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Published: Friday, Aug. 5 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Captain L
Provo, UT

I have high expectations for Heaps and this Cougar team, if Heaps can come out and continue to improve over last yr, I only see 1 or 2 losses for the season. There isn't a game we play this yr that we can't win. Games at Ol Miss & Texas will be tough and hard but both are winnable. Utah is always tough (at least they have been for about 10 yrs but I see the cougs winning by double digits, TCU, Oregon St, and Hawaii will be tough too but again those games are winnable and I would bet we will be favored in all of them except maybe TCU and even that could be a toss up. This team has more depth and better athletes than almost any team I can remember and that covers 50 + yrs. Should be an exciting yr.

Frisco, TX

Jake Heaps is going to be very good. But I think his offensive weapons will make him look even better than he really is. Hoffman, Apo and Quezada will be the primary weapons. Throw in solid production from Jacobsen, DiLuigi, Kariya and the TEs. This team will have a lot of games with 400+ yards of total offense, and some over 500. The offensive line will give Heaps the time he needs to find his targets and the holes the RB's need to find daylight.

Even with stout defenses like Texas and TCU, I don't see how they can cover every option.

The only thing that will limit Heaps' total yardage is that he may not be on the field in the fourth quarter againsts several of the teams.

I would still like to see Nelson in the game for a few plays each week to run the wildcat. Defenses wouldn't know what him them.

Lees Summit, MO

Let's see how they do against Texas and Miss before saying that they can't cover every option. You never know what may happen.

BYU should crow to much if they beat Ol Miss, it won't be like they played the top 4 in the SEC West.

Arlington, VA


It's funny how when Utah beat a "BCS" team in the past, regardless of how mediocre that team was -- see Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Michigan -- the Utes were out in force beating their chests about what a great victory it was because it was a "BCS" team.

Now, suddenly, they're making excuses why BYU possibly beating three BCS teams -- Ole' Miss, Texas, and Oregon State -- all on the road, really wouldn't be that big a deal.

Gotta laugh at the hypocrisy!

Of course, the Utes will be crowing if they manage to win the pathetic PAC 12 South with its strongest team crippled with sanctions.

Just a reminder of the stellar competition the Utes will be facing:

USC (on probation)
UCLA 4-8
Arizona 7-6
ASU 6-6
Colorado 5-7

Wow! Utah will have to beat out ONE team that had a winning record last season, and the Utes were given a free pass in the north by not having to play Oregon or Stanford.

Talk about a cake walk to the PAC 12 championship.

Provo, UT

"BYU should crow to much if they beat Ol Miss, it won't be like they played the top 4 in the SEC West."

Your right, it's just like utah beating a 3-9 Michigan team in 2008.

Hillsboro, OR

I'm still a big fan of Riley Nielson and hope that he can play in some form or another this season. I wouldn't want the same two QB system, but it would be so tough to stop if he could come in on short yardage or run plays. The guy is too much of an athlete to keep on the bench.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I recall watching BYU play either Washington or Washington State many years ago. McMahan was QB and BYU was not having much success in moving the ball.

Then a trick play...

McMahan pitched the ball to Steve Young who had lined up in the RB slot, he took a few steps then passed for a big gain.

That broke the game open.

Riley Nelson can run and throw the ball. He is too talented to let him just languish on the bench. Move him to running back and let him throw the ball once in a while.

Okay, maybe I am just nuts.

Captain L
Provo, UT

We don't need to worry about playing Nelson, just let Heaps get comfortable and have success and we will be fine. Bring Nelson in for mop up time and let him get some time but don't make a big deal about him.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I think a good way to use Nelson would be if the offense stalls for a few straight possesions for some reason, he could be a bit of a change of pace QB or something. Just a thought.


That last comment about Bronco 'allowing' his team to lose 4 of the first five at the beginning is pure Harmon. That dude is getting blue skin from all the kool-aid. He must not have been at the game up in Logan to see Bronco's deer-in-headlights look as they got pelted by a team of second stringers. Bronco LOST that team and had to throw a good man under the bus to right the ship. I used to love Bronco, and would read every word written about him. However, after the aforementioned incident and then hanging out all the assistant's jobs over the Christmas break while he went to Hawaii on vacation was an act of cowardice that made me hang up the Y hat until that fortuitous day in the future when he is finally run out of town.

Virginia Beach, Va

I wonder if Riley Nelson regrets the move to Provo ?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

@The Rock:

No - you are not nuts. At a very minimum, Riley Nelson would be a great decoy if he were put in the offense for certain situations. Lots of potential for some game deciding trick plays with him in the mix.

Providence, UT

I wonder how Riley Nelson will feel if the Ags win in Provo this year...

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Once you wake up, and realize you were dreaming, then you'll have to digest a 30 point stomping that your Aggies will recieve...beat BYU in Provo? That's a laugher...my prediction: 41-10 Cougs...take that to the bank.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

You can bet the farm that Riley Nelson will be in on some plays this year...nice option to have isn't it? Something Utah and Utah State can only dream of having. Jordan Wynn goes down, and the Utes are gonners. Utah State? Who is their QB? Oh, I forgot, he's now in Provo!

Alpine, UT


Great comment. You mentioned the free pass the Utes were given by not having to play Oregon or Stanford but don't forget, they do have to take on:

Washington St. 2-10
Washington. 7-6
Oregon St. 5-7

Clearly Ute fans have no room to talk about BYU's schedule this year since they don't exactly play the top four in the SEC West either.

Alpine, UT


Don't try to make us believe that you were ever a BYU or Bronco fan because you obviously are an Aggie with no love or appreciation for the Cougars. The fact is that the USU game was a critical turning point for BYU and the coaching changes that took place after that game and after the season not only have been and will be a huge benefit to the team, they were absolutely necessary. It takes a great leader to make difficult decisions that are needed for the organization to improve and move forward.

Meanwhile, enjoy last year's win. Maybe you'll be able to pull off another one in 17 more years!

Highland, UT

I can't wait to see Heaps this year. He's going to be amazing and a great leader!



We don't need fair-weather fans like u. Go cheer for the aggies in Logan.

As for me and my house, we will stay faithful to BYU forever!

Go Cougars!

Orem, Utah

BYU's success this year will ride more on Doman's ability to call plays than any other SINGLE factor. That's a SINGLE factor I'm talking about.

If Doman can mix it up enough to keep opposing defenses off balance WEEK AFTER WEEK, then BYU could go undefeated. The offensive talent and experience are that solid this year. With Bronco at the defensive helm, no issues there.

Of course, if key players get injured, that could change everything. BYU isn't that deep (experienced) at certain positions, like QB, to take such a hit and go undefeated.

Here's too a successful start at Ole Miss (drink up on that pickle juice, guys!).

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