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Published: Saturday, Aug. 6 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Like cold clear mountain water on a hot summer day.

Boise, ID


Ann Arbor, MI

if you're a bYu fan....you learned nothing from this report.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Not from your posts either.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"if you're a bYu fan....you learned nothing from this report."

And what did you learn hedgehog? My experience in the past year or so is that you don't learn anything.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Great article for getting excited about BYU football. I hope to see another one every day for the next month.

hedgie....a true expert on nothing. Since your not a BYU fan, how would you know if BYU fans learned anything?

Frisco, TX

Everything I need to know (about the Cougars), I learned from the D News.

I learned that BYU is playing two pre-season ranked opponents and the Utes are playing none.

I learned that BYU has 10 games on ESPN and Utah has 1.

I learned that BYU has their own TV network and the Utes do not.

I learned that BYU knows who is going to be running the ball (RB) and the Utes do not.

I learned that BYU has a back-up plan at QB (just in case) and the Utes do not. Hopefully, neither team will have to use.

I learned that BYU is deeper at every position than they've ever been, and the Utes are still trying to fill in holes.

I learned that most experts believe BYU will be much improved over last year, and there are a lot of concerns on the hill about Wynn's shoulder, the offensive line, who will play RB, and whether the offense will grasp Chow's new offense.

I learned I can't wait until Sept 17. Go Cougs!

Provo, UT

"if you're a bYu fan....you learned nothing from this report. "

It's HIGHLY doubtful that you never read this report. You just have an addiction to post on any BYU article regardless of the story.

Murray, UT

At last it officially begins, 2011 fall camp is underway! 4 weeks until kickoff against Ole Miss, cant wait!

Go Cougars!!!

Las Vegas, NV

Glad to see Chambers out there. Some young men get angry, embarrassed and leave. Others get right, get better and stay. O'Niel is a fine young man for staying.

Saint George, UT

Enthusiasm was even high among little brothers. Always so interested in what big brother is doing.

Captain L
Provo, UT

This should be an exciting yr for cougar fans, I said from the first time I saw Heaps that he could be the best QB we have ever had and that is saying alot, but I still believe that to be true. Time will tell but there is alot of reason for high hopes. If the D can come out playing as well as they finished the season last yr, this could be a magical season. There is reason to smile.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

The O-line sounds deep and solid, that means the offense should be productive.

Go Cougs!

Heber City, UT

Oh, hedgehog, you are so predictably wrong.

Las Vegas, NV

@CougFaninTX, learning is fun!! Just a few things that you might have missed:

Utah will play 10 BCS opponents, BYU will play 4.

The BYU-Utah game is the second or third most important game for BYU this year, but for Utah, the rivalry game ranks 11th of the 12 games scheduled.

Utah is a BCS school, BYU is not.

Utah will play in a BCS conference, BYU will not.

The preseason USA Coaches Poll has Utah ranked 28th with 50 points. BYU is ranked 43rd with 5 points.

I am disappointed with the article, where is the one stat that is actually very important to Provo fans and will create an amazing amount of buzz over absolutely nothing:

Who ran up Y mtn the fastest? So important!

Mission Viejo, CA

Ole Miss, here I come. Looking forward to a great year.

I'm also looking forward to UW's 2nd year with Sark as coach. My guess is better than last, and don't they play Utah in Seattle? I'll have to watch that one if it is on TV.

Go Cougs and Go Dawgs! Beavers, too (except for two games, UW and BYU).

Orem, UT


"Utah will play 10 BCS opponents, BYU will play 4."

Except for sanction-crippled USC, NONE of Utah's 9 PAC 12 opponents had a better record than BYU last season; and all but two of them had worse records.

BYU will play two pre-season Coaches poll Top 25 teams.

Utah will play none.

Utah is a BCS conference member, but so are Duke, Washington State, Indiana, Iowa State and a bunch of other BCS conference cellar dwellers.

Didn't Utah get DESTROYED by two non-BCS teams last season?

It's going to be fun beating up on one of BYU's four "BCS" opponents on September 17th!



I love commenting on the articles of the eleventh most important team on my teams schedule too........what a moron.

Mcallen, TX

Thornhog, I read an article on the utes. I posted a question about you and nobody knows who you are. Maybe you can learn how to be a ute or Irish and keep your posts there. Adios.

Clearfield, UT


learning really is so much fun isn't it?

Here's the dirty little secret about Utah's BCS opponents that you and all the other ute fans don't want us to know: Utah's 9 PAC 12 opponents record last year was ...wait for it... da da da da 45-62. So beat your chest all you want about the BCS teams on the schedule.

We heard incessantly from Ute fans that after the Utes were picked to finish 3rd in their division that preseason polls don't mean anything. So which is it? You get to tout the USA today coaches poll for the preseason 28 spot, but sweep the PAC 12 poll from media day under the rug?

BYU has RB's who between them played a single down of D1 college football. Utah does not.

BYU has a backup quarterback who has played at least a down of D1 college football. Utah does not.

BYU has an offensive coordinator who hasn't been fired by 3 other schools Utah does not.

Utah can be seen on KJZZ BYU cannot.

Btw, if BYU is only the 11th most important game on your schedule, what are you doing on a BYU article?

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