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Published: Monday, Aug. 1 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Home Town USA, UT

I hope the judge continues to keep Jeffs in check. The pictures of him and body language say he knows what he did is wrong, hanging his head in that position says it all. H has a lot of nerve to suppose he speaks for God.

I sense the jury to be unfooled by the drama.


I disagree, I think he has no idea what he did is wrong. It is part of his faith, a requirement for salvation. He has been brainwashed his whole life into beliving this and he really believes he is a prophet and that he is doing what the other prophets before him have done.

And he is a prophet. He is a false prophet with bad fruit like Jesus warns us about in Matthew 7.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Brian David Mitchell had similar feelings about Federal Judge Dale Kimball. Little girls belong in school. They should not be nursing one baby while pregnant with another.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Warren Jeffs: God demands judge's removal' - Article

Do you see the foolishness in bringing religion into debate?

Jeffs has no merit, so he falls back to his faith to support his point, because he does not have, facts.

Want other examples of such foolish logic?

The defense for Prop 8:

2) Hak-Shing William Tam
'(Hak) runs a website that claims homosexuals are x12 more likely to molest children & to cause states to 'fall into satans hands.'

When asked what SOURCE Mr. Tam used to support this claim, his response...?

'The Internet.'

Direct quote.


Why aren't people listening to this prophet? It is like Lehi trying to warn the people of Jerusalem. When do we decide which prophets to believe?

West Valley, UT

Oh yes, keep claiming religion. The more you do it the more you look like a nutcase.

Sanpete, UT


When they are good people who don't sexually assault underage girls.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT


and your point? How is it you equate the world around prop 8, homosexuality, liberal agenda. I know, you'll say that Jeffs
inherited this from W. you cease to amaze me.

Salt Lake City, UT

On my second bowl of popcorn here. This is more entertaining than anything I could watch on TV or in a movie theater.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

"When they are good people who don't sexually assault underage girls."

I wonder who Fanny Alger, Sarah Ann Whitney, Flora Ann Woodworth, Helen Mar Kimball, and Nancy Maria Winchester were? Maybe Jeff's is confused about what's an appropriate age.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Thank you pagan, You are right.
People argue using their faith, just like Jeffs is doing before the court on these comment boards everyday,
but they can't see the similarities because their faith is correct and his is "weird."

I believe the point was well made ute alumni, that using religion as a defense for what one does or believes is silly.
Thus the attacks from the religious right against homosexuality are founded in silliness not fact.

It's your right to believe in what you want.
It is NOT your right to make religious decisions for other people.

Huntsville, UT


Rifleman; I agree with you!!

Hell has frozen over (or at least it's all wet).

Tooele, UT

Re: "Jeffs . . . attached what he called 'Exhibit A,' consisting of 29 orders from the Lord, including one in which God sent 'a crippling disease upon (Walther) which shall take her life soon.'"

It's sad to see how far men such as Mr. Jeffs will stray, in such a short time, when they ". . . undertake to cover [their] sins, or to gratify [their] pride, [their] vain ambition, or to exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in any degree of unrighteousness . . . ."

Just sad.

Beverly Hills, CA

I hope this guy gets what he dished out while he is in jail, namely an older larger person forcing himself on a smaller helpless person.

southern heat
Hurricane, UT

I do agree there are those living in Colorado City who have been brainwashed, if you want to call it that, but most know in there souls that what they live is wrong..it just doesn't feel right. Most of us have a sense of right and wrong and I guarantee you, Mr. Jeffs does; he's just having too much fun. He's the biggest fish in a very small pond and life used to be good. In the oldent days of Short Creek, I truly believe the leaders of polygamy believed in what they were doing and worked hard to try and make a better place to live. Since then, however, the reign of the Jeffs as taken control and Warren Jeffs has poluted what good there used to be there. And shame to those who stand with him....his spirit isn't right..just doesn't feel right.

Murray, UT

I completely disagree with everything Jeffs stands for. Marrying children is never, never, never right. And using religion for your own perversion is totally not right.

Having said that, isn't it about time we legalized polygamy? Just set up some tight restrictions such as mandatory state classes, proof of financial responsibility and a minimum age (say 22 or older)? Also set up some seriously big penalties for breaking those rules. That being the case we can stop ignoring the elephant in the room and provide legal and financial protection to the women who chose to enter in to a polygamous marriage.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jeffs may be guilty, but legal ethics are on his side here and the judge should recuse herself from hearing this case.

desert dweller

hurry up and lock him up so we dont have to hear about him anymore

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Hellooo. What "legal ethics" are you talking about here? So the judge recuses, and Jeffs gets another trial date, takes some law classes online in the meantime and wastes even more time and money on both sides? Jeffs is not a simple, dim man. He appears to be steeped with deceit and guile. Whether or not God is speaking to him, the threats to the judge aside, Jeffs' deliberately stalling sideshow antics ala New York's Colin Ferguson are beyond reproach, a disgrace to the court and should be muted immediately. Fine if he wants to represent himself, fire his attorneys, but some modicum of knowing the law and procedure should be upheld. My guess is he will try to tire everyone out with his hour-long sermons and Biblical brimstone so that the courts of Texas will kowtow to issue a mistrial, claiming Bro. Jeffs' case is too complex and religion wins out its day in court. Yay for freedom of religion.


The man is sick in the head. His warped mind has very little sanity left in it. I really think its sad that we have to waste so much in tax dollars to put such a man away for life. He is the father of children who were born to underage girls. Shame on him and shame on the parents of those girls who probably could have done something to stop such an awful thing from happening to their own innocent children! It's all very sad.

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