the best team in the State of Utah (TDS)***

Yep, 7-6 is better than 10-3 (last year's record), 512 better than 627 (all time wins), 56% TDS is better than 58% Utah (all time win %), and 34 better than 54 (head to head). Logic dictates that I cheer for the best team in the State of Utah, Utah!!!

P.S. Thank you for your interest. I know that I'm sure excited to see them play in PAC12 games this year. Go Utes!!!

Sandy, UT

Good ol' norm telling half-truths again. He is correct that most college teams don't have backup QB's with experience. What he's not telling you though is that nearly all college teams have QB backups with more than 5 min in the program. Most college team's backup QB at least knows the name of his offensive linemen and the plays he's supposed to run.

Be afraid ute fans. If wynn goes down, your already pathetic offense will grind to a halt completely.

South Jordan, Utah

I guarantee you Utah is concerned about the quarterback position. First of all Wynn is a concern. Only time will tell but he HAS to perform. And if he goes down then all bets are off.

Springville, UT

Ducky, you are dead on and it's hilarious to see several of these Ute fans just brush this so called 'non-issue' off, all because Coach Chow says it's normal.

We all know that Chow and company about had a heart attack when Wynn went down last week. Heck, they will probably have "Life Flight' helicopters on standby for something like this in the future. Wynn goes down, start the helicopters for Chow and several fans.

The Spring Red / White game revealed the weakness at the position and last week's collision exposed again the precipitious position the Utes are in.

Sure Chow is right about the backup experience equation but simply excusing the current situation as something as normal and acceptable does not make it go away for the Utes.

Wynn is 10x the QB over Shreeve and everyone will be having a cow if something happens to Wynn. Watching every game with the fear of knowing your one and only good QB is all that you got brings a certain 'cliff hanger' element to each game.

Really puts the pressure on the O line to do something outstanding everytime. We shall see.

I'm not worried about BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't like how Coach Chow is minimizing Utah's backup QB situation. Yes, most programs don't have experienced backups, but the problem for Utah goes much deeper. We have an injury-prone junior QB who's never played an entire season and missed all of spring practice after surgery on his throwing shoulder. We have have two backups who were given starters' reps all spring, and both looked horrible. If Wynn goes down, we're in serious trouble at QB.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Kam Ute: that was Brett Elliott who went down in the Texas A&M game, he left the program the following year. Ratliff came in when Brian Johnson was injured near the end of the game against New Mexico and then, in his first start, led Utah to a road win against BYU and then an Emarald Bowl victory over Georgia Tech. I think this is an example of experience not being an issue. Any team that has a big separation between the starter and the back up has concerns about injury. Sometimes the back up picks up the ball and rolls with, sometimes they don't.

I am sure USC, Stanford, Oregon, ASU, UA all have similar concerns if their starter goes down.

South Jordan, Utah

So if Wynn flops and the backup quarterbacks struggle, you can always turn to your experienced running backs!

Seriously guys, I don't know how anyone can feel confident going into this season. I am afraid that Utah's performance on the field very well could show PAC-10.2 to be accurate.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

A backup with no experience is still better than a backup named Riley Nelson. Anyone remember 31-16 Utah State?

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