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Published: Monday, Aug. 1 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Rigby, Id

This season hangs on whether or not Wynn gets the job done or not. If he runs for cover we are done for. Probably Whits worst recruit for QB at Utah. I would love to be wrong but then Wynn would actually have to grow a spine and play like a man instead of a scared little boy with his head down and wondering why everything has gone so wrong. Come on Wynn its time to show your stuff.
If Bird doesn't start at strong safety something is just plain fishy. He made way to many big plays last year to not get the call this year
I can't wait to see how good our running game will be. Three different styles..... speed, hard nose running and brute punishing power. Should give the defenses a lot a different looks to think about.

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Will Jordan Wynn return to form?
Yes, but don't try and stress it out too early.

What about Norm Chow and the revamped offense?
What about it? Norm is a successful coach. He knows how to win.

Who will be the new starters in the secondary?
This is a good question. Hopefully another Blechin appears.

Who will top the depth chart at running back?
What a great problem to have with 3 awesome backs. As much as I don't like to say it, maybe red shirting Langi might be the best thing to do. Give him a year in the program with the other 2 rock.

Are the Utes equipped to play in a BCS conference?
I don't think that there is a better team out there to join a BCS conference... well, maybe only Boise St. Cause TCU has already agreed to join the hapless Big lEast. What a dream for TCU, they get to annually go to a BCS game.

South Jordan, UT

Everyone worried about Jordan Wynn? No backup qb with experience. Which college programs have experienced backups? More worried about the offensive line. If the line can gel, Utah will be good. I know the defense will be solid. Our defensive line is strong and quick so there will always be pressure on the qb. Our linebackers are stud athletes.

Ann Arbor, MI

It will be interesting to see if infact the Utes have a game changer at the wr position.

Anthony Denham
6'6 216
4.4 40

Offers from: Ark,LSU,GA,NEB,WA.

Ann Arbor, MI


I agree with you about the Oline. ( it would be nice if the Dnews would update the status of Bengi??!?)

CB is a biiiig question mark. Conroy Black has a lot to prove.

It sounds like Utah has a legitimate shot at landing two Compton Cali CB athletes who could start next year.

Alphonso Marsh 6'3 4.3 40
Brando Beaver 6'1 4.3 40

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Probably Whits worst recruit for QB at Utah"

A little harsh, who did he recruit at QB that was better?

As a starter Wynn is 11 and 4 with wins over Cal, Pit and Iowa state all BCS Schools. The utes have a 93% succuess rate in the redzone with Wynn at the helm.

Poinsetta bowl MVP, his performance against Cal speaks for itself.

I'm not one who beleives his problems at the end of last year we're completely injury related, but theres a reason Utah shelled our half a mill for an OC.

Let's face it an injury that requires surgery on a throwing arm and a 6 month recovery is bound to have an affect on a QB's game.

Spanish Fork, UT

Good luck to Whit and the Utes. I hope BYU is the only loss they suffer this year. But lets be honest about the challenging week in, week out BCS schedule--Washington State, Colorado, Arizona State. It's true they may be better than Wyoming and New Mexico, but come on. Never-the-less, this tru-blue cougar is with you all the way, almost.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Overall, Utah's good enough that if the answer to each of these questions is that the play / coaching in each of these areas is solid, they should be in contention for the top spot in the south division. In my opinion, the biggest question marks are: Will Wynn stay healthy and perform at his best level. He has been good when those around him are good enough to spread the pressure around. No other QB has not been in the Ute program for a season-no backup experience. Will the offensive personnel be able to execute Chow's offense with precision and timing. Chow's offenses have been successful with the right personnel in the past but they haven't looked very good in some cases either. Norm Chow was an innovator at BYU. He was on the cutting edge of a new offensive philosophy. Now his offensive style is used throughout D1 football and defenses are familiar with it. I don't think they will be bad. It remains to be seen if they are average or good.



Thanks for the article on the Utes. I try and appreciate all efforts in writing about the upcoming season. But having said that, I am SO tired of the above subject getting reworded over and over. We know that Wynn is coming back from injury, we know that Chow is going to implement a new scheme, we know that there are questions in the secondary...

How about an article informing us of things we don't know. Is McGill on campus yet? What are the chances that we see Benji eligible?

If this article felt easy to write, it's probably because you already have.

Frisco, TX

The five things I'll be looking for on September 17.

