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Published: Sunday, July 31 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt lake city, Utah

Yes Orrin and you were right there when Bush got us into costly wars based upon lies and cut taxes. And of course you voted for each! And dear Orrin where were you when congress failed for 12 years to solve the immigration issues?

Durham, NC

In the end, the system worked as designed by the founders, and neither side got what they wanted - which is just fine. It is unfortunate we will never truly know until Hatch is out of office the convictions of his heart on this one as he voted soley to match what his voting district wanted. He may have beleived how he voted, but I doubt it.

Alan Simpson said it best when he took both sides to task. The dear Speaker of the House' plan to have a bipartisan commission make recommendation on spending cuts, when only just months before a bipartisan commission had done just that, showed that this was more about taking credit than actually achieving results.

Mr. Reid was no better, forcing his Republican counter part in the house to play his hand first, and expose the lack of support he actually had. It was politics at its finest, but hardly our country at its finest.

And to the Republicans tha blame Obama for the budget, yet fail to recognize that their party owns the power of the purse, show that this is about team upmanship, not the country they care most about. Patriotism at its lowest.

Farmington, UT

OK, lets increase taxes, on those who have worked hard and educated themselves more to have a higher income, into the mix and mess- then sit back and watch what happens. Results: revenue will decrease even more as the rich take their business elsewhere and lobby for more loopholes. Guess what? Business isn't motivated by lousy profits swallowed by high taxes and socialist-esque principles.

What this argument is all about reveals the fundamental core of the American spirit. Shall we provide opportunity to the poor to raise them to a higher financial level and then, when they get there, allow government to tax them into equality?

If you really want to destroy free enterprise, and make us financially equal, then for sure, continue to support the Democrat's idealogy. Sit back and observe as you contribute your paycheck willingly to the poorly administered agenda that your elected officials decide is best. What a utopia! You won't have to think anymore, just work, pay taxes and play on facebook! Individuality and intelligence would only be needed at the highest levels of power.

Clearly, this leads to the end of the American Spirit, integrity, industry, ingenuity. Selfish millionaires aren't the problem.

Durham, NC

Bluejean, problem with your whole "were socking it to the rich" is that as my income has risen, my nominal tax rate has decreased. For example, for most of the year I don't pay any social security taxes. I right off the top pay 4 percent LESS than the average middle class worker - and my employer pays 6 percent less tax. So even though my rate is supposed to go up, it actually goes down once I cross over 106k in income.

Add to that the deduction I get for second home, my tax deferred income, I am doing just fine, thank you very much.

Do I want to pay more? Not really. But I am hardly being soaked. I mean, come on. Lets stop the pity party for the poor overly educated and financially well to do. It am perpetually amazed by how many people have bought off on this line. You can't tax someone into poverty.... or equality. Where in the world did this come from. Show one example of this ever happening.

Midvale, Utah

I commend Senators Hatch and Lee for taking a tough stand on this issue. The "cuts" made in this bill were mere decreases in future spending. Unfortunately, the rating agencies want to see cuts in CURRENT spending; otherwise, we really face the threat of a downgrade and higher interest rates. Our Utah Senators understand the importance of righting our fiscal ship with meaningful reforms as opposed to cheap Washington DC lip service.

Free Man
Provo, UT

The partisan grandstanding that has replaced reasoned compromise in Washington is a pathetic outgrowth of an apathetic nation. A minority of citizens even vote - what did you expect? Our elected officials over the past 40 years have raided our Social Security system coffers thereby putting a good safety net for our citizens in jeopardy. This system was put in place by a caring population and is a Godsend to millions after decades of contributions to the nation. It should remain.

Senator Hatch first ran on a TERM LIMITS platform. Odd that he is still in office these many decades later. He then, as now, panders to the political winds of the day. Does anyone remember that he was best friends with Ted Kennedy, and that they co-authored much legislation? Or that he was known as a good collaborator because he could get things done for the good of the country, not just his party? It is time for him to retire. However, I do not begrudge him gratitude for the efforts that he made in his career - even if he became just one of the good ol' boys.

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