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Published: Sunday, Aug. 7 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Nobody, and I mean nobody deserves to be re-elected.

Lehi, UT

Jim Matheson is a true statesman. He isn't beholden to an extreme faction like the other elected officials in Utah. Matheson is a conservative in the truest sense. An extremist is not a conservative. 1300 delegates control the voice of 3 million Utahns every time a Republican is elected from our state. A Republican who runs as a Democrat, like Matheson, can listen to the 3 million. Which is the true representative?

Kurt Matthia
Pleasant Grove, UT

"I don't think that the activists in the Republican Party reflect the opinion of the average Utah Republicans," Matheson told the Deseret News.

Amen! I say "Go for it!" you'll get my vote although I've voted mostly Republican until the last election. The Republican leadership and currently elected officials in Utah live in a fantasy land. If it takes raising taxes and cutting the military industrial complex to preserve our social safety network, so be it.

DR Hall
Clearfield, UT

To get America back on track we need elected officials that put America's needs first rather than Party wishes. To ressurect this country and economy we need to things and those are a big sized jobs program for the millions of people out of work and for the business comunity tp pay their far share of taxes, federal and state. Companies need to pull outsourced jobs back into the US and fill those jobs here. We need to replace those whom advocate the building of foreign countries over the building of the USA now. I don't know if Matheson has enough courage to do the right things at the national level and he has been there for a while. He needs to communicate to the Whit House that Obama needs to stand up to the Republicans and for Americans.

Park City, Ut

perhaps Utahans are starting to wake up to the fact that if you are going to throw out the incumbent, do not replace him/her with someone equally as incompetent or someone worse. Maybe, just maybe, having an "R" by your name will no longer guarantee your election in Utah? Maybe we've grown up? I'm sure most Utahans have seen the "bang-up" job the tea-party has done and are starting to think twice about who they vote for? We can only hope so!

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

How the US got into the financial mess we're in, since 2000--and yes, it looks like a spending problem without additional revenue.

Why am I posting this? Because we all need to wake up, and start paying for what we what our country to do. If we want war, why are we also cutting taxes? If we want seniors to have drug benefits, why do we still cut taxes?

2001 and 2003 tax cuts: $1.7 trillion
Borrowing costs for new legislation: $1.4 trillion
Other new domestic spending: $1.3 trillion
Iraq and Afghanistan: $1.3 trillion
2009 Recovery act: $789 billion
Other new tax cuts: $678 billion
Other new defense spending: $663 billion
2010 Dec tax cuts: $391 billion
Medicare Part D: $272 billion
TARP: $16 billion

Salt Lake City, UT

I've voted for Hatch 3 times in a row, but his obsession with protecting the wealthy's tax breaks will cost him my vote next election.

As for Matheson, I believe his record shows that he's a moderate whose views align with the views of most middle ground Utahn's, he'll get my vote again.

I will also never vote for anyone backed by the tea party, I believe that their primary goal is protecting the wealthy and everything after that is not really that important.

Somewhere in Utah, UT

to LBU | 1:36 a.m. Aug. 7, 2011

You said: "Funny, I would say that Chaffetz is only interested in doing what is best for Utah and for the country."

In truth, just the reverse is true. Chaffetz has proven, time after time, that he doesn't give a fig about what is best for Utah or the country. He just cares about political gamesmanship and power. He would send the country right dow the toilet if it would enhance him politically. Even Hatch (someone for whom I have no use) would be better than Chaffetz.


The numbers in polls depend on who you ask. One day the numbers favor on person, the next day another.To be truly definitive you need a large number of people from a broad spectrum of the public. Poll numbers should be take with a grain of salt. As you can tell from the comments on this venue, there a lots and lots of differing opinions.

