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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 3 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Limiting Wynn to 100 throws per day is a good idea. You don't want to re-aggravate the injury. What if Chow and Whitt are smarter than us all and Wynn being limited in the Fall practice is also a good way to get a backup ready should he go down? Whitt always is thinking one step ahead. Having Chow at Utah is going to be great. Can't wait until Fall Camp opens up today.

Go Utes!!!

Richmond, VA

I'm very wary of my fellow BYU fans who underestimate Wynn's effectiveness since his injury. I do hope Bronco and the Cougs will not make the same mistake. I would love to see the 9/17 game be Utah's only loss. It'll be interesting to see what happens though. Go Cougs! Go Utes! May the better team wins...and we'll soon find out.

Rexburg, ID

As a long time BYU fan and having known Norm at BYU, I wish him, Coach Whittingham, nothing but the best. I am also excited to see Independence come to BYU. Should be a great time to support both excellent programs.


Since his arrival as an assistant at Utah, Chow has added some wrinkles to the offense

Poor choice of words. ;)

Kearns, UT

If you've listend to Chow speak since coming on campus, what's interesting is that he really is not concerned about the QB position. He is very comfortable with Wynn and thinks he'll be very good. Limiting his throws to start camp proves that.

Now RB and OL, Chow continually brings those areas up as places they need to have guys step up at.

Irvine, CA

Can't wait to see Chow's offense on the field although I understand that going from a 7.5 to a 10 might not happen overnight --ie Utes fans should be patient.

South Jordan, Utah

So what is Chow going to say - that Wynn stinks???

Wynn is going to have to be the leader of this team and carry them into the PAC12 and I am not convinced he can do it.

Only time will tell.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I am still concerned about Wynn. Not because I don't think he is a good QB but because with inexperienced O-Linemen and RB's, he might have too much pressure placed on his shoulders. I also hope they can find a solid backup QB on their roster and get him a few reps during fall camp.

Las Vegas, NV

The real question is what is the state of Chow's coaching? Was UCLA just a slump or was it the beginning of the end for Norm Chow? Utah took a huge gamble by hiring him.

Gilbert, AZ

"Norm Chow has work to do..."

That's an understatement. You don't really think that the Pac 10 added Utah to improve the strength of the conference did you? The 12th team just allows them to have a championship game and earn more $$ for the real strength in the conference. Exhibit #1 that they weren't looking to improve the strength of the conference is that they offered the 11th spot to Colorado...before settling for Utah at 12.

If Utah could only win 6 conference championships in 60 years in the WAC/MWC, what makes you think that they will step into the Pac and win the title?

Kearns, UT


He's been pretty outspoken about other positions. Yesterday when talking about not having a RB whose taken a D1 carry, his exact words were "pretty scary huh!" When talking about the O-Line, he's maintained that they have a good starting group but are very thin after that.

Since Spring he's been very high on Wynn and his ability to play the mental part of the game. Listening to him be very candid on other issues, I see no reason to not believe him.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I think that Utah can hold their own through the first part of the season, but the question lingers as to how long. I listen to 1280 the Zone quite a bit and I recall an interview with Norm Chow that said outside of the starting 5 on the offensive line there isn't a lot of depth on Utah's O-line. Utah has always had athletic WRs and decent RBs but their achilles heel has been their O-line depth and their QB, not good places to have weakness on offense.

If Utah's O-line can stay healthy and Jordan Wynn can avoid mistakes the Utes will be okay, but even if they do all stay healthy, can they play the whole game without rotating? What if there are injuries? I think that would be the scariest thing to me as a Utah fan. The RBs will be decent as well but how quickly will they get up to playing at D-1 speed, particularly Pac-12 D-1 speed? Utah might survive on offense this year, but might is the key word in that sentence.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Vegas, I don't see how bringing in Chow is any more of a risk than any other collegiate OC Whit could have brought in. In fact, I'd say he's MUCH LESS of a risk than most options.

West Jordan, UT

Wrinkles? I'm not an expert by any means, but going from the spread to a 2 WR, TE, and 2 RB set is a little bit more than a "wrinkle", isn't it? Yes, Wynn will be under center more...true. But in the spring Red/White game that I attended, the offense didn't look much the same as what I remember with 3-4 WR sets last year. You'll hear the coaches (Roderick last said it) that the Utes never had a 4 WR set last year. However, they used their TE more like a WR than a traditional TE and lined him in the slot....so in essense they had 4 WR's out there.

I'm still a bit wary of the system itself. CollegeFB goes in cycles. The Utes/Urban lead the spread craze, now they are going back. I think the spread has led more defenses to go to smaller, faster guys. I'm hoping the adjustment to smashmouth football again will combat that as linebackers that are now 210 lbs (as opposed to 240 15 years ago) won't be able to stop the power game Utah will be running. Time will tell!

Provo, UT

Something just looks odd in the attached photo-oh, it's the colors norm is wearing. Well, one never knows I guess...

Payson, UT

Exactly what ute4ever said.

Hillsboro, Oregon


See I would agree with you, if we all had not already seen Wynn play last season. His second year at the helm was really disappointing. People can say it was because of the offense he was running (Spread), but I dont remember ever seeing the triple option or QB draws, so it was not a true spread, more of a shotgun balanced air attack. The spread usually features a dual threat QB. (See Oregon, Auburn, ect.)
Some might say it was because of an injury he sustained early on, which is just making excuses, I mean if he had suffered through the injury all season long, what was the point of him sitting out of the Boise State game? Not adding up.

In my opinion, Wynn is not a bad Qb, but he doesn't have the tools to take the Utes to the next level. I am sure he will have a decent season, but he will have to be a real leader with all the new inexperienced players around him, and I just dont think he is.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this Travis Wilson kid starts as a Freshman next year.

Taylorsville, UT

Good thing BYU and Utah are parting conferences!! BYU's greatest Offensive coordinator now working for their biggest rival? OK Mendenhall, better come up with something!

Utah Man
Salt Lake City, UT

I am not buying the "why fix something that is not broke" argument. Our offense last season was awful when it counted most. A meaningless touchdown vs. TCU, a field goal at Notre Dame, and a field goal vs. Bozo. Of course the offense needed to be fixed, and I applaud Kyle for making the move.

West Jordan, UT

re: Black & Blue

You are right that last years option was a shotgun air attack. But with no running quarterback, the running game is nothing more than a fullback dive every time. EVERYONE knew Wynn wasn't running...and if he did, he wouldn't go far. He didn't require a defender's sole focus. That means the defense is up a guy. The whole spread system relies on a running quarterback that, in theory, gives the offense 1 more guy than the defense has to commit...giving them an advantage. That advantage is taken away without a running quarterback. The run option, which is what was run 95% of the time, didn't have an option so the entire defense focused on the RB. With no fullback to block, it was up to the RB for all of his yards. Bad system.

Wynn was injured, then reinjured in the BYU game. The reinjury..plus knowing the Utes would need him next year in their innagural PAC12 campaign....it all adds up if you know the facts.

However, if you think a freshman will replace a 3 year starter, your intelligence doesn't even merit a response.

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