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Published: Sunday, Aug. 7 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Hatch needs to go but Matheson would guarantee that Utah would lose.


From the article:
"Orrin Hatch and Jason Chaffetz have shown that they're only interested in doing what's best for their own careers and the special interests they represent in Washington," said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee press secretary Shripal Shah. "Utah voters want an independent senator that puts Utah first and is willing to take on their own party Democrat or Republican to do what's right for Utah."

Funny, I would say that Chaffetz is only interested in doing what is best for Utah and for the country. He has bucked the GOP establishment and supported unpopular legislation, not so he could get reelected, but so he can save our Republic from drowning in debt. I like him because he does what is right, not what is always popular. Too bad I can't say the same for Hatch.

Clearfield, UT

Senator Hatch has sold his soul to the tea party. He needs to stand on his principles and defend his record, not run from it. I am a Republican who would vote for Matheson. Boehner and Obama had a debt deal worked out that was far better than what finally passed. The tea party de-railed it because of provisions to eliminate corporate tax breaks and close tax loopholes that benefited the wealthiest of Americans. If the Repubs kick Hatch out in the caucuses it could cost them dearly. The tea party is falling out of favor. This country is screaming for an end to the extreme partisanship being promoted by talk radio and those on the far right. Unfortunately many in the tea party refuse to listen. It's tine politicians of both parties grew up and realize that you can't always have your way on everything. There are times you have to put the best interests of the country ahead of party loyalty and political ideology.


Quoting from the article:
"For Matheson, his "yes" vote to raise the debt ceiling on Aug. 1 is a prime example of the problem-solving pragmatism he believes most voters crave. Unlike Utah's four Republicans in Congress, Matheson decided as a matter of principle that a flawed bill to increase the debt limit was immensely better than the alternative a government default."

All those YES votes surely did a great job of fixing our economy. And once again the media plays the same old lie - "a government default".

Matheson did not contribute to the solution to the problem as he later admits, but in fact contributed to increasing the problem by adding even more debt. He is going the wrong way to fix economic problems.

Thank him for contributing to the down-grading of our credit rating. Can we trust him with the "credit card"? If he does not have America as his first interest, then we are all in trouble! His voting record says he does not.

If the debt limit had not been increased, the US could have still not defaulted on its debts by simply doing away with some of the "give away" programs.

Uinta Basin, Utah

One thing is for sure, if the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee press secretary doesn't like our Senators they must be doing their job and representing the views of those of us that voted for them. I'm no "special interest" but they have represented me pretty well since the last election and that certainly is best for their careers.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

With Congress has a 82% disapproval rating, why would we want to vote for any incumbent in 2012 regardless of their political party?

Tooele, UT

I would vote for Hatch again before I would put Matheson in..I have seen what the Democrats have done in the White House these last 2 and a half years and I don't like it :(

City, Ut

"I don't think the activists in the Republican party reflect the average Utah Republican. " AMEN.

Santa Clara, UT

Why replace someone who has been there too long with someone else who has been there too long? Cut, cap, balance and recycle with someone new.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

If Matheson could barely pull off a win in his Congressional district (heavily democratic), how could he win in a statewide contest?

It would be interesting to see if this latest "poll" is simply another "push poll" similar to the ones used to advocate for illegal immigrant amnesty.

We all know that the lamestream media is uncomfortable (to say the least)with the Republican party, but are they NOW starting to openly advocate for particular candidates from the opposing political party?

Vincentown, NJ

Do the moderates have a plan for repaying the principle on 14 Trillion dollars? No? I didn't think so. Democrats have fought reforms in every arena: the borders, the schools, entitlements. Enough.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

His chances are better with the backlash over the tea party debt ploy and the refusal to let the Bush tax cuts expire.

Boise, ID

Voices of reason the man says. Then why is he a Democrat? If ever there was a reason to jump parties is has to be because Barack Obama and company have messed our country up so badly that even a traditional moderate has zero chance to have an impact on anything meaningful. Democrats are kept so tightly under control that sending another one back to DC just continues the death spiral Obama and the Democrats have put us into.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Trillion Dollar Jim" Matheson is part of the problem in Washington, not part of the solution.

Although recently he has broken with the party of Pelosi a couple of times on spending, and notably DID vote for Cut Cap and Balance, he remains part of the Democrat machine that has gotten us into this spending mess.

We cannot count on Matheson to really make the changes in spending needed to get us out of this mess, so moving him from the House to the Senate would be just sending our kids additional bills to pay for the rest of their lives.

Jimmy needs to get out of the family political business and get a real job.

Hatch needs to retire with dignity, as he must not be reelected.

Jason Chaffetz would be a great Senator, and has shown his willingness and ability to actually fight to chance Washington, while Hatch only tells us how great he will do next time after meager accomplishments the last 36 years.

The headline for this story should have been "Chaffetz or Matheson could win Utah Senate race."

Most Truthful and Patriotic
Layton, UT

As a UTAHN, I'd proudly support Matheson against Hatch.

Sugar City, ID

"In this world of a more and more polarized debate, most people want elected officials to be constructive and pragmatic and try to solve problems and make progress."

This is what we wanted in the last election - get rid of party bickering and gridlock. Americans are putting too much faith in talk show hosts. Look at their ratings and their messages. There is no reason why we cannot study issues for ourselves and that includes listening, carefully and thoughtfully, to other points of view.

Orem, UT

Polls schmolls. Polls are used to generate news and influence opinion. Notice that such news articles rarely if ever publish the internals within the article. You have to go hunting elsewhere for the info. I did, but couldn't find anything. (To Deseret News: Please at least provide a link to the info in the article. Thanks!)

In Utah, such polls are generally SLC-centric. Matheson does well in SL county, but he would be wiped out everywhere else. There is little chance Matheson becomes Governor, and even less chance he becomes Senator.

durwood kirby
South Jordan, UT

"Chaffetz...He has bucked the GOP establishment and supported unpopular legislation". There's a reason it's unpopular. It's unwise.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

this is a funny poll. Matheson will probably not be re-elected in the the third district but yet you would have him winning a state election. You call jim a moderate but in reality he doesn't really step on utahn's toes unless he absolutely has to, he avoids conflict for his own good. Matheson has done nothing for the third district. writers at this newspaper really should get out and due some probing instead of sitting back and offering opinions. this is not an opinion paper, it is a news paper.

Woods Cross, UT

Run for Governor, Matheson, run!

You could be the political independent that we know you really are and you wouldn't have to deal with Nancy Pelosi. That alone would save you money on antacids!

You could help resolve the wilderness/public lands debate by arm-wrestling the extremists on both sides!

You could defend public education from the radicals while demanding fiscal responsibility and academic success from the school districts.

You could help keep nuclear waste out of Utah, something you truly care about!

You could go down as the greatest governor since your father.

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