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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 2 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Really? You had to throw Jimmer in the Headline?... Wow

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Not good to be from NY.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

jimmer is the only reason i would watch an nba game. college sports is so much more interesting.

Ute Fan In Utah
West Jordan, UT

How dare the NBA specifically target Jimmer like that.

Eagle Mountain, UT

What's the problem bones? Jimmer was named in the lawsuit. DN is a Utah based newspaper. Of course they will mention Fredette if it is legitimate.

Farmington, UT


You didn't even read the article, did you? I at first thought the same thing, that is was silly to include Jimmer's name in the headline since the NBA is suing all the players, but after further reading it makes sense and is interesting that Fredette was one of the few actual names listed in the lawsuit.

Just remember, reading is fun-da-men-tal.

Uncle Gadianton
Salt Lake City, Utah

When will Jimmer get respect? When will the NBA and ESPN recognize his endless talents and prostrate themselves at his feet? (assuming there's any room left that hasn't been taken by reporters/writers/acolytes/groupies from the DesNews, Trib, KSL, KUTV, KTVX, KSTU, etc., etc., etc.)

Layton, UT

Jimmer wants to run with the Big Thugs in the NBA, he signed on the dotted line, so this IS NOT "news" even for Utah.(anything to keep the readers, huh?)

Dallas, TX

It's no big deal. Get an attorney and file an answer.

Farmington, UT

Re: Uncle Gadianton

You're incorrect in your assessment that Jimmermania was a product of local media. It wasn't until ESPN starting showing his half-court buzzer beater against Utah over and over and over again did things really take off. They had an ongoing "Jimmer Update" throughout every SportsCenter that was on the same time as one of his games for crying out loud!!

Too bad all you haters missed and will miss out on all the greatness that is James Taft Fredette because you're blinded by irrational hate. Pity.

Salt Lake City, UT

Actually Giantfan I did read it. He is a player rep so as a technicality his name is on the actual lawsuit.... Wow thats amazing, what a thrilling tale. The meat of this story is that the NBA is suing the players union, the fact that Jimmer is named on the lawsuits is really nothing more than a semi-interesting side note for people in Utah.

I understand reporting stories about Jimmer that are actally saying something. But this is a very obvious attempt to get people to read a story that really dosen't say anything interesting.

PS.... im not a Jimmer hater I promise. This is just a little overboard on the Jimmer reporting.

Bountiful, UT

Television was destroyed when Reality TV was born. About the same time the NBA became a Reality TV show. Lots of finger pointing and blaming others when all are to blame. Now they are pointing fingers and blaming the kiddies who have not played a single game to bring in more problems. Misery loves company. The game has become scripted full of rigged games and mafia involed drama with the refs and the LA Fakers winning almost every year. If they won every year people would catch on so the NBA makes certain the Lakers lose just a few.
All the crazy marketing and salaries so high you could feed a large country with those salaries and players whining because it is not enough.
Commissioner David Stern has been ignorant too long and I hope the worst for the future of the NBA.
I have suffered long enough as a fan watching the game I once loved being destroyed.
I cant wait to see the NBA gone and a new leauge formed with players who just want to play basketball. All the crybabbies can go to Europe and other parts of the world and be their problem. Bye!

Fred Vader
Oklahoma City, OK

Actually, Egbert, Jimmer hasn't "signed on the dotted line" (i.e. not under NBA contract), which is why he had to be specifcally named in the lawsuit (i.e. to make sure he was inculded with the rest of the "Big Thugs").

Riverton, UT

To: Uncle Gadianton -- that would be "prostrate themselves at his feet..." face down to you. Acknowledge thy place in the presents of greatness!

Murray, UT

Nothing like getting Jimmered.....er...er..huh....sued.

Jody Genessy

Bones...Jimmer is not a player rep. He and the other rookie were listed because they are residents of New York and are not under contract with the NBA.

That is why it's newsworthy - not to mention - Jimmer's celebrity status in Utah and the U.S.

Take a few names out of the lawsuit and it becomes, "Jazz Basketball Investors, Inc. vs. James Fredette." That's also kind of funny.

Farmington, UT

Re: Bones

Are you sure you read the article? Because it said he was named in the lawsuit because he is not under contract and he's a native of New York and the lawsuit was filed in the state of New York.

Like I said, Fun-Da-Men-Tal

But you're right, they put his name in there to get people to read. So what? They're a business and Jimmer is still a pretty big thing around here. You certainly didn't have to read it, let alone comment.

P.S. Fredette is not a player rep.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Jimmer hasn't even played one NBA game and he's already causing trouble. The Kings must already have buyer's remourse but at least the Jazz dodged a bullet by not drafting the trouble maker.

West Valley, UT

Uh oh, Jimmer got Jimmered.

Farmington, UT

Leave it to DJJazzJody to beat me to it...

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