Salt Lake City, UT

The drum beat goes on for moderation, compromise. It is incessant. Whenever the middle threatens the elite's vision of where the country should go. Any other vision than the elite's is EXTREME. What is needed now is leadership, courage, and vision to form a new consensus that will improve the economy, reinvigorate the private sector, reinvigorate small businesses with new capital sources, stop the exploding cost of medical treatment and education, save Soc. Sec, Medicare, and Medicaid. This is what the people voted for with Mr. Obama and did not receive. Standard and Poor's is the poll we should listen to. They down graded the country's credit rating, and the plan on the table that they indicated would have prevented this was cut, cap, and balance. There may be other plans, but this was the only one of those being discussed that met their criteria to avoid the downgrade. They know as we all should that the problem is not the debt ceiling, but the DEBT. If Mr. Matheson has such qualities, the pass record does not show it. So, he needs to come forward with something in the next 6 months or join Hatch in retirement.

Provo, UT

I'm pretty sure that the #1 priority for Jim Matheson AND Orrin Hatch is to get re-elected. They are Politicians FIRST and Representatives SECOND.

Logan, UT

"They are Politicians FIRST and Representatives SECOND."
The problem is that the people of Utah/Delegates continually put POLITICIANS into office because the people that behave like representatives and do what is best for the country in times of crisis (Bob Bennett) are rejected by the political process in Utah. We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Saint George, UT

OK so I just copied this so I sould send it back to you after Matheson looses for whatever he runs for. Pretty much cannot figue out if you folks believe this or you had nothing else to print.

Jimmy James
Salt Lake City, Ut

I consider myself conservative / republican, but I would be happy to vote for Matheson in whatever race he chooses to run.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope he does run for the Senate, then maybe we can be rid of him.

terra nova
Park City, UT

I would not vote for Jason Chaffetz for Dog Catcher. He is a prima donna (and a political opportunist) with an ego larger than Utah. Plus, I like dogs.

terra nova
Park City, UT

Hatch IS pandering to the tea-party (but only because he knows that they are over-represented at the State Republican Convention). You don't survive as long as he has without understanding political reality.

If middle-of-the-road Republicans want to change the direction of the GOP in Utah, they MUST get involved at the grass roots level. (Mattheson is a decent guy, but he is much more of a Hillary C. Democrat than you might guess.) We "middle of the roaders" MUST go to neighborhood caucuses (and bring all our friends) so we can be elected as State and County Delegates and sway our state away from special interests so locked into one point of view that they CANNOT and WILL NOT consider any kind of compromise.

The simple-minded rhetoric of the extreme-right led to short-sighted political brinksmanship and grandstanding on the debt ceiling. This was money already spent! We had no choice but to pay. But when Senators and Congressmen openly wonder if we should default... it leads to S&P downgrading US Credit. The stock market declines. The loss of perceived wealth leads to contraction and economic recovery dies. And we suffer.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

just another comment about Matheson, Name one thing he has ever been for and led the charge on, htere isn't anything. Jim is not a leader, he is a politician. This country and this state needs leaders. We need someone with good ideas and the will to get them passed. Jim does what he needs to to get re-elected.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

O brother! He is running on the merits that he alone voted Yes on August 1st rather than... I'm with the GOP in Utah (wish more of our reps in Colorado had done so) in voting NO. First, because the default was the better choice... along with letting the "too big to fail" banks go belly up two years ago. And second, the Aug bill is seriously flawed.

Bottom line, the government needs to balance it's annual budget no matter who it hurts or effects. We need to live as a nation on what we have. And the debt not only shouldn't be added to, but needs to get paid off. Again, national, macro economic scale, 14 trillion plus in debt means we are an impoverished nation already... and passing that bill on to future generations is cowardly, immoral and a national embarrassment.

We need to let the house of cards collapse, face the consequences, and then, as Americans, rebuild from the ashes. But that can't happen so long as politicians and the electorate that put them there, are afraid to do what is right and lead us in taking our medicine.

Lehi, UT

Great! Anybody but Hatch! Anyone who has been in Washington for more than 3 decades needs to be removed! I believe in term limits, and politicians who have been in office as long as Hatch, have lost touch with reality.

However, I do not particularly care for Matheson. Essentially I think we should first kick out every politician in DC and impose term limits. It is time for our political leaders to stop playing politics and worrying about their future careers in their respective parties and start worrying about how we are going to pay for the $61.6 trillion future UNFUNDED liabilities our government has to some how pay. If anyone thinks they are going to fund that with ONLY tax hikes or expense cuts they are crazy, confused, and oblivious to reality.

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