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Published: Saturday, Aug. 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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holladay, utah


Start when everyone is very young. Keep it going. Make them believe they are the most worthy on earth and ... Presto! You can even justify child abuse.

Hurricane, UT

What would happen do you think if Pres. Monson came out with an edict that anyone not paying tithing, or was breaking the word of wisdom or if someone wouldn't allow his 12 year old daughter to be married to a "Worthy Priesthood Holder" of President Monson's choosing (more than likely himself), not only to be excommunicated, but have his wife and children reassigned to a quote "Worthy Priesthood Holder" and oh by the way, we're taking your house that you built, bought and paid for? And if you don't like it, well.....too bad. Now go repent from far away. He might let you back at some time in the future but you won't get your family back.

What do you think the US Attorney General would do if Utah did nothing? Well folks that's Warren Jeffs who has been unchecked until now and the Utah court system still hasn't made anything stick. How sick is that?

It's not a matter of freedom of religion. It's a matter of a criminal not being brought to justice in Utah.

Thank God for Texicans who know the difference between right and wrong and know how to make it stick.

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