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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 2 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

so the dems are willing to sacrifice $200 million a week to repay their union bosses - uh, I mean, to make it easier for unions to force themselves onto workers and into their pockets

Salt Lake City, UT

'WASHINGTON Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Democrats are willing to give in to House demands in order to end the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration.' - ARticle

And what is the republican party willing to do?

"According to the Pew Economic Policy Group, an extension of all of the Bush tax cuts will cost $3.1 trillion over ten years, once the costs of servicing the debt are factored in."

Give tax cuts to the wealthy!

Shut down the FAA
Shut down the police
Shut down the fire department

Get big goverment out of our lives!

Call 911, nothing should happen!

Unless...we want them too.

*'Herbert seeks disaster declaration for Utah as a result of floods' - By Amy Joi O'Donoghue - DSNews - 01/21/11

*Gov. Herbert declares state of emergency as 2011 flood season nears climax By Ladd Brubaker DSNews 06/27/11

*'Rick Perry (R-Gov./Tx), After Raising Secession, Calls For Fed Help With Swine Flu' - Huffington Post - 04/27/09

The contradiction of 'Republican' and 'values' marches on...

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT


where's your source that they're going to shut down the FAA, fire dept, and police? You're just making that up.

if you'll read the article, you'll see that the head of the FAA said safety will not be reduced. And if you read the article rather than just Reid's partisan blast, you'll see there is no real shut-down of any of the FAA, just of their authorization to collect tax.

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