1. A wide open BYU TE going up the middle catching a perfectly thrown ball by Heaps while two Ute defenders collide with each other leading to a dramatic BYU TD. (i.e. 2009)

2. A wide open BYU TE, on his knees, in the end zone catching a perfectly thrown ball from Heaps. (i.e 2006, The answered prayer)

3. BYU going for it on 4th and 18. ESPN capturing it, for the entire nation, as cheers explode from LES. (i.e. 2007, Magic happens)

4. With 1:16 remaining, Quezada taking a pitch from Heaps and busting his way up the sideline to pay dirt and a definitive BYU victory. (i.e. 2001)

5. Or perhaps just a good ole fashioned thumping where BYU holds a 63-10 lead in the fourth quarter before sending in the 5th stringer to let U score a few points. (i.e. 1989)

Too bad I could only include five, because I would have liked to include Lavelle's Last Miracle (i.e. 2000) and The Doink (i.e. 1998)

I can't wait for the season to begin. Go Cougs!

Ann Arbor, MI


Totally agree.

Dirk, going forward, try to stay away from these worn out stories

1. Can Utah compete in the PAC12
2. Can Wynn stay healthy
3. Anything compairing a BCS program to a non AQ

Bountiful, UT

As a few above have referenced, this article misses likely the biggest issue facing the Utes -- Offensive line depth. If the spring game showed anything, it showed that the offensive line's depth is not stellar. If the Utes can stay healthy along the o-line, they will have a shot to be good -- 8-4? If they have injuries, it could be a very long year. It will also be interesting to see if the o-linemen recruited for a spread offense are able to adapt to the downhill running game and Chow's new schemes.

The other thing the article leaves out is overall depth. If the Utes have a few weeks missing key players - there is no New Mexico game or Wyoming game to cushion the blow.

CougFaninTX - why so fixated on the U? You know that the BYU game is Utah's 10th or 11th most important game this year right? Just another warm up pre-season game. The rivalry is fading, worry about Ole Miss and Texas first - plenty to think about there. I enjoy the cute names you have given to each of BYU's wins over Utah. Are those the titles you use in your scrapbook?

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"Although Whittingham declined to establish a timetable to sort things out on the depth chart, he acknowledged there's probably not enough carries for three running backs."

Why not? BYU did it last year, and generally BYU relies much more on the pass than Utah does (although admittedly BYU was more run-heavy than usual this past season). If he wanted to, I'm sure Coach Wittingham could find a way to use all three in case they come out of fall camp with no clear-cut leader. There seems to be a healthy supply of good running backs in the state.

I believe the Utes will go 8-4 and possibly 9-3 with losses coming from a combination of USC, BYU, OSU, ASU, Pitt, and maybe AZ. If Wynn does not get back to his game or is not healthy (probably the Utes' worst nightmare at this point), Utah will lose more than that.

In a few years the Utes will likely be contenders every year (also depends on if other PAC teams step it up), and I hope they go undefeated 11-1 (losing on Sept. 17).

Chris Bryant


not looking good on Benji or Po'u. At least, thats what has been reported.

Too bad, both are NFL-talents. Hopefully, a miracle can happen. We could sure use them for depth purposes.

Cedar Hills, UT

I think Utah will make a BIG LEAP into the national spotlight with this move to the Pac12. Just like Arizona State and Arizona did back in the late 1960's. Happy for the U.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU will be an especially dangerous opponent on September 17. That is their bowl game; the pinnacle of their season. From there on out its down hill, with most fans looking forward to basketball season opening in October.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Texas Coug:


Herriman, UT

Hay CougFaninTX, way to go back and dig deep. I understand, you had to. BYU is only 4-6 in the last 10 games against the Utes, including the last one. Even the games you referenced are kind of amusing. Utah needed a blocked field goal last year, but typically Utah has just been dominating in wins over BYU, while BYU typically needs a miracle to beat the Utes.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Coug fan in Tx.
Awesome post, and I understand your affinity for the 5 plays you mentioned. I still have a "tackling..your doing it wrong" poster. But, the TUN has about as many memories going the other way. I still don't like the numbers 34 and 31. Hope we get another BYU memory on 9-17.

You saying anything about the "same old anything" is extremely hypocritical. You say the same 2 or 3 things on evey BYU article that is published.
Please! take your own advice?

Chris Bryant


does your poster actually say "tackling.....your doing it wrong?" If so, I want to make a poster with a picture of your poster that says "Grammar....YOU'RE doing it wrong"

lol, I know, I know, grammar smack is lame. Just know that you are one of my favorite BYU fans around here and I appreciate your posts. You, riverton coug, and Kyle loves BYU (who hasn't posted here in some time) are an example of how coug fans should be.

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